Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fake News about Planned Parenthood in the Washington Post

There are some myths that just won't die about Planned parenthood
"....and one of those myths was perpetuated in a Washington Post article on Wednesday. In a story on GOP efforts to redirect taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood to community health centers, the Post reports that

'Democrats insist that federal law already prevents public money from paying for abortions and argue that Planned Parenthood provides broad health services — from birth control to screening for sexually transmitted diseases to preventive care like mammograms.'"

The New Bin Laden Files

A perfunctory release of files captured from Osama Bin Laden's base has occurred and yet some one million others have not been released.   It is a mystery why - especially as what has been released shows the complex nature of Al Qaida's relationship with its Iranian benefactors, with one 2007 document written by Bin Laden naming Iran as Al Qaida's "main artery" for money, communication, and handling hostages.  The documents also showcase the US consistently underestimating the enemy.

Trump And Dishonest Intelligence Services

The politicization of US intelligence services has been a dirty open secret for a very long time and Donald Trump has merely spoken truth to that power.

The Hypocratic Party As Traitor

A look at why the Democratic Party betrays democracies.

The NY Times Versus Science

The NY Times once again displays malicious ignorance of real science.

The Foolish Mistrust Of Mistrusting Government

The Lamestream Media has been in a dither about Rick Perry at the Department Of Energy and Scott Pruitt at the EPA, and the media's anger reflects its refusal to understand that government is not the solution - reigning it in is the solution.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Facing Reality Down The Road

An interesting examination of how the last eight-plus years have seen how international aggression has been viewed and added to this examination is this look at the appeasement that permeated the last eight years on Soviet Russia. Also showcased is how it isn't Trump who is the fool about the Middle East.

Career And Technical Job Training

A lot of people seem to think manufacturing-type jobs are drying up. That's not necessarily true, and training programs for young men are becoming more common. Relying on decentralized and market-oriented approaches is yet again proving its worth.

Trump's Mercantilist Mythology

Donald Trump genuinely dislikes free trade and this is a problem of ignorance of how economics work - and the fact that trade does in fact work.

Stop Labeling Hate Crimes

Chicago has shown that prosecuting "hate crimes" doesn't work because the concept is merely left-wing favoritism.

NFL Top Ten Divisional Playoffs

In the history of the NFL all playoff rounds have produced memorable moments.  The divisional round is often cited as the most exciting period of the season, so presented are ten of the most memorable moments in the history of the NFL's divisional round playoffs -

#10 - The Oakland Raiders vs. Everyone

The Ben Dreith Game 

It is impossible to limit divisional playoffs involving the Oakland Raiders to just one game, so this has to be a matched entry -

1972 - The Immaculate Reception

After Kenny Stabler roared to a go-ahead touchdown in the 1972 Divisional Playoffs, Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris pulled off the most preposterous passing play ever seen.

1974 - The Sea Of Hands

Two years later against the Miami Dolphins Kenny Stabler pulled off a winning touchdown the likes of which hasn't really been seen since. 

Two years after that came the Ben Dreith game with the New England Patriots, a game whose repercussions would be fully felt twenty-five years later.

1977 - Ghost To The Post 

The next year, 1977, the Raiders and Colts faced off in a shootout won in overtime thanks in large part to Dave "Ghost" Casper.    

2001 - The Tuck Rule Game

Twenty-five seasons after the Ben Dreith game another controversial call became the indelible image of a stunning playoff outcome.

#9 - 1971 Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - The Cold Turkey Game

On Christmas Day 1971 the Dolphins and Chiefs needed 82 game minutes before the Dolphins shot down the Chiefs 27-24.   It became known as The Cold Turkey Game because it went on so long viewers' holiday turkeys got cold. 

#8 - 1975 Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings - Staubach's Hail Mary

In 1975 Captain America pulled off perhaps his ultimate play in beating the Vikings 17-14 

#7 - 1986 NY Jets at Browns - Gastineau's Gaffe

Mark Gastineau's roughing the passer penalty against Bernie Kosar saved the Browns en route to one of the longest games in history.

#6 - 1993 Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Oilers - Montana Magic Sinks The Oilers

Joe Montana pulled off what would be his last playoff win and the last for the Chiefs until 2015 - ironically at Houston - in a game that set off an earthquake that destroyed the Oilers organization; they would leave Houston for Tennessee and Houston would go 1997-2001 until a new Houston NFL team debuted.

#5 - 2002 Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans - The Music City Mulligan

The 2002 season marked the first season of the NFL's four-division alignment, thus putting the Tennessee Titans out of the former AFC Central.   They faced the Steelers and won earlier in the season in a game where Tommy Maddox, a former washout with Dan Reeves who'd been resurrected by success in the short-lived Extreme Football League, was knocked out and lost for several games.   He recovered and led a huge comeback playoff win over the Cleveland Browns, and at Tennessee Maddox and McNair combined for over 600 passing yards, four touchdowns, three picks, and the game lead tying or changing six times.   Joe Nedney missed the winning field goal at the end of regulation, but was tripped up on an attempt in overtime, so on the rekick he nailed it (34-31 final), to the anger of the Steelers.

Best of the rest - 

The Patriots and Titans had exploded in 2003 to a 38-30 thriller.  They combined to win 26 games in the 2003 regular season and then squared off in a bitterly cold division round grinder won 17-14 on a dropped Drew Bennett attempt.   Earlier that day.......

#4 - 2003 Carolina Panthers at St. Louis Rams - Delhomme finishes the St. Louis Rams

What turned out to be the final ever playoff game at St. Louis and the final playoff home game for the Rams to date went to two overtimes as Jake Delhomme established that he could not just handle playoff football but thrive in it.

Best of the rest  -

In 2011 the 49ers won the NFC West, their first playoff season since 2002, and in the divisional round - 30 years after Joe Montana's touchdown to Dwight Clark that sank the Cowboys and started the 1981-98 dynasty - they faced the New Orleans Saints in a stunning shootout and Vernon Davis made his own Niners history.   The two teams combined for 68 points.   The next year two other teams would break 70 combined points........

#3 - 2012 Ravens at Broncos - The Ravens finally defeat Peyton Manning

The Baltimore Ravens had lost nine straight games to Peyton Manning and had been again smacked around earlier in 2012 to Manning's Broncos, but in the divisional playoffs Joe Flacco stunned the Broncos defense and then Peyton Manning did what defined his career - failed in a playoff game.

#2 - 2014 Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots - Patriots "trick" the Ravens

John Harbaugh was livid when the Patriots ran unconventional line combos on offense and thus were able to erase 14-point gaps twice before stunning the Ravens 35-31.

The Number One Divisional Round Playoff Game Of All Time -

1981 San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins 

Even today the circumstances - brutal heat, enormity of scoring, the heroics of Kellen Winslow - make this 41-38 thriller unforgettable.

NFL Playoffs When Valiance Doesn't Produce Victory

In the NFL valiance sometimes doesn't produce victory.

The Dallas Cowboys will forever lament what should have been yet again in a playoff loss to a Packers team that did most of its damage on Aaron Rodgers' first three drives and which was incapable of holding leads of 21-3 and 28-13.   People kept wondering how Dakota Prescott would handle his first playoff game - after early struggle he relaxed and started landing the ball downfield, and to erase a three-score lead and then tie the game twice in the final minutes, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

As for Rodgers his dependence on the Hail Mary throw didn't show up here and he showed a more conventional quarterbacking approach than he showed at times last week.   This game also displayed a longtime problem in Rodgers' game - most of his damage was done in the first three touchdown drives and he managed two field goals in the final minutes, highlighted by his spectacular connection to Jared Cook with three seconds to go, certainly clutch a performance and doubly ironic as such clutchness has been rare in his career.

The Steelers escaped from Kansas City in a game where Roethlisberger threw a pick and never once punched it in, having to settle for a new NFL record six field goals.   Alex Smith's general unreliability as a playoff quarterback had been an issue in his past but in this game he actually showed ability to step up, as he brought the Chiefs back late - a penalty on a two-point conversion proved controversial and fatal to Kansas City's chances.  

So we thus approach the Conference Championships -

Falcons over Packers - The Packers lead the Falcons 2-1 in all-time playoff meetings and Matt Ryan got only his second career playoff win in pounding the Seahawks last week; one of his playoff losses was 2010's 48-21 smackdown to the Packers, the first of four straight Packers wins in the series, a streak that ended earlier this season.   The Falcons, though, showed more physicality this go-around against the Seahawks and it should stand them in good stead against the Packers.   Seemingly everyone is gaga over Aaron Rodgers but in his earlier game at the Georgia Dome he had one scoring drive in the fourth quarter and had opportunity to get to field goal range at the very end - and threw three straight incompletions.   

This game should be high scoring because it's a dome and both offenses are clicking.    Rodgers will put up points, but his reputation as just a frontrunner isn't going away even as he pulls off these playoff wins, and it's the first time the Falcons have reached the NFC Championship Game since their immortal upset of the Minnesota Vikings in the 1998 NFC Championship Game.  

Patriots over Steelers -   The rivalry between the Patriots and Steelers has been lopsided since Drew Bledsoe and Curtis Martin eviscerated the Steelers in the 1996 Divisional Round.    The last time these two teams met in the playoffs was yet another lopsided affair, and games between the two have almost never been competitive.

A lot of people are gaga over Antonio Brown and the Steelers passing attack and it has been spectacular, but last week it was largely neutralized and this week it faces a Patriots defense that
isn't getting gashed for points and which has consistently been a second-half defense.   The Steelers also have an issue of the deportment of coach Mike Tomlin, criticized for being a cheerleader instead of a real coach by Terry Bradshaw - a criticism Tomlin's recorded tirade against the Patriots would appear to verify.

On offense the Patriots had a serious struggle against the Texans between protecting up the middle and also with Brady lapsing back into the habit of leaning on a binky - here Julian Edelman, as he and Chris Hogan were almost the only people Brady targeted all game; whenever Brady leans on a binky the offense inevitably grinds to a halt.   Hogan left last week with a knee issue after four catches for 95 yards but should be good for this coming game; also expected back is Malcolm Mitchell, out for much of the second half of the season with a knee issue.   Michael Floyd was targeted just four times and a bad Brady pass bounced off his hands into a pick - Brady needs to keep throwing to Floyd as well as Martellus Bennett, whose own game health nonetheless looked to be an issue last week.   Danny Amendola returned last week and had a key rush for twelve yards, so having him as another pass catcher is a plus.

So we await Conference Championship Sunday.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

NFL Puts The Division In Divisional Round

The NFL's 2016 season hit the divisional round of the playoffs and once again an off-field story has usurped attention from the on-field competition.  

San Diego's 43-35 shootout over the Tennessee Titans was in a sense the last hurrah for the San Diego Chargers

The rumor of a move of the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles had died down in recent weeks, even to circulating speculation the Chargers, seeing less than promising response to the presence of the Rams in LA in 2016, would postpone a decision until after 2017.   But that blew up when Dean Spanos announced the Chargers are moving to Carson, CA and will play there in 2017 until Stan Kroenke's new Rams stadium is built around 2019. 

The rumor had swelled after San Diego voters rejected a hotel tax to fund a new stadium in San Diego, and they were stunned when Dean Spanos made the announcement of the move and the rebranding of the team after the wildcard round of the NFL's playoffs.   The anger of Chargers fans caught more than a few in the media by surprise, and the universal indifference of reaction in Los Angeles was also telling.

The rationalization of the move was strikingly muted in the media; indeed what was most striking was national media condemnation of Spanos for moving the Chargers and also mocking of Roger Goodell's claim that "It is not a viable option" for the team owners and the league to spend its own money on stadiums - of course this was exposed as yet another Goodell lie (though the attitude predates Goodell) by the roughly $600 million relocation fee the Chargers have to pay, as if they could not have refurbished Qualcomm Stadium with Spanos' own money the way Stephen Ross has done to Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami; Kroenke's new LA stadium is being built with his own money, which catches one by surprise with Minnesota and Atlanta getting new publically-financed stadiums.  

The assertion that staying in San Diego (a market by all accounts the NFL wants because it is a football town) retards the long-range value of the Chargers - with repeated citation of the purchase price of the LA Clippers in the $2 billon range - is laughable given LA's miserable record as a sports town with little fan support, sponsor support that does not stand out compared to other markets, and the faltering of fan support of the Rams almost as soon as they played their first home games.    It is striking how universal the view is that moving the Chargers to LA makes zero sense - of course it indeed makes zero sense.

After this travesty came the laughable follow-up - the Oakland Raiders filed paperwork to move to Las Vegas, yet another con of a sports market.

The relocation story cast a shadow over Saturday's wildcard games. The New England Patriots were overwhelming favorites over the ineffective Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans.   The game itself was a wire-to-wire Patriots win by 18 points, but the Patriots struggled strikingly badly on offense with no rhythm, two INTs by Brady, a Dion Lewis fumble on a kick return, and a disturbingly limited number of pass-catching targets in Chris Hogan - sidelined in the third with a thigh issue - and Julian Edelman.   Lack of pass-catching depth has plagued the Patriots' playoff runs of late and this time it is doubly striking given the depth the Patriots seemed to have going in.

Brock Osweiler's growing incompetence as a quarterback was exposed yet again as he threw a bad pick that set up Dion Lewis' touchdown.   

The Seahawks' road woes of 2016 reached their nadir at the Georgia Dome - they finish 3-5-1 in road games in 2016 - as Matt Ryan grabbed only his second career playoff win - both of them against the Seahawks.   This season marked the end of the Legion Of Boom and the Seahawks face a period where they will stay contenders with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll but are not a championship-caliber outfit - and Wilson's poor play made this point even more.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Climate Endangerment Fraud

New data once again discredits Obama's "climate of endangerment" argument against carbon dioxide emissions.

Obama's Iran Uranium Shipment

Top Lawmakers Left in Dark About Planned Iran Uranium Shipment

"The Obama administration left top lawmakers, including leaders on the congressional committees charged with overseeing American foreign policy, in the dark about a secret deal to send Iran more than one hundred metric tons of natural uranium, according to statements provided to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

The United States and world powers have agreed to send Iran 116 metric tons of natural uranium in exchange for Iran exporting heavy water, another nuclear-related substance that it has stockpiled in violation of the landmark nuclear agreement. The uranium shipment, which experts said could be enough for over 10 nuclear bombs, only came to light after it was publicly reported earlier this week. Previous reports had revealed other details of heavy water exchanges, including a U.S. payment of roughly $10 million.

Top lawmakers on both sides of the aisle told TWS the administration had not briefed them on the decision to send uranium to Iran.

Directly aiding and abetting an enemy state will make people clam up.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama Keeps Kissing His Own Ass

Barack Obama's farewell speech was everything that made him a failure - self-important, stuck-up, and dishonest.

1981 Chargers at Dolphins Playoff Epic

The greatest Divisional Round playoff game in NFL history may well be 1981's shootout between the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers

The Hypocratic Party And Soviet Russia's Election Meddling

Much verbiage has been vented over an intelligence report about Soviet Russian meddling in the 2016 election. That Soviet Russia meddles in US elections has been glaringly obvious for decades; that this story is about delegitimizing Donald Trump is also glaringly obvious. The actual evidence against Trump is laughably weak, and it reflects that the Democratic Party is completely idiotic - and was also itself party to Soviet backing of the antiwar movement, unions, and even the Occupy movement.

But it gets even worse, as a BuzzFeed story alleging gross personal behavior in Russia by Donald Trump - as well as stories his campaign worked with the Russians - have been exposed as frauds. And the phoniness and self-contradiction get worse as Trump exposes his critics to have no credibility.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Year the Campus Culture Wars Jumped the Shark

The year when selfish censorship and dishonesty reached a despicable level on colleges

Cory Booker Likes To Make Things Up

The Democrats cannot refute people like Jeff Sessions on facts so they resort to more lying

When Cory Booker makes history today as the first sitting senator to testify against a fellow senator nominated to a White House cabinet position, it would be wise to keep in mind his record of weaving fictional tales to serve his political goals.

Throughout his career, the New Jersey Democrat has displayed an extraordinary talent for urban story-telling, manifest in a Jimmy Breslin-like Newark drug pusher character named T-Bone, who Booker would often refer to in his speeches and campaign events. T-Bone was a compelling figure who represented the dangers of the mean, decaying urban streets Booker managed as mayor of Newark while at the same time standing for the hope and humanity only a transcendent leader like Booker could bring to New Jersey and the country at large.
T-Bone was too good to be true. And, as Eliana Johnson uncovered at National Review in 2013, he was completely fictional.

Sessions followed up by making his critics - notably Senator Al Franken - look foolish, but none more so than himself. And he thinks he's running for President.

The Media Turn Against Their Own Fake News Crusade

The phoniness of the Mainstream Media never seems to stop

Fake news! The phrase was such a handy hammer for liberals to pound the heads of conservatives—until conservatives grabbed the hammer and started pounding liberals, pointing out some of the fakery that liberals had fallen for. How dare they? So now the liberal mantra is: We must retire that dreadful phrase fake news.

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan has issued new marching orders to the press: 'Fake news' has had its 15 minutes of fame. Let's put this tainted term out of its misery.
Remember that the tainted term is strictly of liberal origin. The phrase fake news in its current sense only took off in mid-November, when the liberal media scrambled to find some reason why their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, had lost the presidential election besides She was a lousy candidate who ran a lousy campaign and We misread the American electorate. So was born the notion that Trump voters had mostly been gullible simpletons who believed everything they read on the Internet, including stories with headlines like Breaking News Surfaces that Obama Was Born in Kenya and Pope Francis Forbids Catholics From Voting for Hillary. (Both these headlines had originated from sites in a village in Macedonia whose clever teenagers had figured how to make sneaker money by generating Facebook clicks that produced ad revenue for them.)

NASCAR'S 2017 Calendar Of The Weird Already Underway

NASCAR's 2017 season hasn't even started yet and two stories have already made it a Calendar Of The Weird.

First came word that Carl Edwards has left Joe Gibbs Racing and will not race in 2017. The reason why is for now a mystery, though Tom Jensen analysis suggests burnout from racing. Daniel Suarez takes over the JGR #19 Toyota.

The sport has offered the usual positive retrospectives on Edwards' career, the wins and the backflips in celebration -

2010 Atlanta 500

Compendium of Carl Edwards tantrums

Edwards takes out Keselowski and Keselowski gets T-boned, 2010 Gateway.   

- but the real legacy of Edwards is the psychopathia he displayed on the racetrack - as one notes on the replay of the 2010 Gateway crash, he worked to change the subject, always the giveaway of someone who is dishonest.   Edwards has an eminently successful career but added all up he was never a guy to root for and is not someone the sport ought to miss.


The other story is a report that NASCAR executives are considering format changes including midrace breaks, "heat" races, and the like. That NASCAR is even considering format changes - some of which have already been tried without success in the Xfinity and Truck Series - instead of attacking substantive weakening of the sport's competitive strength shows anew that corporate types who are not racing people continue to not learn from their mistakes.   NASCAR needs real substance to the competition, not gimmicks which make a mockery of competitive integrity.

1996 Daytona 500

1996 Pocono 500

What is racing at heart? 500 miles fighting for the lead with racecars that are forgiving for the drivers and that want to pass and repass. NASCAR suits need to get it, having not done so for so long.