Thursday, February 22, 2018

Arizona's Minimum Wage Backfire

Arizona is now finding out that "Fight For 15" is a failure.

The Gun Control Fraud Continued

The Parkland massacre has spawned yet another paroxysm for stricter gun restrictions and as usual the facts  (and the science) support nothing for gun control. The frequency of mass shootings in the US is lower than in eleven other nations, just two percent of US counties (all with strict gun controls) account for over half of killing, gun ownership rates and lower murder rates are a direct correlation with nations such as Honduras, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and Venezuela with far lower rates of gun ownership breeding far more murders than the US, a vast and grossly underreported file of crimes stopped by defensive gun usage, and the simple fact these mass killings all take place in gun free zones.

Then there is the phobia against arming teachers, even though this is the case in Ohio and in 2013 a Michigan township was training teachers as armed guards while an Arkansas school was also arming teachers in 2013. And emerging evidence of widespread cowardice by local police and the FBI only makes opposition to arming teachers all the more foolish - and in keeping with the culture of cowardice in Leftism.

Gun control is a myth that keeps on giving, especially when phony analogies are made with other nations.