Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story a Work of Fiction

Rolling Stone magazine fabricated a rape story - yet another example of the magazine's inability to tell the truth.

Ted Cruz, the Anti-Obama

Ted Cruz's weaknesses have been examined - also worth examining are his strengths.

College Students: Stop Acting Like You're Made of Sugar Candy

College Students need to be toughened up in life - and so do children.

How Islamists Infiltrate British Democracy

The same way other terrorist ideologies do - by lying about themselves. The "Muslim vote" has suddenly become an issue in European elections, this despite no credibility to Muslim "concerns."

Obama's Inaccurate 14 Million Claim

Obama claims over 14 million people gained health coverage because of Obamacare.   The actual data though shows no such increase - and increases that did happen likely did so because of regular market action, not because of Obamacare. The fact Obamacare isn't working is something about which Obama remains in denial.

Justice Is Blind

Dueling DOJ reports on Ferguson.

The Punishment Of Science

Science is coming under increasing attack from leftism.