Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama and the Legacy Trap

Obama cares about his legacy more than about substance, and his growing fits of self-pity reflect what he is - a self-loving thug.

How Social Security’s COLA Politics Lead to Bad Policy

Yet more madness and failure from the entitlement pyramid scheme that is Social Security.

Bernie The Bozo's Democratic Socialism Speech

Bernie Sanders made a major speech about democratic socialism - and it merely proves there's no case for it.

Among the lowlights -

"The great middle class in this country has been in decline."  False - their incomes have risen 50% since 1985 and even the NY Times admitted by 2000 that the middle class was getting richer.

"The wealthiest people and the largest corporations must pay their fair share of taxes."   False - it's none of government's business to begin with, plus the wealthy and corporations get hosed on taxes as the Tax Foundation has long shown.

The 77-cent Myth Redux

The myth that women earn just 77 cents for every dollar earned by men gets punctured again.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Remember That Diversity Is A Dead End

A forgotten 2012 study shows what the real world has always shown - diversity training doesn't work because diversity is a dead end. No one is supposed to care about diversity.

Paris And Islamo-Arab Imperialism's Voluntary Apartheid

A look at France's fifth column of Islamo-Arab imperial "refugees" - who are being segregated away from civilization by the leaders as "voluntary apartheid" - and who thus are launching war. A reminder of the failure of resettling Somalis in the Clinton years is relevant here.

AWOL In The Middle East

A look at why the Middle east matters and why the US SHOULDN'T be disengaging.

Obama And His Cylon Raiders

Taking Careful Aim looks at the killing of an Islamic terrorist who was an American citizen, and also at the non-engagement engagement by Barack Obama with drone warfare - I nickname them Cylon Raiders - as a substitute (a poor one) to actual pursuit of victory.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Arab Editorial Nails The Reality

"Arabs and Muslims must acknowledge their direct responsibility for the terror sweeping the world."

To add to that is the target of Islamo-Arab imperialism no one is talking about.

Obama Lets Vlad Win Again

Vladimir Putin is not part of the solution in the Middle East, he's part of the problem. His is a foreign policy of aggression and conquest (in the Middle East, Ukraine, etc.) and he's taken advantage of Obama's fecklessness.

When To Close Borders

Thomas Sowell raises a valid point about France - what if it had closed its borders to Islamo-Arab infiltrators 40 or so years ago? It is a question with a superb counterpoint from Danielle Pletka.

Obama Still In Denial

Obama remains in denial that quitting Iraq is what spawned the rebranded Islamo-Arab mercenary armies defeated earlier to strike again.