Monday, August 21, 2017

USC's Title IX Persecution

USC threw out a member of its football team they accused of sexual abuse - except the abuse never happened and now his girlfriend is lashing out at USC.

It's a lesson of what happens when Title IX meets a foul-mouthed SVU-wannabe (named Gretchen Means) with a Roger Goodell-esque contempt for truth - the result is never good.

Japan And The Idiocy Of Multiculturalism

Japan has geographic advantages that isolate it from international issues that bedevil other nations - and it also celebrates what makes it different in the world, at the expense of multiculturalism.

Smearing Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka is a White House counterterrorism advisor who has come under fire after Steve Bannon's departure, and the criticisms are false - especially yet another Rolling Stone character assassination piece.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NFL Classics - 2003 Titans at Patriots

NFL Classics - Week 5 of 2003 the Titans squared off with the Patriots in a wild affair where fan reaction to Red Sox scores in their concurrent game with the Oakland Athletics made for a bizarre atmosphere.

First half

Second half

Trump Opposition Learns Nothing

Opposition to Donald Trump has become more and more deranged as things are more and more genuinely improving in the US. And the nitpickery is endless.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Criminal

The thievery committed by Democratic Party honcho Debbie Wasserman Shultz of course isn't getting media coverage because media doesn't want to go after someone they support.

Charlottesville Killer - Leftist

The killing of a counter-protester at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA has touched off sanctimonious anger at "white supremacists" and resultant hypocrisy - and no one notices the killer is apparently a leftist whose Hillary Clinton support was erased from his social media, and apparently his car was attacked first by pole-wielding leftist protesters - this as (of all people) the Southern Poverty Law Center reports Jason Kessler, leader of the white supremacist group, was an Obama supporter. Also worth noting is the ACLU's confirmation that Charlottesville police were told to stand down rather than be present to prevent violence.

The use of such scams is common to leftism, shown when opponents of California's Proposition 209 - banning identify favoritism in hiring, education, etc. - paid David Duke to argue in favor of 209....

The guilt by non-association scheme backfired, repulsing not only even the mainstream media, but the anti-209 debater, the late Joe Hicks, a legendary civil rights leader

In short, leftism creates and begats violence......

The CSUN sorcery was, and remains, a sham - a formula to defame the opponents of race preferences and quotas, racial polarization and Balkanization, bilingual education and multi-language ballots, etc. These issues those Americans of all backgrounds who want a society of goodness and virtue, not graft and vitriol.

The irrelevance of David Duke et al is shown by the nonexistence of dominant cultural sympathy for him; all cultural, media, etc. sympathy goes to the graft-vitriol enablers of Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party.   David Duke is not the threat - leftism and its variant killer ideologies such as Sharia Supremacism are the threat.