Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Same Old Hillary

Hillary Clinton debated Donald Trump and a lot of media criticism fell toward Trump - this even as Hillary proved anew why she is collapsing in the polls.

One side issue remains Trump's tax returns - except they're not relevant to anything.

No Case For Dodd-Frank Anymore

A replacement for Dodd-Frank is now circulating.

The Mess That Is NFL Entering Week Four

The Falcons routed the Saints on Monday Night to finish Week Three and it displayed some ominous signs for the Saints

The NFL is a mess entering Week 4 with a number of 0-3 and 1-2 teams that were supposed to be better than this, especially the young quarterbacks; seeing rookies like Trevor Siemian and Carson Wentz sparkle and storm forward is good, but seeing talented young players like Jameis Winston and  Marcus Mariota continue to struggle can become galling as a league fan.  The grind of the season begins to pick up with Week 4.   The predictions -

Bengals over Dolphins - It's still not a scenario where the Miami Dolphins can be taken seriously despite a stunning win over the Browns.  Ryan Tannehill is in his fifth season with NO improvement over his rookie year - it took him this long to reach thirty wins.   The Bengals meanwhile won in Week One and have been in a mini-tailspin since with another poor outing last week; that there isn't a quarterback controversy between Andy Dalton and AJ McCarron is striking because there should have been one in preseason.

Colts over Jaguars -  The first London game of the year features the Jaguars - perennial sacrificial lambs to the myth of an NFL team in London - against the Colts, who got off the skids against the Chargers and have routinely feasted on division teams under Andrew Luck.    The lack of progress from Blake Bortles this season has been a huge letdown.

Redskins over Browns - The Redskins got a needed win last week and while they're not great shakes they get the winless Browns.  The only silver lining for the Browns could be new quarterback Cody Kessler, who put up a genuine fight against the Dolphins, the best a Browns quarterback has looked in recent memory.

Lions over Bears - Jay Cutler is toast, that's been clear for awhile now.  Brian Hoyer is a slight improvement, but that's all.   The Lions come in better than their 1-2 record might indicate, though it's a stretch to consider them a playoff team.

Patriots over Bills -  The funniest moment of the season happened with the publication of Tom Brady photos while naked sunbathing.   It serves to further infuriate the failures that have rooted against him from the fans to the NFL league office as the Patriots have stormed to 3-0 having to play everyone and his brother at quarterback.    Brady returns after this game while the Bills come in after a stunning win over the Cardinals.

Titans over Texans  - This is a reach after another disappointing showing from Marcus Mariota against the Raiders; Mariota has played from behind basically his entire short career of now nineteen games and has not cashed in on comeback opportunities outside of three.   Yet of his three wins two have come on the road, and he's had a higher yards per throw average (6.8 YPA) than Brock Osweiler (6.4).   Both teams are top-7 in fewest points allowed and at the bottom in scoring.   While the Titans have been respectably consistent - just not good enough - the Texans showed some graphic weakness in their last outing with clueless coaching and a noticeable lack of discipline, especially on returns.

Falcons over Panthers - Suddenly one has to worry about Cam Newton, who has thrown five INTs this year so far and is 1-2 going against a Falcons team flying high after whipping their bitterest rival.  Matt Ryan comes in with the highest-scoring offense in the league right now and with just one INT to seven touchdowns, and an eye-popping 9.4 yards per throw.

Seahawks over NY Jets  -  We're assuming right now that Russell Wilson plays despite an MCL sprain; even if Trevonne Boykin plays the Seahawks get a good matchup after Ryan Fitzpatrick fell apart at Kansas City (a laughable 18.2 passer rating and 4.2 yards per throw) and blew his only home game so far with the late INT against Cincinnati.

Raiders over Ravens - The last time the Raiders played the Ravens the league got its true introduction to Derek Carr. This year the Raiders are 2-1 against the most quiet 3-0 team in memory. Carr leads an offense 8th in scoring against a 24th-rated offense but with a defense 4th in fewest points allowed. Joe Flacco, though, has thrown four INTs in three games.

Broncos over Buccaneers - The Broncos have proven the doubters wrong and Trevor Siemian has risen to the occassion, and he gets a Bucs team that beat the Falcons and hasn't risen since.    Jameis Winston did improve after a miserable game at Arizona but couldn't finish a comeback against the Rams; he needs to pierce a Broncos defense that is only 8th in points allowed.

Cardinals over Rams -  Which Cardinals team will show up here?  The one that crushed the Bucs 40-7 or the one that got embarrassed by the Bills?  They get the inept Case Keenum as their opponent and that should help.

Chargers over Saints - The loss to the Falcons further illustrated several hard truths about the Saints - they can't build a quality roster and Drew Brees is in permanent decline.   San Diego's road woes have been graphic; they get New Orleans at Qualcomm this go-round.

Cowboys over 49ers - The Week One shutout of the Rams is history, and the Niners' season appears to be history as well with two abysmal losses and no capable quarterback on the roster.   The Cowboys meanwhile come in with a solid young core led by Dakota Prescott, who has been solid and more despite only one touchdown so far.

Chiefs over Steelers - The Steelers got undressed by the Eagles and now former Eagles coach Andy Reid comes to town a year after the Chiefs' season turned around in spectacular fashion beginning with a win over the Steelers. Alex Smith comes in with a better passer rating (90.6) than Ben Roethlisberger (83.2).

Vikings over NY Giants  -  The Giants got two wins but then got stunned by the Redskins and now have to go to the surprise of the season, the unbeaten Vikings.   The Giants are once again in the bottom third in scoring with nonetheless decent effort from Eli Manning.  The Vikings aren't much better in scoring but have done so having to start Sam Bradford and Shaun Hill.  

So it goes for Week Four.

Monday, September 26, 2016

GMOs And The Myth Of Right To Know

Labels of foods with GMOs are unconstitutional - because there is no threat to people's health from GMOs - and thus are unnecessary.

Leftist Unreality And Cops

The myth pushed by the Black Lives Matter - aka No Lives Matter - thugs is now being pushed by the NAACP.

Obama Helped Kill The Clinton E-Mail Investigation

A look at Barack Obama's role in throwing out classified information with Hillary, with the original piece from February.

Sam Spence - Big City Theme - Music From NFL Films

One of Sam Spence's great "lost" tracks.

Shifting Corner On Public Pensions

The bankruptcy of public pensions may finally be being faced.

FBI Data: Murders Increased 11 Percent in 2015

Donald Trump has discussed rising crime and Democrats and their media humpers have sneered in denial - now FBI data proves him right.

The Obama Legacy Thru Doris Kearns Goodwin

Obama's vanity shows up in the ultimate exit interview and at times even Goodwin seems put off by it.

NFL Says Holy Jacoby

The third week of the NFL season warrants takeaways, and not just the ones off fumbles.

The most striking parts of the Patriots-Texans game was the cowardice of the Texans overall and the rawness of Jacoby Brissett, who led four scoring drives but overall showed how raw he is as a true rookie. The Texans almost from the beginning were playing scared; Brock Osweiler showed mediocre command of the offense and never delivered drives worthy of a quarterback being paid over $15 million per season; the Texans also were terrible at ball security with two ugly fumbles on returns.

The first fraud of the year comes from the Steelers, a decent but ultimately mediocre squad crushed by an ascending Eagles team whose rookie quarterback isn't making mistakes.

The Bills got a shocker of a win as they humiliated Carson Palmer, himself less than what he's accomplished of late

Despite superb effort by ex-Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor, the Browns are still the Browns as they botched it against a weak Miami Dolphins team. 

The Chargers appear already to be finished after blowing another one, this after the other teams in the AFC West all won. 

The Browns aren't the only pathetic resident of the NFL as the NY Jets became the NY Jets again with six picks, one of them a pick six.

There was the usual plethora of scoring as the Seahawks rolled over the Niners and the Redskins exposed the NY Giants, among other games.

Zeke Elliott's game was part of the Cowboys' surge past the always-nondescript Bears.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Nonsense Of Narratives

"Narratives" have replaced hard information and fact in a lot of news stories. Barack Obama's terrorist narrative and his "terrorist narrative" mythology - the same mythology that US victory over Islamic enemies served as some kind of recruiting tool, as though Islamics rushed to join terrorist groups when they were losing - masks that he's done nothing but help the enemy and lie about it. And the lie of the "narrative" is at work again in thuggery in Charlotte, NC after an armed reprobate under a restraining order was shot by a black cop in a black city and street savages responded by massive looting, this atop the "narrative" lies pushed in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.

Appeasement And Islamo-Arab Imperialism

We Got Lucky ... This Time

At approximately 9:35 a.m. on Saturday, September 17, a garbage can exploded along the route of the Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5K Race in Seaside Park, New Jersey. Fortunately, no one was injured. The event’s organizers later cited a delay, caused by registration problems and a suspicious backpack that had to be investigated, as a blessing in disguise. Had the race started on time, participants could have been killed or wounded. No one knew it yet, but America was about to get lucky several more times in the hours that followed.

The pipe bomb explosion at Seaside Park was the first of five attacks planned for that day. On 23rd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City that night, a much larger bomb made out of a pressure cooker rocked storefronts and sent shrapnel hundreds of feet in every direction. No one was killed, but 31 people were wounded. A separate bomb, built in a similar manner, was intercepted before it could explode just several blocks away on 27th Street. Still more improvised explosive devices were later found inside a backpack at a train station in Elizabeth, N.J. Those IEDs were also neutralized.

Obama Botches Overtime

The Omaba regime passed a law basically entitling workers to more overtime pay, and states (and the US Chamber Of Commerce among others) are now fighting back, because as usual Obama doesn't understand real economics.

American Economic Mobility

Where analyses of economic mobility miss.

More GMO Disinformation From The NY Times

The NY Times published a piece in favor of "food labeling" to combat GMOs - and as usual the facts discredit the case for labeling.

Iran Bides Time

Iran bides time knowing the US continues to appease it.

Simplifying US Middle East Options

A look at how the next President should approach the Middle East.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It Isn't Police Brutality, It's No Lives Matter

The rioters against police are not fighting police brutality - cases in Milwaukee and more recently in Charlotte show perps killed by police and their defenders lying about it - they're just killing for the sake of killing - because it's the same with leftism from time immemorial - no lives matter.

What, Exactly, Would a Palestinian State Look Like?

A Kleptocracy

The Wells Fargo Case And Democratic Demagoguery

The Wells Fargo Case illustrates what happens when government intervenes instead of leaves market forces alone

Recent news that Wells Fargo employees had opened as many as two million unauthorized customer bank and credit card accounts since 2011 was shocking. The bank fired 5,300 workers and agreed to pay $185 million in fines to the Los Angeles City Attorney, the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB's media blitz reduced the other two agencies to bystanders.

The CFPB has been more political theater than good government since then-law professor Elizabeth Warren prodded the Democratic president and Congress to create the bureau in the 2010 Dodd-Frank law. The law insulated the new agency from Republican participation through a single director structure and funding independent of the congressional appropriations process. Warren was elected Massachusetts's senator. The CFPB quickly became a single-party, clandestine organization whose top priority is self-promotion.

And even before that we had a study by Larry Summers and Natasha Sarin showing regulation cannot prevent such shenanigans.

Obama's Failure At Economics

Obama's failed "recovery" and the reasons behind it.
"The Obama Administration and some economists argue that the recovery since the Great Recession ended in 2009 has been unusually weak because of the recession's severity and the fact that it was accompanied by a major financial crisis. Yet in a recent study of economic downturns in the US and elsewhere since 1870.......historically the opposite has been true."

The government also has the bad habit of refusing to admit it made a mistake to start with; instead it doubles down on the mistake and only makes it worse.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Populism's Dictatorial Advocacy

What does economic crisis always breed? Extremism.
"The central problem with 'responsible nationalism' is that we know that economic protectionism and immigration restrictions will only deepen the West's economic woes - just as a return to economic nationalism deepened the Great Depression."

NFL Week Three Heightens Expectations

All of Week 2's touchdowns as we count down to Week 3

The NFL enters Week Three amid some genuine shockers but also amid a surprising - and surprisingly sharp - drop in TV ratings; explanations for why have varied between boycotting of Colin Kaepernick, boycotting of Roger Goodell, the absence of Tom Brady, the retirement of Peyton Manning.   Certainly there is likely some element of all involved.   A correction was probably overdue so right now one should not be excessively worried. 

Certainly it's not for lack of competitive games; the first two weeks have been strikingly well-played and competitive, and expectations have thus been heightened for Week Three.   Picks for the week -

Patriots over Texans -  Jacoby Brissett has to start with the out-of-left-field shoulder injury to Jimmy Garappolo and his unplanned foray into the NFL against the Dolphins showed his rawness but also showed there is legitimate ability there.   He will certainly have better preparation knowing he's going onto the field so leading more than two scoring drives should be a given, though one should keep an eye on Stephen Gostkowski after his stunning gag of a makeable late FGA.   They face a Houston team that's clearly on its way to a strong season with Brock Osweiler, a guy clearly not intimidated by facing the Patriots, but with a defensive front led by JJ Watt that isn't any better than the Cardinals and Dolphins fronts the Patriots O-line has manhandled already, plus Watt has been decidedly quiet against the Patriots in the past, notably last season in his own house.  

Cardinals over Bills - The Cardinals showed they mean business by laying 40 on the Bucs and they go to New Era Stadium for a Bills opponent that fired their offensive coordinator but that put up 31 points last time out. The Ryan brothers are buffoons, though, so they will find a way to lose.

Panthers over Vikings - The Vikings are onto something this year after stunning the Packers, but they go to a Panthers team that was stewing over the lost opportunity at Denver and responded by breaking out of a competitive game against the Niners and turning it into a massacre. A key matchup to keep an eye on is Sam Bradford to Stefon Diggs, who exploded against the Packers.     

Broncos over Bengals - This one I think will be tighter than some may expect. Clearly there is no collapse for the Broncos as Trevor Siemian has already proven doubters wrong with poised play, but this is his first road trip and he goes to a Bengals team hitting its home opener. The Bengals got embarrassed last week at Pittsburgh and have the talent to fight back given the opponent, the defending champs, and one recalls the last time the Broncos visited Cincinnati. The matchup to watch is AJ Green vs Aqib Talib.

Lions over Packers - This is an upset pick for me; both teams are 1-1 and both are coming off losses. The Lions, though, face a Packers team that has now lost four of its last five division meetings and hasn't won a home game against the division since 2014. The Packers also have signs of locker room dissension with one of Aaron Rodgers' O-linemen calling him out publically after the loss at Minnesota. Rodgers' inability to lead a comeback when he has to erase a gap of at least two scores showed up again at Minnesota.   

Ravens over Jaguars - Suddenly the Baltimore Ravens are stringing together wins again after a head-shaking 2015, while the Jaguars still have not taken that next step, and looked awful at San Diego last week.  

Dolphins over Browns - Only the Browns.   They go to a shellshocked Dolphins team hitting its home opener with a revamped Joe Robbie Stadium - now sporting sponsorship from Hard Rock - and with a quarterback in Ryan Tannehill playing his way out of the NFL.   But the Browns have bigger problems - they fell apart against the hated Ravens and such collapses usually bode ill for the season. 

NY Giants over Redskins - They didn't do it against the Cowboys and now the Redskins face a 2-0 Giants squad that's eking out grinders of wins.  

Andre Johnson's game-winner at Detroit

Titans over Raiders - This could be the highest-scoring game on this week's slate as Marcos Mariota and Derek Carr lit it up in their preseason matchup and their teams are 1-1; Carr has exploded the Raiders to 63 points scored while Mariota staged a memorable comeback from down two scores to beat the Lions; his touchdown to Andre Johnson was an absolute thing of beauty.   Anyone for a Titans-Raiders playoff meet?

Seahawks over Forty-Niners -  The Seahawks are struggling out of the gate having lost on the road again to the Rams, and they face a Niners squad that Blaine Gabbert has made into a team that's not the joke their backup quarterback has become.   The Seahawks did win their home opener and the Niners come back from the East Coast and Russell Wilson is the kind of quarterback who can start turning things around fast.

Buccaneers over Rams - Tampa Bay's obliteration by the Cardinals was the punch in the face that should motivate them to lash it out against a Rams team traveling from the West Coast to the East and which has shown zero offense.  

Chargers over Colts - There is an ominous sign for the Colts. The opinion has been expressed that the Colts made a fatal mistake signing Chuck Pagano instead of Bruce Arians, but the real warning sign is Andrew Luck may have plateaued in 2012-13 and simply can never be the transcendent quarterback his talent promised he'd be. He lit up the scoreboard at home against the Lions and still lost, then struggled against a Broncos team he'd dominated. San Diego has won six of the last seven meetings with the Colts, and Philip Rivers is 1-0 against Andrew Luck so far.

Chiefs over NY Jets - The Chiefs are smarting after losing to the Houston Texans, and they face a high-scoring NY Jets team that's looking like a team going for the playoffs.   I doubt Andy Reid will let the loss in Houston carry over to this meeting with the Jets, a team Reid has yet to lose to. 

Eagles over Steelers - The Steelers have a potent offense and a proven championship quarterback, but in the Eagles they face a team that's well ahead of expectations and has a quarterback in Carson Wentz who's looking like the real deal.

Cowboys over Bears - Why John Fox keeps Jay Cutler remains baffling as he is a failure, as Dak Prescott steadily proves himself to be one to watch down the road. 

Saints over Falcons - Neither team has proven they're up to a playoff bid, and one should start to be concerned that Drew Brees is no longer the elite competitor.   Matt Ryan certainly is not an elite anything even with a strong win at Oakland.  

So we await Week Three.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hard Facts About The Muslim World

More Islamic terrorist attacks have broken out in the US, in New York City, in New Jersey, and in Minnesota, and have killed more people than all the other demographics in the US combined. The hard facts remain Islam is a terrorist religion.

"Whenever there is a terrorist attack there's an almost palpable determination to determine the attacker was not Muslim and the attack had "no connection" to international terror, in spite of the fact it is now ISIS and Al Qaida strategy to inspire lone wolves."

The determination not to face reality continued as the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party continues with Hillary Milhous Clinton's gladhanding of Islamic savages.

NFL Week Two Quick Takes

The NFL hit Week Two and the surprises of the season have already started.

The first Thursday Night game of the year was the most competitive Thursday Night game in years - it got weirder as offensive coordinator Greg Roman was fired, reportedly by ownership - a bad move as meddlesome ownership never succeeds.

No surprise hit harder than Jimmy Garappolo's shoulder injury after torching the Dolphins

Jacoby Brissett had to come in cold and it showed - what also showed is there is legitimate quarterbacking talent here

The Titans erased a 12-point gap to stun a high-flying Lions squad in their home opener

The questions must be asked more and more about Andrew Luck and whether he plateaued as a quarterback in his rookie season, while Trevor Siemien is establishing himself with the Broncos and Aqib Talib exploded

Another young quarterback is starting to get something good going as R. Dakota Prescott grabbed his first career win

The Vikings won their second straight over the Packers despite a serious injury to Adrian Peterson, an injury that may not be as onerous as it appeared. It also showcased the continuing weakness of Aaron Rodgers in his inability to lead a comeback down by two or more touchdowns - and Rodgers' bad habit of trying to extend plays too much got called out by Packers O-lineman T.J. Lang -
"Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to blame someone else. We definitely have to be better up front, but it felt like there were a couple of plays there where it starts to get five (to) six (to)seven seconds, and it can be a little frustrating at times."  

Those who will criticize Lang need to keep in mind Rodgers' career-long weakness when having to lead a comeback, having won just four games in his career when trailing by more than one score.  

The news for the San Diego Chargers was not their 38-14 massacre of the Jaguars - the news from CBS' pregame show is Chargers ownership has given up on the city and is prepping to play in LA in 2017, presumably Carson, CA - which raises anew why the NFL allows such nonsense and why these teams don't get the hint from the Dolphins and spend the money to refurbish their existing arenas.

Only the Browns, up 20-0 to a Ravens team that has - quietly - stormed to 2-0

Remember when Blaine Gabbert was a failure with the Jaguars? Despite getting crushed at the end by a Panthers team still stewing over blowing a winnable game at Denver, the Niners have shown more fight than we thought they might have and it's clear Colin Kaepernick's bitch act is just the flailing of a guy who can't play

With the Seahawks suddenly struggling the Cardinals are taking early control of the NFC West

Chicago And More NASCAR Questions

After dominating the final third of the Chicago 400 and leading 75 laps in total, Chase Elliott found another way to blow the win, raising further question about whether he is in fact able to figure out how to win. Such a question bedeviled Kyle Larson before he broke through at the Yankee 400 at Michigan, though, so writing off Chase Elliott is premature to an extreme.

It was also a bizarre weekend for NASCAR. NASCAR's new laser inspection process has seen multiple teams fail postrace - including Truex as well as Kyle Busch after the Chicago Truck 250 - and NASCAR's Steve O'Donnell addressed it to Sirius Radio's NASCAR channel. That the process is seeing so many failures brings the inevitable question - is the concept behind the process the real problem as opposed to the teams?

Brian France also addressed media during the Chicagoland weekend as NASCAR's top touring series is in need of a new title sponsor for 2017, with a name - Coca-Cola - finally emerging from Rumor Control Central, and with Brian France again saying (in a Tom Jensen interview) another manufacturer is wanted for NASCAR; Jensen speculates Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Nissan are the targets for France. Dodge of course is not coming back, stating in essence NASCAR is no longer worth their while - a bad sign for France.

Adding to that angle was a Twitter posting from Brad Keselowski - "We have to cut costs in this sport for sustainability." That's been true for decades, but it was offered in seeming defense of NASCAR's laser inspection process, which is doing nothing to costs. It remains that teams and NASCAR need to get together to work out a true spending cap, as spending is what keeps driving up costs. Yet as Richard Petty has asked, "Who's running NASCAR?"

As for the racing, the Trucks once again had the most competitive racing while the Xfinity 300 turned out to be surprising with some excellent dicing for the lead in the first half.   The Cup 400 had the shocker of a finish, but it all shows anew the need for more passing - and far more incentive to go for the lead.