Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story a Work of Fiction

NOTE: The following was initially published on March 24, 2015:

Rolling Stone magazine fabricated a rape story - yet another example of the magazine's inability to tell the truth.

And it's gotten worse because it exposed the dishonesty inherent in the entirety of the magazine.

UPDATE: Rolling Stone's writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely is now being sued for libel and it's clear she is not a credible writer, she is a demagogic hack.

Some Pieces On Charter Schools

Charter schools are getting more controversial - even as they prove themselves more effective. A compilation of pieces -

Unlike Their Neighbors: Charter School Student Composition Across States

The NY Times - as usual - is wrong, and how media coverage turned against charter schools. 

Students in NYC get more time in charter schools.

The left's war on minorities, from 2014 plus the demonization of Walmart support of charter schools.

A look at how they are reinventing local education control.

The Brookings Institute weighs in.

Bobby Hamilton And Richard Petty's Breakthrough

Twenty years ago this day Richard Petty returned to victory as Bobby Hamilton ended two seasons of promise and frustration with his breakthrough victory.

The IOU Of Social Security

It isn't of course actual "security."  It's a slush fund and it's bankrupt. 

California National Guard Members to Keep Improper Bonuses

The government tried to get back money that wasn't supposed to be given out

"After much controversy, the Pentagon is suspending its attempts to recover bonuses overpaid to thousands of soldiers in California more than 10 years ago.

In a Wednesday press release, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said:
I am ordering a series of steps to ensure fair treatment for thousands of California National Guard soldiers who may have received incentive bonuses and tuition assistance improperly as a result of errors and in some cases criminal behavior by members of the California National Guard.

While some soldiers knew or should have known they were ineligible for benefits they were claiming, many others did not. There is an established process in place by which service members can seek relief…. But that process has simply moved too slowly and in some cases imposed unreasonable burdens on service members. That is unacceptable."

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Case Against Minimum Wage Redux

The case for ANY minimum wage - let alone a fifteen dollar per hour one - does not exist

"Many of us in the economics profession recognize that the minimum wage is a terrible and cruel public policy, one that reduces employment opportunities for the most vulnerable Americans.

"Much of Hanauer's argument in support of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is based on some questionable empirical evidence....(the study cited by Hanauer) has not been taken seriously by the economics profession..."

Wikileaks The Anti-Hero

Wikileaks has thoroughly exposed the duplicity of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in general, but has the problem that it is stealing US secrets and not for legitimate purpose.

Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

Obama's Denial Of The Truth About Obamacare

Barack Obama's failure as President is absolute and showcased with the failure of Obamacare, a failure further illustrated in the mammoth increase in insurance company profits - which Obamacare vaguely promised wouldn't happen, this as Obamacare supporters need to be honest about its failure and to put an end to subsidies for it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary Milhous Clinton's Email Coverup

NOTE: This was originally published on October 16:

With more and more of how much of a deceit Hillary Milhous Clinton's life is, the State Department helps Hillary break the law

"A senior State Department official repeatedly pressed the FBI to change the classification of emails stored on Hillary Clinton's private server, according to FBI interview summaries set to be released in the coming days. Patrick Kennedy, the undersecretary of state for management, discussed providing additional overseas slots for the FBI in exchange for revisions to classifications of the sensitive emails.

"The 34 summaries, known as FBI 302s, will be released in connection with a Freedom of Information Act request and after pressure from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Two additional 302s are being withheld because they contain information classified at the Top Secret/SAP level.

"The summaries, described to THE WEEKLY STANDARD by five intelligence and congressional officials familiar with their contents, are sure to bolster Donald Trump's criticism of corruption at Clinton's State Department, the FBI and Washington, D.C., with just more than three weeks until the 2016 presidential election."

UPDATE: Obama's role in the coverup becomes more evident. Meanwhile the FBI's coverup gets worse.

Admission That Obama A Failure

A New York Times piece admits Obama's foreign policy is a failure. So now the next President has to reverse it.

Not All Immigrants Are Equal

Quite a few are in sober fact savages.

Washington Post Plays CYA For Obama

The Washington Post launches a partisan review of a reporter who doesn't toe the Obama line on the failed Iran deal.

Monday, October 24, 2016

New York's Stupidity On Housing

New York City houses a lot of stupid people - such as Mistah Mayuh Bill De Blasio. Hizzoner is at it again with foolish proposals to deal with the city's self-inflicted housing crisis.

UPDATE: De Blasio's anti-AirBnB law shows New York refuses to accept how economics have changed.

At Talladega They Were Saying GREAT SCOTT

Talladega arrived and it saw memorable racing yet again.

The Chase orientation of NASCAR means Brian Scott's stunning finish at Talladega will be largely overlooked because of Joey Logano's win (overcoming - of all things - dragging his jack around the track) and the engine failures of Martin Truex and Brad Keselowski.   But that's become one of the signature annoyances regarding NASCAR, its obsession with the Chase format as opposed to winning or even contending for the win.

Scott's spectacular second is not a win.   It is, however, a needed eye-opener, this in a season that ended a 70-plus race run without a first-time winner in August.   It was also a reminder of the sport's history - Richard Petty's team fighting for the win has been NASCAR's largest single force almost since the sanctioning body's beginning, and it's no sleight to David Pearson, Cale Yarborough, the Allisons, Harry Hyde, etc. to say Petty personifies the growth of stock car racing.

Of course the ultimate rivalry in NASCAR's history was Petty and David Pearson, and the Wood Brothers Ford acquitted itself with aplomb under Ryan Blaney, leading three laps and finishing a respectable eleventh at a track the #21 won five times at.

The win by Logano and the runner-up by Scott went with Aric Almirola's eighth place and a stout (albiet quiet) fifth place by Ricky Stenhouse, his first top-10 since the Volunteer 500 in August and his seventh of the year (and the upshot is his girlfriend has yet to finish higher than 11th - with just four finishes 15th or better - this year).   It showcased needed strong depth by Ford in the final days before Stewart-Haas' team joins them.

Though Ford may wonder if it wants Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch, both top-ten finishers at Talladega yet both at it again after the race.   Oddly the long-running Rumor Control Central claim that Chevrolet was working a package to get Harvick out of a Ford and into Hendrick Motorsports hasn't resurfaced.

The Chase format has eliminated the front-row starters at Talladega, Keselowski and Truex, both four-race winners (though the Chase's non-race winners have by now been eliminated) and both out with engine failures.   No one else going forward has more than four wins, and the most curious sight of the day was the decision by JGR to basically stroke it - Kyle Busch, Kenseth, and Carl Edwards made zero effort to compete, more scared of losing points than of losing, period.


The decision by JGR outside of Denny Hamlin to jake it was criticized and correctly so. NASCAR says JGR didn't violate the sanctioning body's "100% rule," made in the wake of Michael Waltrip's fake caution at Richmond. Kyle Busch's retort -
"Don't hate the player - hate the game

- only reinforces the frustrations with a race weekend that was good but which hasn't lived up to its competitive value for several years.   Once again it was - artificially - too hard to pass and too hard to push; the racing was good, it should manifestly have been more competitive, and it's the old story that is is NASCAR's fault between the smaller spoiler, crackdown on push-drafting, and of course the absurd yellow-line rule - all this apart from the overemphasis on points racing in the sport as evidenced by the JGR fiasco.

So it goes to Martinsville for the Winston Cup cars and the Truck Series; the Trucks saw a surprise winner in first-timer Grant Enfinger.    The most competitive division in NASCAR at present, the Trucks have outsparkled the Cup Series overall, so Martinsville will likely see a surprise or two.

NFL Fit To Be Tied In Week Seven

The NFL's most controversial week of the year ended Sunday Night with the most unthinkable outcome possible - a tie.  It was the first tie since the Bengals and Panthers raced to a 37-37 tie in 2014.

THIS JEST IN - The NY Giants will sign Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay to play special teams - they'll have to at this rate to wipe the egg off their face; regardless they clawed to the win in London as Case Keenum was picked off in the endzone in the final two minutes.    The London game is presented as a way for the league to reach a new audience - except that isn't happening with only one percent of England watching and the game never making any profit (a major part of the reason for the ultimate failure of NFL Europe).

The Patriots are now three wins away from becoming the first team that originated from the American Football League to reach 500 wins.   Their ownership of the Steelers - their eleventh win in the last sixteen meetings - also continued.

It's now becoming the same old Falcons after all.   In the game of the weekend the Chargers charged back from down 17 to stun the Falcons in overtime 33-30, handing the Falcons another loss, their second straight.   

While Jameis Winston has now won two straight for the Bucs, they picked a good foe to try and build more momentum against.   The quarterback efforts for the 49ers are quite ugly - Yo Gabba Gabbert  completed only 58% of his passes, but Kappa Kaepernick can't even reach 45%.   Only two words come to mind here for the Niners - Bend Over.  

The Chiefs have clawed their way back into the AFC West race while Drew Brees threw a killer pick-six, which helped the Falcons stay atop the NFC North.

The AFC East changed behind the Patriots, first as the Miami Dolphins busted out their old-school colors and logo design and Jay Ajayi joined former Buffalo Bill OJ Simpson (who did it twice) to post back-to-back 200-yard rushing games.   The game ended Buffalo's four-game win streak and gave Miami some potential momentum.

Meanwhile the NY Jets lost their starting quarterback, had to play Ryan Fitzpatrick, and they stunned the Ravens 24-16, leaving the Ravens with four straight losses and even bigger questions about their season going forward as they now look like a team that won't break 8-8.


You thought the Cardinals-Seahawks tie was ugly - the Eagles played poorly, the Vikings played worse, and as Scott Graham put it on Westwood One Mercury Morris and his 1972 Dolphins buddies busted out the champagne as another unbeaten wannabe bit the dust.  

What do the Titans have to do to beat the Colts?  This was their tenth straight loss and almost every game has been a bitterly close affair.  

While the Bengals got a much-needed win the Browns lost their starting quarterback again and suddenly it has become a real prospect to finish 0-16 - AJ Green's catch in traffic best symbolizes the failure that is the Browns organization.

With the Monday Night game still to be played, we've nonetheless seen enough to wonder what's next in Week Eight.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

For Roger Goodell It's Here We Go Again

The No More ad campaign against domestic violence was launched by the same people responsible for the Law & Order Special Victims Unit version - and now a lot of people have egg on their face with the New York Giants involved in controversy over former punter Josh Brown.

Here we go again.   Controversy erupted days before the New York Giants flew to London to face the LA Rams because documents related to Josh Brown were published.   Brown was charged in allegation of some twenty incidents of domestic violence with his now ex-wife; the charges were eventually dropped, and the NFL slapped him with a one-game suspension for 2016, this after their self-congradulatory promise to impose a minimum six-game suspension for incidents after the controversy over Ray Rice.   Documents from that previous investigation have now surfaced, including admissions on Brown's part to acts of abuse.

It led to an interview by Mike Francesca of Giants co-owner John Mara, and Mara's at-times evasive answering intensified controversy over the NFL's handling of domestic violence.   It intensified further when John Urquhart, the sheriff of King's County, WA that investigated Brown when he was with the Seahawks, angrilly responded when the league passed the buck of blame toward him in claiming he covered up for Brown when the league tried to investigate the allegation.  

It is of course impossible to do anything but call Roger Goodell a liar, having proven himself a liar in serial fashion in his multiple failures to objectively lead the league; when presented opportunity to lead, he instead launched aggression against the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints as well as numerous players and coaches, all out of personal spite.   As lawyer Peter Ginsberg now famously put it during the disinformation campaign against Tom Brady, "it's very difficult to have a genuine, authentic disagreement with Roger."  

Goodell's competence as commissioner has long been exposed as nonexistent.   Backstabbing and ass-covering define Goodell's governing philosophy, and complete inability to handle the inner workings of the game has more and more become the dominating characteristic of Goodell.   The league's operations department - and general command of situations - has dumbed itself down with Troy Vincent now Goodell's second-in-command, and the league's approach to investigations by now reflect Goodell's fundamental character - perfunctory and utterly insincere.


But the issue here goes beyond the manifest dishonesty of Goodell and the incompetence of Goodell and his underlings.   Even a competent commissioner would not be able to adequately handle the issue of domestic violence because there simply is no simple answer beyond dealing with individual incidents on their own individual basis based on what the law says about it.    What the law says about a situation can't be dismissed by the league - if the law says charges against Josh Brown are dropped, the league can't deny him employment.   And has anyone else noticed that Ray Rice has by all accounts been a legitimate law-abiding citizen despite being railroaded out of the league by Roger Goodell's ass-covering campaign?

As it is the government - not the most dependable of God's creatures, to coin a Spencer Tracy phrase - has multiple and conflicting definitions of sexual assault.   It of course is an old story - back in 1990 (October 12 specifically) the Christian Science Monitor claimed (through Marilyn Gardner) there were five million women assaulted per year with an assault averaging one every fifteen seconds; as Thomas Sowell noted in The Vision Of The Anointed the figure was grossly unreliable, first for not differentiating between unmarried sex partners and legally binded husbands, second for not differentiating actual violence from a minor push or shove (where the figure was roughly 500,000 - and as Mike Florio shows, the actual incident that got Josh Brown suspended was him grabbing his now-ex's wrist ) - and even the ratio was mathematically wrong, as it would in fact be one every 6.3 seconds.  

And unnoticed is the hypocrisy of the media's umbrage about Josh Brown as with the earlier jihad about Ray Rice, for the media once again has been in essence advocating double jeopardy - punishing the individual for the same incident again.   At what point do people figure out that double jeopardy doesn't work?   Or that it's an actual crime to re-punish someone for the same incident? 

There are no winners in this - Roger Goodell proves again he has zero competence to lead the league, the media proves again it is not capable of rational analysis.   And a lot of people have egg on their face as a result.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The German Left's Undeclared War on Israel

The German Left's Undeclared War on Israel:

"The historian Jeffrey Herf's profound new book shows that German-animated left-wing terrorism targeting Israel was not a tactic but rather part of a long-war strategy to destroy the Jewish state. Academic study and journalism on the now-defunct East German Communist state and radical West German groups hitherto failed to delve into their ongoing war against Israel (and against the United States, one could argue).

"Undeclared Wars with Israel: East Germany and the West German Far Left 1967-1989 is the title of Herf's monumental study. To understand the German Democratic Republic, one must understand its opposition to the founding philosophy of the Jewish state, namely, Zionism. 'The East German dictatorship was a different kind of dictatorship from its Nazi predecessor, but, albeit for different reasons, it became the second dictatorship to regard Zionism as an enemy,' writes Herf."

Kennedy At the Center of Hillary's Scandal Management

The State Departmen's denial is a proven lie.

"Less than 24 hours after the FBI released documents confirming discussions of a bargain between the FBI and State Department over reclassification of at least one classified Hillary Clinton email, the spokesman for the State Department categorically denied that any such discussions ever happened.
“There was no quid pro quo even suggested or any kind of bargain laid on the table, said John Kirby, in an interview Tuesday on Fox & Friends. There was no bargain even suggested by these two individuals.
"This is false.
"Here is how the proposed quid pro quo was described in the FBI summary of its interview with an individual who worked in the FBI's International Operations Division [IOD]. 'Not yet knowing the email's content, [REDACTED] told Kennedy he would look into the matter if Kennedy would provide authority concerning the FBI's request to increase its personnel in Iraq.'"

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NFL Week Seven Rolling Seven

With Week Six behind us, the NFL hits Week Seven and suddenly the season has gotten noticeably more interesting with quite  a few upsets and semi-upsets in Week Six.   A look at this week's games -

The New York Jets - well, they're the New York Jets again.   It used to be the Arizona Cardinals were the worst franchise in the history of the league; how times change for everyone except the Jets

Bears over Packers  -  Not that the Bears are any great shakes at 1-5, but they have gotten some decent play out of Brian Hoyer while the Packers once again faltered when they fell behind by two scores and didn't look like they knew where the ball was at times - of course they didn't since at the worst possible time they once again gagged it up (presently minus-3 in turnover differential). 

NY Giants over Rams (London) - Putting a team in Los Angeles was supposed to boost the biggest TV market without an NFL team - and the opposite has happened.   The Giants have begun to get something going and Odell Beckham's kicking net antics have now become a source of comedy, and not the low kind.  The Giants, though, are an atrocious minus-10 in turnover differential.

Chiefs over Saints -  The Chiefs got out of a recent funk beating the Raiders and they get a Saints team that can't defend anything despite being plus-2 in turnover differential but has scored at least 32 points three straight games.   The Chiefs are tenth in fewest points allowed and despite the padding by the Jets game still plus-five in turnover differential.

Vikings over Eagles -   Suddenly Carson Wentz has faltered the last two weeks and the Vikings come off their bye having advanced in the division without playing a single down in two weeks.

Titans over Colts - The Titans are now 3-3, have authored their first winning streak in three years, and are a respectable 12th in points allowed, though minus-3 in turnover differential.   They've also scored at least 28 points the last two weeks and catch a reeling Colts team that is 2-4, is 7th in scoring but 28th in points allowed (though oddly are plus-one in turnover differential), and is 0-2 in the division, and also 1-3 in the AFC.    They've been bitterly competitive a lot in their games against the Colts over the years, so playing them tough hasn't been an issue; finishing is the issue and lately they've been finishing.

Bills over Dolphins  -    Though the Dolphins stormed to an eye-opening win against the Steelers, they get a Bills team that is now flying, presently fourth in scoring, fifth in points allowed, and an eye-popping plus-eight in turnover differential, where the Dolphins are minus-six despite no turnovers last week.

Lions over Redskins  - The Redskins have clawed to 4-2, are plus-one in turnovers, and they get a Lions team that's minus-one yet has only five turnovers all season and is 3-3 with a two-game win streak.   Matthew Stafford's passer rating is now at 106 while Kirk Cousins has made good plays though his passer rating is 86.  There's no particular reason why the Redskins can't win this one; the edge the Lions would seem to have is homefield plus recent momentum, so this game should be a taut affair.

Browns over Bengals - Though the Browns are 0-6 they've actually played some good football with Cody Kessler and his 93.8 passer rating, four touchdowns, and just one pick. The Titans game last week showed there's fight in the Browns where the Bengals gave up and started playing dumb football again last week, though the much-condemned Vontaze Burfict hit on Martellus Bennett wasn't as egregious as some made it sound.

 Ravens over NY Jets - The Ravens have faltered the last few weeks and still don't look like a playoff contender, but they've played competitive football while the New York Jets now have a quarterback problem with the obvious flameout of Ryan Fitzpatrick, poor play in garbage time by Geno Smith (there's been a Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu sighting), and the question of why Bryce Petty hasn't seen any action.    Fitting that twenty years ago the Jets spent a then-record $70 million on free agent and rookie talent - and won just one game, and it's happening again.

Jaguars over Raiders - The Raiders pulled it off traveling to the East Coast at Tennessee and Baltimore, but this is a Jaguars team that pulled off a stunning comeback win on the road last week and one wonders how much, if any, starch has been taken out of the Raiders with the Vegas stadium confirmation.  

Chargers over Falcons  -  The Falcons came up short amid controversy at Seattle, so there is still fight in the Falcons, but they face a Chargers team whose defense is completely different with rookie Joey Bosa now up and running.   The Chargers still have issues with offensive playcalling and finishing games, so this could turn on a dime.

Buccaneers over 49ers -  Colin Kaepernick came out of self-important exile and promptly showed he has no clue with just thirteen completions out of 29 throws - five coming in his final eighteen.   The Bucs come to The Santa Clara Stick needing the win to regain some momentum, especially for the competitive well-being of Jameis Winston, who had eight picks the first four games.   Regaining of momentum started with Tampa Bay's 17-14 grinder over the Panthers where Winston didn't throw a pick.

Patriots over Steelers - Astonishingly people were scared of the Steelers even though the Patriots have won ten of the last fifteen meetings, six of them with a healthy Roethlisberger.   Now with Tom Brady back, the Patriots have exploded to 68 points the last two games and they are second in the league in fewest points allowed; the Steelers meanwhile are minus-two in turnover differential.   Roethlisberger struggled against the Patriots and with him out Landry Jones - good luck.  

Cardinals over Seahawks - The Cardinals have clawed to 3-3 after starting 1-3 and the Seahawks have quietly raced to 4-2.   Carson Palmer has been banged up lately and the Seahawks have erupted in points since being held to three against the Rams.   The Seahawks, though, do not appear to have the same fight they've had and still have a homefield frontrunner reputation, though that's nowhere near what it was under Mike Holmgren.  

Texans over Broncos - Brock Osweiler returns to the team he won five games for in 2015, and he comes after a statement comeback against the hated Colts. The Broncos meanwhile have faltered, unable to score (just twenty-nine combined points the last two games) and Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch both showcased flaws in their game in recent outings. This is the classic case of a team with momentum vs. one that's been in a slide.

So we await Week Lucky Seven.