Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drinking To Ecomomic Illiteracy

The Man On The Way Up has been trying to ignite a war against private insurance companies over "excessive" profits. The Rome Sentinal of New York notes that comparing the profit margins of private insurance companies to those of beer brewers shows brewers make far more of a profit than private insurance companies, yet the Obamaniacs aren't going after Big Beer. See also here.

Speaking of insurance companies, Congressman Anthony Weiner of NY attacked Republicans on the House floor as "wholly the insurance industry." The health-care industry was his second-biggest backer, which means his point is...what?

Meanwhile a fighter for single-payer helps shrink Democratic support for Obama's plan.,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obama Gets Schooled On Economics Part Deux

Persented is a look at how a basic of economics is misunderstood by The Man On The Way Up.

Also worth noting is more evidence that manufacturing is getting stronger.

There has also been a to-do about finacial regulatory reform and how it has been stymied by lack of Republican support. The reality is different.

Meanwhile, you remember The Man On The Way Up's mini-celebration of the stimulus on its one-year anniversary? The stimulus' legacy is one of inflating the public sector and terrifying the private sector that will pay for the resultant hackerama.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Permanent Campaign Smears Ryan

There's a new target for the Left to attack - Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. The assault stems from a plan he's leading to deal with the economy, and it's gotten positive feedback from the Congressional Budget Office.

As the link notes, the attack on the plan is irresponsible (and typical of Democrats) because no credible alternative is offered and the Democrats pretend the problems the plan addresses don't exist. Rep. Ryan's plan is worth more than what it's getting.

UPDATE: - The assault is continuing with the usual talking points about "cuts" in Medicare. It is typical of the Democrats, a party lacking any credible policy of their own - and explains the assault, for as the link's author puts it, the Democrats' focus on the plan is bait-and-switch.

UPDATE #2: - An interesting comparison is made between Ryan's plan and the assumptions being made by OMB Director Peter Orszag; also of note is Ryan's response to Orszag.

The Stimulus Sham

The Man On The Way Up patted himself on the back on the first anniversary of his slush fund known as The Stimulus. A look at what it's actually done - which isn't much. See also here.

We Aren't The World

A look at the bleak history of rock concerts posing as fundraisers in the wake of yet another "We Are The World" farce for Haiti.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

An Antisemitic Report Gets Blown Up

Alan Dershowitz discredits the Goldstone Report. It's a necessary rebuttal to yet another blood smear of a legitimateb state fighting for its survival against Islamo-Arab imperialism.

Obama Huffs While The Market Puffs

Check this look at The Man On The Way Up's 2010 Groundhog Day of waging the perpetual campaign he insisted we can't wage. Now he wants to add yet another government program to force businesses to arbitrarily hire and pay more; it's called the Small Business Lending Fund, and as noted in the link it goes on an absurd premise. The link also notes how the market is stepping in to lend to small businesses when banks don't - and doing so better than the government. As noted in the piece, it's what liberals hate, as they call the practice described within the link "gouging." The problem for them is simple - it works.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Obama's Revisionist History Of Bush

Obama's primary theme with regard to economics is that he inherited an economy ruined by George W. Bush. He makes the claim again with his new budget. But there's a continuing problem with Obama's argument - it is revisionist history, and dishonest as such. A look back shows the facts - as usual - say otherwise.