Friday, January 12, 2018

Hillary's Dossier Happens

Hillary Milhous Clinton payed a company to fabricate a dossier against Trump and used the FBI and Justice Department - some of whom also had worked to keep the Bulger brothers and Steve Flemmi out of jail - to distribute it.

When A S###hole Is The Truth

Donald Trump is under fire for calling Haiti and several African countries "S###holes."   The sourcing of the story is sketchy (and ignores similar comments from the likes of Lyndon Johnson to Lindsey Graham), but more to the point, the statement reflects a hard reality - Haiti really is just that, a mind-bogglingly incompetent state forever in need of foreign aid, and a lot of other "poor" states are just that - incompetently-run enterprises. So all Trump is doing is telling the truth, all the while correcting the mistakes of Barack Obama.

Palestine's Fake Refugees

There is no such thing as a "Palestine Refugee."

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

40 Years Of Appeasing Iran

A good question - "Where is the punishment of the Mullahs for the American blood they have shed?"

Trump Proves Resistance Is Futile

Trump's haters are losing justification for their hatred in tax reform, deregulation, and an improving economy.

Deregulation And The Surging Labor Market

Deregulation helps the labor market yet again.

NFL Addition By Divisional Round

The NFL's divisional playoff round has arrived and some of the participants come as a surprise to some, except by this point these surprises really aren't surprising.   We look at the four games -

The last time the Falcons traveled to Philly it didn't end well, but this coming game is radically different

Falcons over Eagles -   This game's dynamic changed when Carson Wentz went down late in the season.    Nick Foles started the last two games and was terrible in both.   The Falcons' playoff win at the Rams makes them easy favorites.

The Titans and Patriots didn't meet in the regular season; in Week Three both teams had to fight to win explosive games, and ironically Ron Torbert - the referee for this coming game - was referee for Tennessee's win over Seattle and New England's home win over Miami (John Parry reffed Texans at Patriots)

Patriots over Titans -   The Vegas spread of 13+ for the Patriots is preposterous and indicative of people insisting on underestimating the Tennessee Titans, a team that has won eleven games against playoff contenders the last two seasons; for comparison the Patriots have won fourteen such games -


2016 --- Lions - Packers - Chiefs - Broncos - Dolphins - Texans
2017 --- Jaguars twice - Seahawks - Ravens - Chiefs


2016 --- Dolphins twice - Texans twice - Steelers twice - Ravens - Falcons
2017 --- Saints - Falcons - Chargers - Bills twice - Steelers

New England's run defense has been a problem this season (4.7 Yards Per Carry allowed) and for the Titans the rise of Derrick Henry with DeMarco Murray out is a propitious development. Also solid is Tennessee's O-line, which wore down a solid Chiefs front seven.   The Patriots hope Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell can also suit up for Saturday's game with no progress seen for Brady to work more with Philip Dorsett, while ex-Titan Kenny Britt may finally get some serious work.   Rob Gronkowski and Delanie Walker look to have strong games and Brady's domination of Dick Lebeau defenses has been absolute.    We expect a tight game decided by less than seven.

Jaguars over Steelers - The Jaguars have more than held their own against the Steelers since entering the league as an AFC Central team and the return of Tom Coughlin to the Jaguars has raised them to a legitimate contender; they certainly showed it in embarrassing the Steelers earlier this season.   Blake Bortles set back quarterbacking ten or more years in his win over the Bills, themselves in need of an actual quarterback, but his running was an eye-opening new wrinkle.   The Steelers have been a power for a long time but also have notable choke jobs in this span and an arrogance that betrays them at the worst moment, while the Jaguars have nothing to lose anymore.

Week One

Drew Brees tried to become Brett Favre

Vikings over Saints -   Drew Brees went to the Superbowl on a boneheaded interception in the Superdome, and astonishingly in the Wildcard round he authored one himself that tried to give away a win to the Panthers.   The INT against the Panthers is a bad sign as the Saints nearly blew a two-touchdown lead, this after some subpar play the last two weeks of the regular season.   They return to the new Metrodome with a Vikings team as good as any we've ever seen.   Case Keenum has proven himself and then some for a Vikings team that is loaded to be good for a long time.

So is addition by divisional playoffs.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Eighty Years Of The Fake "Peace Process"

2018 is the anniversary the so-called Middle East Peace Process began - and all it has shown is "Palestinians" know their "state" is a sham.

The Trump Prosecution

Claiming Donald Trump is petty, ignorant, and malicious is the theme of Michael Wolff's idiotic book "exposing" the alleged chaos of the present White House. The problem is Wolff is not a credible journalist but instead is a backstabber, and Trump is not the one who isn't informed. Nor is the alleged "chaos" any greater than the genuine sloppiness of past Administrations, notably the Kennedy-Johnson continuum.