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Leftism Loving Confederacy

Remember when the Left embraced the Confederacy?  They loved Johnny Reb in music and movies.

Bread And Butter Lead To Week Three

The Patriots scrapped the gameplan used against the Chiefs and went back to their bread-and-butter offense and crushed the New Orleans Saints

Week Two saw an expected improvement in crispness of play outside of the Thursday Night affair between Houston and Cincinnati; there is also a subplot with the CFL banning padded full-contact practices, a change the NFL is monitoring but which won't be reciprocated.    With two weeks of the season, some trends are beginning to develop.    We look back at Week Two while making our picks for Week Three -


Rams over 49ers

The Rams' schedule turned out to be easier than some expected, though the Redskins looked like a good team again.   The Rams now fly to San Francisco with the Niners staring at 0-2.   They've shown some more fight than expected, notably at Seattle.

Patriots over Texans -New England diversified the offense by diversifying who got the touches, this after putting in an Edelman offense against the Chiefs.   The Patriots also dodged a bullet with injuries to Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, and newcomer Philip Dorsett, who caught three passes for 68 yards and thus showed he can flesh out a depleted receiving corps that didn't get a catch until 13:09 into the first quarter at New Orleans.    Injury to Donta Hightower appears to be such that if he misses any time at all it will be two games tops.    They get their first look at DeShaun Watson, who has thrown 47 passes with 27 completions for a measely five yards per completion (and a passer rating of 68.15) and whose primary attack so far is rushing the ball (seven rushes for 83 yards and a score).  The Texans defense is long hyped but got exposed by the Jaguars and the Patriots are not running the Edelman offense anymore, which makes the odds higher for the struggling Texans.  J.J. Watt in particular always seems to go into Witness Protection when he plays the Patriots.

The Raiders are the Raiders again, and the NY Jets are.......well, in full Suck For Sam - that's Darnold - mode, right down to a punt bouncing off Kalif Raymond's helmet and becoming a Raiders scoring drive just past the two-minute warning

Dolphins over NY Jets -   22nd in points while gagging up four turnovers, dead last in points allowed - Suck For Sam is the operating phrase of the 2017 NY Jets, with about the only positive being Jermaine Kearse.   The Dolphins meanwhile come in after an escape job at the Chargers, their first win in their first game of the season

The Titans overcame a costly INT by Mariota to crush the Jaguars, who crashed back to earth after their eye-opening win over the Texans

Ravens over Jaguars at London -The NFL hits London for the first time this year and the Ravens come in at 2-0 while the Jaguars got a rude awakening in a 37-16 home embarrassment by the Titans.   While the Jags are averaging 22 points scored the Ravens are averaging that same number with ten points per game allowed, plus ten turnovers forced.   Joe Flacco hasn't put up monster numbers but he has three touchdowns to two INTs, slightly better than Blake Bortles and his seeming regression back to subpar quarterbacking status.

Buccaneers over Vikings - The Vikings have quarterback problems again with Sam Bradford forced to sit out the loss at Pittsburgh; if he can't go against the Bucs we're not sure the Vikings can generate enough for a win.   Their former NFC Central division mates are in the top-seven in points and points allowed, albeit having only played one game.   Forcing four turnovers (one Robert McClain's pick six) vs the Bears certainly does make a case for the Bucs defense while Jameis Winston played a solid game.

Eagles over NY Giants - The Eagles fell again to their former coach and didn't force a turnover after forcing four by the Redskins, but they get a Giants team that is 0-2, last in offense and whose star - Odell Beckham Jr. - is transmuting more into a marketing-oriented locker room cancer instead of a playmaker.   The irony is Eli Manning has completed some 75% of his passes so far vs. Carson Wentz' 60%, yet is playing so poorly his own head coach has publicly called him out - not a sign of a season that is developing in a positive manner.

Panthers over Saints - It's now obvious the Saints have no future with Sean Payton and perhaps not with Drew Brees; 0-2 advertises at best another 7-9 season as they take on the offensively-mediocre Panthers who with that are leading the league in fewest points allowed.   Cam Newton's career-long struggles with completion percentage continue at 59 and change and just two touchdowns.  Rookie Christian McCaffrey has shown spark but not much sustained production at an abysmal 2.7 yards per carry; he's done more damage catching the ball (nine catches for 72 yards).   Given the recent history of this series with back-to-back 41-38 games twice in the last three meetings we could see points scored here.

Colts over Browns -  This is a risky pick because the Colts have collapsed (they're in the bottom six in the league on both sides of the ball) to where 8-8 may be beyond their reach.   The Browns aren't in better shape though after DeShone Kizer went out with a migrane against the Ravens.   Right now we think Jacoby Brissett will start for the Colts; he constituted an improvement over Scott Tolzien and the Colts were competitive to the end against the Cardinals, but this one could get ugly.

The Falcons are now 2-0 while Aaron Rodgers fell to 1-1

Falcons over Lions -  The Falcons are showing no sign of a Superbowl collapse hangover, though they could have done somewhat better putting away their game against the perennially-overrated Packers.   This week they travel to Detroit, 2-0 after a comeback against the Cards and manhandling the Giants.   Look for the points to pile up here.

Trevor Siemian exploded the Broncos offense like we haven't seen it since Peyton Manning's 2013 season 

Broncos over Bills -  The Bills didn't get it done against an offensively-mediocre Panthers team, this week they face a Broncos team that is fourth in points scored after averaging 20th in points scored the previous two seasons.   Trevor Siemian didn't put up this kind of explosiveness before (four touchdowns, 68% completion, a 116 passer rating) and such a surge of offense spells trouble for opponents down the road, provided he sustains it - something he didn't quite do in his quasi-rookie season. 

Steelers over Bears -  How much longer will the Mike Glennon experiment continue?  At this rate we don't think he'll be starter by latter-October as the Steelers come in looking for their third-straight win.

Titans over Seahawks -   The Seahawks are fifth in defense but that is somewhat illusory after a loss to the mediocre Packers and the win over the struggling 49ers, plus the Seahawks have locker room issues and have had them since Richard Sherman played his way to getting traded only to see the Seahawks unable to finish that job; Michael Bennett's self-serving character assassination of Vegas cops further displays a poisonous Seahawks locker room culture, one not conducive to winning - and something they haven't done well on the road, having lost ten (with the 2016 tie at Arizona for good measure) of their last twenty road games.  They go to Tennessee fresh off the Titans' 37-16 pasting of the Jaguars, presently ninth in scoring though Marcus Mariota's completion percentage in two games  reached 60% against the Raiders but faded to 55 and change against the Jaguars with a pick. 

Packers over Bengals - At the Falcons Aaron Rodgers lost for the 42nd time in 52 comeback attempts and the 32nd time in 36 games when he's trailed by at least two scores.  Should the Falcons finish with a winning record Rodgers will thus have lost in 36 comeback tries against a quality opponent; overall the Packers are 15th in points and 17th in points allowed.    This week Rodgers gets a Bengals team that has collapsed almost out of the box despite being seventh in fewest points allowed.

2015 breakdown of AJ McCarron

The idiotic story that some Bengals players are lobbying for the inept Colin Kaepernick instead of Dalton's backup AJ McCarron is mind-boggling, for McCarron when he had to play in 2015 showed genuine form and in particular was far better than Andy Dalton in the playoff game that season, erasing a 15-0 Steelers lead and putting the Bengals into the lead late.     

Chiefs over Chargers  -  USC outdrew the combined attendances of the Chargers and Rams in LA - this spells for all to see that the NFL made a complete mistake moving even one team to the worst sports market in the country. The Chiefs make their first trip to LA since November 10, 1991, a 27-20 win at Anaheim Stadium won on Derrick Thomas' fumble return score in the fourth.  The Chiefs come in looking like world-beaters despite being 25th in points allowed, while the Chargers are livid at back-to-back losses on missed FGAs by the rookie YoungHoe Koo, a mind-numbingly bad 25% field goal percentage.   The worst part for the Chargers is Philip Rivers has stormed to 73.6% completion (106.4 passer rating) and four touchdowns; he faces Alex Smith and his 77% completion rate (a whopping 134.1 passer rating)


Raiders over Redskins - The Skins are mediocre at 1-1 and 27th in points allowed; they are getting decent play out of Kirk Cousins. At the Rams three Redskins backs erupted for 222 yards and the Skins have averaged 5.2 yards per carry so far. The Raiders come in leading the league in points, tenth in points allowed, 126.5 passer rating for Derek Carr, and are themselves averaging 5.2 YPC on the ground but are getting hit at 4.8 YPC allowed, they've also lost three of their last five road games.  Even so the Raiders look like the Raiders again where the Redskins look like the dysfunctional mess they've been since the mid-1990s.

Cardinals over Cowboys  -   An ominous development was showcased in Dallas' loss to the Broncos - when Zeke Elliott was shut down the Cowboys offense fell apart - Dak Prescott threw 50 passes with 30 completions and two touchdowns but was picked off twice; targeted sixteen times Dez Bryant had just seven catches for 59 yards and a score.    That the Cowboys are this one-dimensional - and publicly attacking each other with the story Elliott quit on the game - shakes confidence in their season going forward as they go to a Cardinals team that pulled off an unexpected win at Indianapolis. 

We thus await Week Three

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Remembering Ted Christopher

The shocking death of New England racing legend Ted Christopher brings to mind that he exploded through New England racing as seemingly no one else has.   This 2007 SK 100-lapper at Stafford Speedway illustrates the controversy that surrounded Christopher to go with his enormous talent and success.

ESPN's Leftism Eats It Alive

The idiocy of leftism is being proven by the collapse of ESPN and especially the kid-glove treatment of the deranged Jemele Hill.

The Campus Assault Lie

Title IX by any measure is a failure by the standards set for it; it hasn't created equality, just favoritism.   The lie of the campus sexual-assault controversy is the exaggeration of its prevalence (by female fondler in chief Joe Biden in particular) and also the reality that college student society doesn't just prosecute phony courts, it has degraded intercourse to where parties and seeking of sex for its own sake instead of for some kind of genuine relationship are more important than actual learning and maturing.    The reality of life remains to stop trivializing sex and demand actual maturity from college students.

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Who Pays With Single Payer

Single payer health care - aka cartelization by government - makes everyone pay for something that doesn't work. And the same thing happens with the idea of Medicare for everyone.

Hillary As Spoiled Child

Hillary Milhous Clinton insists nothing can be her fault in her attempt to explain away why she lost yet another election.

Susan Rice And Obama's Disinformation Campaign

First this repost from April 4:

It is now clear the Obama administration launched a disinformation campaign using government law enforcement to smear Donald Trump - and Susan Rice was in the thick of it and lied repeatedly about it. Of course the Lamestream Media wants to ignore it. Meanwhile Victor Hanson looks at Rice and how Obama and the Democrats are using Soviet Russian "influence" as a dodge to get people from looking at their own lawbreaking with this look at how Obama used it to blackmail Senators to support his Iran appeasement.

UPDATE September 14:  Now has come more evidence - via a private admission by Rice to House investigators - that Rice has done nothing but lie about the entire affair.

The Larger Fraud Of Diversity

Diversity always sounds benign, but in practice never works better than e pluribus unum

The Muslim "Cause" As Seen By Muslim "Refugees"

Muslim refugees are not fleeing war, and the way they speak some of them express the reality of demographic imperialism.

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Planned Parenthood As Establishment Killers

Planned Parenthood is not thought of as a part of the "establishment." But it is - and its role in illegal fetal tissue trafficking has been covered up by Media.

Successful Deregulation Of Trucking

Trucking was deregulated in 1980 - that it was Jimmy Carter enacting such deregulation is ironic. Media, however, are making up claims that deregulation has harmed the industry. The facts - as always - do not bear out any case against deregulation.

The Continuing Fantasy For Palestinians

The State Department - historically not a repository of good sense - keeps getting the savages of "Palestine" wrong.

Excuse-Mongering For Quitting Victory

Obama Administration satraps are determined to cover their own ass about the Obama regime's refusal to go for defeating the international dictatorship in Syria as the full folly of Obama's gutlessness there (and everywhere else, including Afghanistan) becomes all the more graphic.

The Spendaholic Debt

The debt crisis has hung over the head of the US for decades and the vote-buying corruption behind it gets examined here.

Smithfield's Petty Squabble

Aric Almirola and Richard Petty's win in the 2014 Firecracker 400 was the highlight of a partnership that suddenly has been torn asunder

Rumor that Smithfield Foods, one of the most prominent sponsors in NASCAR and one of the primary sponsors of Richard Petty's #43 team, would shift over the Stewart-Haas Racing organization has been circulating for a number of weeks.    The rumor became fact September 12 with announcement of the changeover and concurrent announcement that Aric Almirola would leave Petty's team, the rumor being he will be shifted to the SHR #10, replacing Danica Patrick.

Where the story turns eye-popping comes when Richard Petty himself expressed disappointment in the decision, stating Smithfield had expressed interest in staying with the team and even gave a handshake agreement to stay - "I come from a time when did major deals with sponsors like STP on a handshake."  

Smithfield's CEO strangely took umbrage at that, claiming that Petty "is lying" and attacked the team's performance.   The claim that Petty is lying is beyond incendiary, for Petty is famous for giving his word and staying with his word even at his own expense, most famously in the ill-fated two-year period under the Curb Motorsports aegis.   There is also speculation that it was Smithfield leaking out claim to be leaving; the rumor by all accounts never emanated from Petty's shop.

The team's present performance has certainly not been a winning performance; it has, though, been encouraging and strikingly strong (the #43 has been among the cars passing more cars than anyone else), notably the Daytona 500 and Winston 500 before Aric Almirola's disastrous back injury at Kansas.   Indeed the biggest irony is Smithfield attacks "RPM's inability to deliver on the track and the organization's repeated failure to present a plan to address its lack of competitiveness" yet is switching to a racecar, the #10, with fewer top-tens (one) than Almirola this season.

And the claim of "inability to deliver on the track" is grossly simplistic given encouraging efforts not only in the team's three top-ten finishes so far but also in promising efforts at the Firecracker 400 and Kentucky, Indianapolis, and Michigan, plus a decent run at Richmond.    This for a team that has had to field four drivers in one car this season and is recovering from the disastrous effort at building its own chassis in 2016 - which incidentally constitutes an attempt to "address its lack of competitiveness."  

The journey of Petty's team has been an enterprise of survival.  Reestablishing winning legitimacy has dogged Petty since the ultimately failed Curb Motorsports period, yet it finally got there in 1996, winning three times in a four-season span as the sport's economics became increasingly absurd.  It faltered badly in 2000 and had to survive the sport's fratricide of 2008-09.   Petty is still standing as a team owner when teams like Andy Petree, Robert Yates, Ray Evernham (whose team disintegrated and wound up being absorbed into the Petty organization), DEI (likewise absorbed, into Chip Ganassi's team, the two teams once fielding six racecars and from the beginning of 2010 a truncated two-car version of its former lives), and even Petty's present equipment supplier Roush Racing have either disbanded or are a mere shell of themselves.  George Gillett's merger of Ray Evernham's former team into Petty's organization and the signing of AJ Allmendinger gave the team competitive spark, but Gillett would leave and the team nearly foundered at the end of 2010; it was Petty who kept it going, winning twice at Watkins Glen with Marcos Ambrose in the #9 team before Almirola's Daytona win in 2014.

Smithfield's decision comes after the Subway chain of sandwich shops abruptly quit Joe Gibbs Racing in an apparent snit that one of its drivers made an ad for the Dunkin Donuts breakfast and coffee chain in promotion of New Hampshire's coming race.    It also comes amid commentary by Regan Smith, who on FOX Sports' NASCAR news show proclaimed discomfort with Smithfield's argument because he competed in Petty's #43 in two races this year on a handshake deal.  

One also should keep in mind Target's decision to leave Ganassi Racing despite the recent surge of success of Kyle Larson, this after some striking inconsistency.   Sponsors looking for reasons to leave find them for reasons unrelated to performance.

It all adds up to a stunning and disconcerting development - the team working to get better in essence gets ambushed by its sponsor.    Petty, the ultimate participant in stock car racing even today commands a respect unmatched in racing outside of AJ Foyt, his equal in Indycars, and his #43 on the racetrack personifies racing now and forever.    Effort to win has never been an issue, and Smithfield's rhetoric was ugly and grossly improper.  

With this development, the word is Darrell Wallace will drive Petty's #43 in 2018; after his very encouraging four-race tryout in 2017 one can feel confident he will make the team stronger.  It is no criticism of Almirola; the scuttlebutt was the original Petty plan was to field a two-car team for Almirola and Wallace under the aegis of RCR (a rumored RCR alliance supposedly explains the team's decision to vacate its present shop).   One feels the #43 will continue to make effort to win, and the possibility of successs, despite the unfortunate criticism of Smithfield, remains real.

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September 1989 Buffalo Bills vs Houston Oilers

NFL Classics - 1989 Buffalo Bills at Houston Oilers 

Week One Lacks Luster So Week Two Needs Promise

The NFL's first week of 2017 erupted into some eye-popping surprises and some statement performances, but in the end turned out to be a lackluster opener with the lack of crisp play common to the league's opening week due to the restriction in physicality in practices etc. imposed from 2011 onward.   In league history falling to 0-2 has a poor record as far as rebounds, so "must win" becomes an angle to watch.


over Texans -

This is a case of two teams that looked awful in their season opener.  The Bengals had beaten the Ravens seven of their previous ten meetings, so that makes this loss all the more disturbing for Cincy's season down the road.   Andy Dalton's performance tells the story - four INTs, just 170 yards passing, to go with a paltry 77 rushing yards (3.5 YPC).   He now hosts a Texans team whose defense is advertised as one of the best in the league but which got exposed as a fraud (especially Houston's run defense) by the Jaguars.   But of course it's quarterbacking that counts, and Bill O'Brien's inability to develop a quarterback is haunting his team yet again as Tom Savage played his way to the bench and then vaunted rookie Deshaun Watson threw a touchdown, got sacked four times, and threw an awful interception.    Savage may have to start again with Watson reportedly banged up, so Thursday Night Football's poor reputation for quality play may take another big hit this time around.

Patriots over Saints 

Of the surprises of Week One, none was bigger than New England's 42-27 embarrassment by the Kansas City Chiefs.   The most shocking development was Tom Brady periodically lapses into leaning on a binky instead of spreading the ball around; despite two weeks with which he was supposed to work more closely with his other receivers and for Josh McDaniels to work out a different game plan, the Patriots came out with essentially a Julian Edelman package for Danny Amendola and Brady leaned on a binky - Amendola's six catches for 100 yards were Edelman-esque until he was knocked out of the game.  After this Brady looked shockingly unprepared to throw to anyone else; the scoresheet says Brandin Cooks was targeted seven times but it never seemed like Brady looked his way that many times; Philip Dorsett, in Foxboro less than a week, was targeted once on an overthrow.   The Chiefs defense was the old clog-the-middle approach that teams have tried forever; the Falcons took away Edelman in the Superbowl and Brady got the hint and made the effort to engage others in the passing game. 

The Patriots are masters at making changes and Brady and Belichick undoubtedly let everyone else have it about lack of intensity, and at New Orleans one should expect a crisper, more prepared team, especially against a Saints team that's 39-42 (just one winning season) the last five seasons and which gave up 470 yards to the Vikings.   Drew Brees once again didn't deliver clutch performance, and was outscored by Brady 27-19 in comparing the two from Week One.   The controversy over Adrian Peterson's meltdown to Sean Payton ignores that he gained a paltry three yards per carry in his return to Minnesota. 

Browns over Ravens -  

The Ravens are suddenly boasting their defense is Superbowl caliber again, and Joe Flacco delivered enough offense to win the game.   The Ravens, though, weren't particularly effective on offense outside of Javorius Allen and Terrence West rushing for 151 yards, which certainly made a difference but also served to cloak weaknesses such as Danny Woodhead's injury (out up to six weeks per Pro Football Talk), Flacco's subpar passing (just 9 of 17 for 121 yards with a touchdown and a pick), and continued lack of contribution from Breshad Perriman.    The Browns come in with DeShone Kizer under center.   Though sacked seven times Kizer clawed the Browns into contention with 222 yards and a touchdown against the always-hated Steelers.    Cleveland looks for a rare victory over the Ravens, and right now the boasts about the Ravens defense need more substance behind them.

Bills over Panthers

Tyrod Tayler impressed new coach - and ex-Panther - Sean McDermott and everyone else as one of three backs rushing for 192 yards and added 224 passing yards and two scores.   He now faces a Panthers squad that beat up the woeful 49ers, putting up 116 yards on the ground and 171 from Cam Newton.   The Bills come in with the division lead while the Panthers are tied with the Falcons for the NFC South.   The Panthers' collapse last year is still fresh in the memory - the win at San Francisco was only the seventh in Carolina's last eighteen games - so it would seem the Bills may have an edge in momentum at the moment.

Cardinals over Colts -

Jacoby Brissett at this writing is the presumptive starter for the Colts after Scott Tolzien gagged his way out of his starting job in getting obliterated by the Rams; the last time the Colts cycled through the NFC West (2013) the Rams and Cardinals laid waste to the Colts and the organization looks in shambles.    This is a blessing the Cardinals needed after gagging in Detroit and looking like just another 8-8 at best team with aging and increasingly ineffective Carson Palmer (three INTs at Detroit).   The Colts should make this game far more competitive than they attempted at Los Angeles. 

Jaguars over Titans -

This series has split the last eight seasons and the last time the road time won was the 2013 season split.   The game should be bitterly tight; the Jaguars managed just 125 yards in the air, may be without Allen Robinson at receiver, and committed ten penalties while the Titans in their loss to the Raiders had just five penalties and were not too bad in run defense (3.7 YPC allowed), plus Marcus Mariota is a higher caliber quarterback than Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson.   Overall, though, the biggest difference is the Jaguars appear far crisper and defensively they look a lot better than they've looked in years.     

Chiefs over Eagles -  

The Eagles showed competitive form in beating the Redskins but now face their former coach and his Chiefs team with momentum after their biggest win in years.    Losing Eric Berry for the season, though, may weaken the Chiefs defense, especially with Carson Wentz coming in after putting up over 300 yards in the air.   Alex Smith, though, can certainly counter this and one suspects Andy Reid still has a feel for the NFC East as it rotates through the AFC West.

Vikings over Steelers -

The Steelers beat the Browns again, but Ben Roethlisberger, though efficient, curiously looks less engaged than before; his talk about retirement still hangs over the Steelers and they host a Vikings team with an emotional win over the Saints under their belt and nearly 500 yards of offense generated.   Le'Veon Bell rushed for thirty-two yards on ten carries; he should be better as he gets more snaps, but overall the Steelers didn't look different from what they were last season.

Bears over Buccaneers -  

The Bears showed something in a bitter loss to the Falcons, falling short on four straight pass incompletions, with two ugly drops, in the hot zone at the end of the game.    They get a Bucs team that hasn't played thanks to the disaster that has been 2017's hurricane season and we saw how Houston didn't respond after that city withstood a huge hurricane.  

Dolphins over Chargers -

The Chargers are kicking themselves after the bitterest loss they've experienced in awhile.   The Dolphins beat the Chargers last season and Jay Cutler may not be a wise choice at quarterback but is good enough to attack a Chargers team that hasn't shown it can respond to losses like the one at Denver.

Raiders over NY Jets -

What you need to know - Josh McCown's passer rating against the Bills was 56.3, Todd Bowles punted instead of convert 4th and 8 with four minutes to go, and the result was not only a loss but sign the Jets have no fight.   The Raiders meanwhile are loaded for a title run, so this should be easy pickings.

Cowboys over Broncos   -

The Broncos win by escaping yet again, and being sixteenth in points allowed after one game is not a good sign against a Cowboys team that curiously is just seventeenth in scoring (though third in points allowed).   Trevor Siemian had a respectable night - 94.2 passer rating is getting a good job done - but the Broncos basically just frontran and when the Chargers finally started fighting back the Broncos didn't respond well, and the O-line did Siemian no favors on back-to-back sacks before the missed FGA that led to the mind-blower of a finish.   We saw last year the Broncos live by escaping and eventually die by it. 

Seahawks over 49ers

Two lackluster teams.   The Niners are in full rebuild mode while the Seahawks we thought were the most season-ready of everyone coming out of preseason; that has not been the case, on the contrary the Seahawks look in slow-motion collapse.   The curious aspect is Russell Wilson not delivering enough to make the Seahawks win more with the Seahawks just 25th in scoring.   The home record should help them here.

Rams over Redskins

The Rams we doubt are this good overall, but scoring 46 points in the NFL is pretty damned good, and hosting a Redskins outfit that looks to have regressed back into Deadskins mode should help the Rams, who forced three turnovers by the Colts and see a Skins offense that gagged up four against the Eagles. 

Falcons over Packers  -

The Packers produced a lackluster win over a bad road team in the Seahawks and now return to the sight of a two-game sweep by 77-53 in 2016.   The Packers are fifth in points allowed but the Falcons showed at the Bears that they can win low-scoring games, plus the Packers in the fourth quarter against the Seahawks once again didn't raise their game, a malady that has dogged Aaron Rodgers his whole career (noteworthy is the Falcons in the fourth against the Bears outscored the Packers against the Seahawks 10-3).   

Lions over NY Giants

The Lions have yet to beat quality foes but in the NY Giants they get a team that looks disorganized and poorly prepared.   Eli Manning threw a pick, the O-line is a mess, Brandon Marshall has already proven himself irrelevant, Odell Beckham Jr. isn't clutch even when healthy, and the Giants are thirteenth in points allowed while giving up 4.2 YPC on the ground and 6.6 YPP in the air.   The Lions, though, aren't that good on the ground (a paltry three YPC) while Matthew Stafford for now looks a lot better a quarterback than Eli, so the Lions we think will focus at first on throwing their way to a lead. 

And so we await Week Two.

Russia, Red China, And North Korea

Red China and its surrogate North Korea have become a genuine international threat, while focus on Vladimir Putin from Obama appeasement to Democratic obsession with nonexistent collusion has been a failure.

Trump Routing Progressivism

Progressives think they're winning against Trump. They're not. Related here is the sick saga of left-wing character assassin Rachel Maddow as she bolloxes up the history of Woodrow Wilson to try and attack Trump.

Israel Does The Right Thing

Israel attacked a chemical weapons base in Syria - another case of Israel doing the right thing for over fifty years now.