Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Sick Movement Against Procreation

Leftists are now claiming that science "proves" having more children is detrimental to all - an argument first made by Thomas Malthus in the early-19th century. It's a theory rooted in hate - real science says having babies is good for people as well as larger society.

Al Franken Is A Rapist

Of course he liked to use that "(insert name here) is a big fat idiot" line because he'd always been a communist but now we learn - as if we didn't know before (such as during his late-70s-early-80s stand-up days) and also when he groped Joy Behar - he molests women. Of course he does so - including accusing Carl Reiner of raping his son Rob (which never happened) - because he's a Democrat, just like Harvey Weinsten, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden...........

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Joe Biden And The Failure Of Gun Control

Joe Biden's idiotic responses to the Texas shooting showcases the non-credibility of the Democratic Party and gun control advocacy in general.

A government that's not competent at implementing a simple background-check system is utterly incapable of physically pulling more than three hundred million guns out of private hands.

Why Is Ohio Sucking Up To A Terrorist Religion?

Ohio politicians are allowing Islamic savages to lobby to legitimize a terrorist religion - and CAIR-Cleveland's founder is the archtypal Islamic imperialist.

Gender Differences In Wages

The Bureau Of Labor Statistics releases a report every year on earnings by women - specifically in relation to men. The details disprove yet again the myth of discrimination.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Special Teams Make Special Plays Entering Week 11

The Patriots special teams proved decisive in New England's 41-16 massacre of the Broncos, and New England's investment in special teams has long paid off.   

Amid the escalating war between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell - and the laughable opulence of Goodell's reported contract extension demands including $50 million, a plane for life, and health insurance for his family (which Goodell can already pay for himself) - the story of Martellus Bennett quitting on the faltering Packers and jerking his way into getting cut and then getting signed by the Patriots is a curious melodrama.   Regardless of the machinations of a player who's been an ass everywhere except Foxboro, we have Week Ten coming up -

Titans over Steelers -  Tennessee has now won four straight games against AFC North teams and has won seven of the last ten meetings with AFC Central legacy teams (the Houston Texans alas really don't count as an AFC Central legacy team despite Houston being one of that division's longtime host towns) so they go to a Steelers team that had to rally against a scrappier-than-expected Colts team.   The Titans have outscored the Steelers 205 to 187 this season while the Steelers are second in points allowed.   Both teams are all but the same in turnover differential (Tennessee has a slight edge at plus-One to Pittsburgh's minus-One) and Roethlisberger and Mariota are roughly the same in touchdown to INT ratio; the Titans have an edge in run defense as well, so expect another taut affair.

Ravens over Packers - The surprise was that the Packers beat the Bears.   They are now 5-4 but taking on the 4-5 Ravens, who look like better competition now than was the case when Rodgers was still there.   The Ravens haven't beaten the Packers since bludgeoning Brett Favre 48-3 in 2005 yet the Packers don't look like a playoff team; that the Ravens aren't either doesn't lessen that they now have a better shot than they would be thought of having at the end of September.

Buccaneers over Dolphins - This was supposed to be Week One, but of course circumstances beyond anyone's control intervened.   The Bucs got a needed win over another AFC East team last week and now get another such team, this one the increasingly inept Dolphins, this despite a surprisingly competitive match against the Panthers last time out.   Ryan Fitzpatrick, the presumptive starter, got swept by the Dolphins last year, but that was with Ryan Tannehill as quarterback.

Saints over Redskins - Shocker of a stat - Drew Brees is 1-4 against the Skins as Saints quarterback (2-4 lifetime) as his Saints host the Skins on a seven-game winning streak.   The Skins can put up points as they did against a good defense in the Vikings and turnover differential is surprisingly close at minus-One for Washington and plus-Three for New Orleans.   The Saints however are exploding, so we think they win even if it takes a 52-35 style score to do it.

Jaguars over Browns - Two of the very first wins in Jaguars history were against the Cleveland Browns before they transmuted into the Baltimore Ravens.   There is literally nothing in this matchup that favors Cleveland. 

Cardinals over Texans -  The Texans are now taking a Savage beating with Tom as their quarterback.  The schizophrenic Cardinals got mildly embarrassed at home to the Seahawks and now go to a faltering Texans team.   Bill O'Brien's postgame acceptance of responsibility for poor quarterback play showcases again his inability to do something he is supposed to do - develop a quarterback.

Rams over Vikings - This could be Game Of The Year, two 7-2 powers head on.   Curiously the Rams' two losses have both been home losses as they host a Vikings team that is fifth in points allowed but only tenth in scoring, while the Rams are first in scoring, fourth in points allowed, and plus-Seven in turnover differential.   Minnesota's edge could be on the ground at 118 yards per game, the same number allowed per game by the Rams. 

Chiefs over NY Giants - The most damning evidence that Ben McAdoo will be fired is that he's spent his time enabling Odell Beckham Jr and it's clear the other players see this favoritism for an inept receiver who's a bitch.    The question now is whether Eli Manning goes to the Jaguars for 2018.

Lions over Bears -  Now we wonder if John Fox will last in Chicago.   If Matthew Stafford has to beat a bad team, he'll do it, albeit it may make it look like a deadlocked playoff game to do it. 

Bills over Chargers -  The Bills may now be falling out of the playoff race (they're clinging to the Number 6 seed at present) but they get an underwhelming Chargers team this week.   San Diego is woefully behind the Bills in turnover differential (Buffalo remains at plus-Eleven there), running the ball, and especially stopping the run (presently dead last in rushing yards allowed per game).    

Broncos over Bengals - Maybe this week the collapsing Broncos get a respite with the subpar Bengals, coming in off a bitter loss at Tennessee, 1-3 since their bye week, 30th in scoring, and with Vontaze Burfict getting tossed from games yet again.    One wonders if either coach will make it after Week 17.

Patriots over Raiders, Mexico City -  The Raiders have faltered to 4-5, the Patriots now appear to be the unstoppable machine they've largely been for over fifteen years.    Most encouraging for the Patriots - Tom Brady threw to nine different pass catchers and the stats between catches was strikingly even.   Spreading the ball breaks up the opponent defense every time.

Eagles over Cowboys -  The Eagles lead the NFC for a reason, and the Cowboys suddenly look a lot weaker without Zeke Elliott.   NFC East games usually become tight affairs so we should expect a taut game and a lot of points with both teams in the top-eight in points and midpack in points allowed. 

Seahawks over Falcons - The Seahawks stubbed their toe at home against the Redskins but now get a Falcons team that has struggled this season, especially on turnovers (minus-Three to Seattle's plus-Six).   Oddly, the Falcons are sixth in pass defense where the Seahawks are just 13th. 

So we await special plays by special players on special teams - and everyone else. 

NY Times Gets Immigration Enforcement Wrong Again

The NY Times pushes an analysis arguing against immigration enforcement - and as usual the analysis gets all the facts wrong.

The AF Academy's Race Hoax As Identity Politics Metaphor

A race hoax by a demagogic student got exposed but the Academy's chief, General Jay Silveria, handled the hoax poorly - and it serves as metaphor for identity politics - lying to justify your identity instead of being accountable in life.

Why Palestinian Delusions Persist

Because "Palestinians" were never legitimate to start wqith.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Obama Hacks Play CYA For Bin Laden Documents

The newly released documents captured from Osama Bin Laden's lair reveal quite a bit about Iranian and other foreign support for Al Qaida etc.   Yet Ned Price, an Obama Administraton hack, wants to deny they reveal anything at all. And the reasons for this are two-fold - Price is not a credible intelligence analyst but instead is a political hack common to the CIA, and the documents discredit Barack Obama's lie that Al Qaida was a ruined rogue group fighting against Iran.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The Startling Source Against Donna Brazile

Nearly two years before Donna Brazile confessed - in perfunctory and ass-covering manner - to political corruption, she got ratted out by the unlikeliest of sources - an actress who has worked with Mariska Hargitay, David Janssen, and most famously Christopher Reeve.

Why Trump Critics Can't Win

Because they insist on hating instead of thinking - and can't counter his successes, or bareknuckle style.

Iran Deal's Deadly Fruits

The Middle East remains a source of aggression and conflict, and Donald Trump must deal with the continuing consequences of Barack Obama's hideous incompetence, notably Iran's ability to buy all the weaponry it needs, as well as the failure of Obama's trashing of US victory in Iraq.

Another Whitewash of Islamic Jihad

A Muslim savage from Uzbekistan killed multiple people in New York City - and media refuses to admit it is caused by following "fourteen centuries of Islamic precept and practice."

Monday, November 06, 2017

Week Ten Says Fifty Four Forty Or Fight

As we approach NFL Week Ten we saw some NHL action break out in Week Nine

A hit on CJ Beatherd led to a brawl with three ejections in the Cardinals rout of the Niners

Jameis Winston and Mike Evans got into it with Sean Payton and Marshon Lattimore

AJ Green and Jaylen Ramsey as the Bengals and Jaguars brought back some of the old hatreds of the AFC Central

So with players and teams demanding "Fifty-four forty or fight," the league takes the fight to Week Ten.

Cardinals over Seahawks  -  Are the Cardinals back in this?  Adrian Peterson's rebirth (in three games he's hit over 300 yards and 4.2 YPC and even caught three passes for twenty yards) suggests they are, and they get a Seahawks squad still with a less-than-intimidating road reputation and whose homefield edge took a big hit with the loss to the Redskins.   Seattle's kicking situation with Blair Walsh may now be a problem after three gags against the Skins.

Bills over Saints  -  The New Orleans Saints are for real again, 6-2 and in the thick of the NFC's race for the playoff byes.   They are, though, 1-1 against AFC East foes this year and they go to Buffalo, a reborn outfit 2-1 against NFC South teams (head coach Sean McDermott also spent the previous six seasons as the Panthers defensive coordinator and went 7-5 against the Saints in that span) and smarting from an ugly performance against a Jets team they'd beaten earlier this season.

NY Jets over Buccaneers -  A frontrunner for disappointment of the season, the Bucs have slid out of contention and Jameis Winston is getting hurt more often; he's been benched for the next three games by the team, ostensibly to recuperate from injury but his role in the sideline brawl may be a factor, while Mike Evans got suspended for one game.  

Steelers over Colts -  The Colts got a morale booster in winning at Houston, but they get a far better quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger (4-2 lifetime vs the Colts) this time around and it does not appear Jacoby Brissett can handle an opponent like this.

Titans over Bengals -  The Bengals have slunk back into their previous status as The Bungles.  AJ Green's fight in the Jaguars game was a graphic metaphor for the collapse of the team, and they get a Titans team now solidly on its way forward.

Vikings over Redskins -  The Vikings lost to the Skins last season and enter at 6-2 to the Redskins' 4-4, and beating the Seahawks at Seattle is a big confidence-booster, but Minnesota looks to have more overall firepower.

Jaguars over Chargers -  The Jaguars have turned back the clock to 1996-99 and look like they'll keep that memory lane trip going.  The Chargers, though, have been scrappier than expected this season.

Bears over Packers - The Bears come out of their bye to host the Packers and the Packers are as bad as advertised after a 30-17 embarrassment at home to the Lions.    Brent Hundley won't win the Packers many games - if he even wins any - and the Bears have opportunity to gain Mitchell Trubisky experience and needed confidence.

Lions over Browns -  The Why Me, Why Is It Always Me? tour for the Browns continues as they go to Detroit.    This rivalry is remembered for one game above all others............

Matthew Stafford's first signature win was in 2009 when he erased a 24-3 gap to stun the Browns - and Eric Mangini - despite breaking his left shoulder


Rams over Texans - Speaking of memory lanes, when did the Rams re-sign Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Ike Bruce, and Torry Holt?  The Texans, meanwhile, saw their future with Tom Savage in another bitter loss, this one wasting a strong comeback effort.

Cowboys over Falcons - The Falcons are clearly declining and we're not sure their struggles on offense are fixable as they take on a Cowboys team still in the fight despite the Zeke Elliott saga.

49ers over NY Giants -  The 2017 Toilet Bowl between two teams with ONE win between them.   We think Jimmy Garoppolo makes his 49ers debut in this one (this amid some bizarre speculation he could be dealt after this season) and this should be enough edge over a Giants team that can't seem to do anything.

Patriots over Broncos - The collapse of the Broncos is now obvious and their defense can't be considered all that great anymore, especially with an awful turnover differential of minus-11 vs. New England's plus-four.   The Patriots may get Malcolm Mitchell back at receiver, and they can use him with their offense struggling the last several games.

Panthers over Dolphins - Cam Newton can wear all the cheesy suits he wants facing a moribund Dolphins team off a home loss that was more lopsided than their garbage-time touchdown would indicate.  

Liberal Fascism

A PDF form of Jonah Goldberg's important look at government intervention in society.


The Fraud Of Electric Cars

The industry for electric cars has proven it can't survive because the concept of electric cars can't work.

Liberal Dishonesty About History

When John Kelly suggested Robert E. lee was in fact an honorable man and the Civil War might have been avoided, Democrats predictably attacked - and showed they never know jack about real history.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Lone Wolf Myth Of Terrorism

Terrorists are often called "lone wolves." In fact they never are.

Valerie Plame As Antisemitic Animal

Remember Valerie Plame?  She's the CIA hack whose husband lied about Saddam Hussein's acquisition of weapon-usable uranium to attack George W. Bush.   Plame has lied about the entire affair ever since, and now we've seen in gross form where she gets these ideas - she's an anti-Semite.   Not that this gets her called out in the larger culture, because being a leftist is a title-deed to esteem.

Competition And Profits

Competition is attracted by high profits, as a recent controversy indicates.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Donna Brazile's Steve Flemmi Alibi

In 1997 Boston mobster Steve "The Rifleman" Flemmi, lifelong partner to Whitey Bulger, in prison awaiting trial, told fellow defendants, "I was an FBI informant......I wanted to tell you first because it's not what you think it is. Me and Whitey gave them shit and got back gold in return."

Now Democratic Party hack Donna Brazile admits her party cheated Bernie "The Bozo" Sanders in the 2016 primary period, and does so in remarkably similar fashion to Steve Flemmi - the bigger irony is Whitey and Steve were directly aided by the Boston FBI office to benefit another Democratic Party kleptocrat - Billy Bulger. 

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Keselowski On NASCAR Spending

Brad Keselowski discusses how teams are adjusting to shrinking budgets.

Puerto Rico And The Jones Act

Puerto Rico has long been more poorly governed than the Cleveland Browns, and a grossly outdated law - the Jones Act of 1920, a gross act of protectionism - goes a long way toward explaining why.

NASCAR Phasing In Plate-Drag Duct Package For Wider Use

Special thanks to Douglas Ivey.

NASCAR has announced the restrictor plate-drag duct package used at Indianapolis in the Xfinity series Diabetes 250 will be expanded for Pocono and Michigan in 2018.    It is easily a positive move as the combination made the draft more effective and increased passing.

What the racing with this package will look like was shown in huge battles for the win at both tracks in the Truck Series in 2017 -

John Hunter Nemechek vs Christopher Bell in the final ten laps

Bubba Wallace returned to victory with this spectacular ten-lap shootout

This is a great decision by NASCAR and one hopes it begins the process of phasing it into all of NASCAR's other series, for this package works.

The Mueller Indictements

First a repost from October 30:

With Paul Manafort indicted, we take several looks at indictments passed down by investigator Robert Mueller from what it possibly means and whether the Trump Administration should be concerned.

UPDATE: Media and Democrats seek evidence of collusion with Soviet Russia by the Trump campaign - but one of Mueller's indictments refutes that claim.

Attacking CFPB Works

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has never done much "protecting" and it now gets reigned in by Trump.

Islamic Imperialism Attacks NYC Again

A "Palestinian" - we use quotes because Palestine is a fiction of history - killed eight people in New York City in a synagogue, and it's just one of several attempts on campuses and elsewhere of late. And as usual the attacker got in on an immigration program that enables enemy aliens.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Liberals And Double Standards Forever

Fraudulence is the heart of liberal thought. It also shows in the Democratic Party's age-old deceit about tax cuts and debt.

Immigration And Poverty

The US' immigration approach is considered humane in allowing millions of low-skilled people in - but the problem is that approach has failed to actually accomplish anything.

Obama's Clean Power Plan A Failure

Obama and the EPA got it wrong - again - about clean power.

Kevin Spacey And Identity Politics

 Actor Kevin Spacey is known for the series House Of Cards and has had an acting career that began in the 1980s in series such as The Equalizer, Crime Story, and Wiseguy.   His career kept advancing in the 1990s and beyond.

Now he stands accused of molesting actor Anthony Rapp - best known for Star Trek: Discovery and also for his turn as medical criminal twin Matthew Spevak in SVU: Bound with Jane Krakowski - when Rapp was fourteen.   Spacey in essence confirmed he did molest Rapp, and then cloaked it by announcing he is gay. It is a defense reminiscent of former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, who resigned in 2004 to avoid going to jail in an extortion scheme involving his ex-lover, and tried to cover his ass about it by claiming "I am gay."

Spacey's quasi-covert admission to molestation of a minor serves as a striking metaphor for Hollywood and also the entire movement of identity politics - stop being mean to me, because I'm (insert PC identity here).   For Hillary Clinton it is always stop being mean to me, I'm a woman.   Spacey now uses being gay as an excuse - you have no right to judge me, because I'm gay - and it's more telling about perverted lifestyles than he's letting on -  a fact that may drive some of the backlash he's been getting for it.

The famous Martin Luther King Jr. statement where he discusses judging people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character works both ways - Kevin Spacey wants to use being gay as an entitlement just as Hillary Clinton wants being a woman to be her entitlement.   This is the heart of identity politics - using what one is as entitlement.

Except entitlement has no place in life.    Not for Hillary Clinton, not for Kevin Spacey, no one.

Monday, October 30, 2017

No Forfeits Allowed In Week Nine

The Texans game at the Seahawks became Game Of The Week, and it started as such for all the wrong reasons.   An ESPN piece quoted team owner Bob McNair during a league meeting saying, "We can't have the inmates running the prison."   There is literally nothing in his statement that is an attack on anyone, yet media coverage enflamed idiotic player fury to where forty players kneeled for the Anthem to protest McNair's statement.   That players took offense at McNair's statement did nothing but prove him correct.   The players' protest was an incredibly petulant hissy-fit, the kind of mob rule he is speaking against - making it worse is players wanted to tear off the team logo from their helmets until someone got through to these dimbulb divas that it would thus forfeit the game - and further disproves the legitimacy of the whole Anthem protest movement.  

What followed in the actual game then showcased football at its best.   Deshaun Watson overcame three INTs and getting sacked five times to reach 402 yards and four touchdowns in shredding the increasingly-overrated Seahawks defense, which got torched by the Titans for 420 yards of offense and 33 points.   Russell Wilson erupted to a Seahawks-record 452-plus yards and whipped the winning score in the final thirty seconds.   The 41-38 win keeps the Seahawks in the NFC West race and makes Houston's AFC South chances all the harder  - especially when Houston failed to record a first down in the final two minutes - with Tennessee still leading the division despite being on their bye week. 

And then NFL trade deadline week turned upside down with the first volley rifled from a team on their bye - the New England Patriots.   They traded Jimmy Garoppolo, always believed to be the heir-apparent to (longtime Niners fan) Tom Brady, to the Niners for a second-round pick.  

With all that we delve into Week Nine's affairs -

Bills over NY Jets  -
More and more the Bills look for real.   Though subpar in overall offense (just 15th in scoring) they began to change that in their win over the Raiders while their defense (fourth in points) embarrassed the Raiders.   They take on a Jets team in the bottom half on both sides of the ball and coming off a loss to the slumping Falcons.   

Eagles over Broncos - The 7-1 Eagles meanwhile are making an ever-stronger case for themselves and they get a Broncos team that clearly has has fallen to 3-4.   Carson Wentz is showing the growth needed to reach another level as a quarterback while it is obvious from another irrelevant performance in Kansas City (lowlighted by checkdown throws on the final possession) that Trevor Siemian's NFL career is becoming a failure.

Texans over Colts - Remember when the Colts owned the Houston Texans?  Forget it.   Even with good play by Jacoby Brissett the Colts simply are no longer a playoff team and may not even reach six wins.   The Texans meanwhile have a quarterback who already looks better than Andrew Luck was and after scoring 38 against the Seahawks taking on the Colts should be relative child's play.  The caveat, though, is some questionable playcalling by Bill O'Brien in the Seattle loss.   

Rams over NY Giants  - The turnaround of the Rams remains one of the stories of the season as they lead the league in scoring and are tenth in points allowed, and the biggest irony is the Rams are just 1-2 at home and 4-0 on the road.   They hit the road again off their bye at MetLife Stadium, where the Giants are 0-3 and just 30th in scoring.  

Titans over Ravens -  This is one of the tightest rivalries in the NFL.   The Ravens lead the series 10-9, two of the wins playoff wins, and the last six games have been a 3-3 split by a combined score of 107-94 Tennessee.   The Ravens defense is sixth in points though is giving up the same yards per pass (5.4) as is being delivered by Joe Flacco while the run defense is giving up 4.2 yards per carry.   They have to deal with a Titans run game generating 4.4 YPC and Tennessee's run defense is limiting teams to 3.6 YPC.   Tennessee's 27th in points allowed (24 and change per game) is a little inflated by the 57-point beatdown they got in the first game with Houston; 19 points allowed in their other six games is the Titans' allowance on defense.   Turnover differential - 0 - is likewise skewed by the Houston game, as Tennessee has plus-5 in turnover differential the rest of the season, the same as Baltimore's all season with seven takeaways the last five games and no giveaways the last two.   Where the Titans appear to have the edge is in Marcus Mariota's 7.4 yards per pass to the above-mentioned 5.4 of Flacco.

Panthers over Falcons -  Both teams look more like walking wounded than playoff contenders, but both are coming off needed wins.   Cam Newton's postgame petulance has become an issue while the Falcons' disastrous encounters with AFC East teams haunted them going into MetLife Stadium against the Jets.   The Falcons have won the last three meetings with the Panthers and have beaten all their NFC foes to date, but the Panthers appear to have regained more momentum right now.

Jaguars over Bengals -  The Bengals defeated the Colts, but the Colts now have become what the Jaguars have been for over five years before this.   Jacksonville's defense has become legit and the inconsistency of the offense has nonetheless been enough to put the Jaguars in the AFC South race.   One simply doesn't have the confidence that Andy Dalton can improve anymore to become what the Bengals need, while the ballyhooed rookie running back race is being won by Leonard Fournette over Joe Mixon.

Saints over Buccaneers -  We weren't expecting this.   The Saints have rallied from being a perennial 7-9 team to genuine NFC South contender while the Bucs have faltered to 2-4 and despite leading the league in passing yards per game Jameis Winston hasn't yet taken another step forward.   Hurting the Bucs' chances more is being 0-3 on the road to date.

49ers over Cardinals -  Trading for Garoppolo makes all the sense in the world because 0-8 is a dubious "achievement" for the 49ers and their competitiveness took back-to-back blows in ugly losses to NFC East teams.   Here though they host a Cardinals team whose quarterback, Carson Palmer, is on IR until Christmas Eve.   Right now we think Garoppolo may start this game; he gets a Niners run game at 4.3 YPC, which isn't bad, though stuck in the bottom third in the league.   Arizona's run game is now led by a resurgent Adrian Peterson, and right now that may be what they need to depend on.

Seahawks over Redskins -  The Seahawks continue to hold serve at home and despite Houston's imitation of Seahawks radio analyst Warren Moon, the Seahawks still lead the league in points allowed.   The 38 points given up to Houston, though, should encourage teams that Seattle's defense is vulnerable.   The Redskins, however, don't appear to be a team that can exploit weaknesses.

Chiefs over Cowboys -  The Boys got back in town against the Skins but Andy Reid has still shown magic against his former division and regained momentum with Monday Night's beating of the faltering Broncos.

Raiders over Dolphins  -  The Dolphins took a massive blow in getting obliterated 40-0, a game so bad Adam Gase said in so many words "we stink."   The Raiders come in needing to regain momentum after five losses in their last six games, and Derek Carr is all too obviously the better of the dueling quarterbacks. 

Packers over Lions -  The Lions will not make the playoffs.  Period.   They face a quality opponent and they lose, having done so again against the Steelers.   We're not sure the Packers are a quality foe right now but they're at home and they face a Lions team demoralized by four losses in their last five games. 

So it goes as we await more trade deadline surprises.

Tax Cuts Benefit Those Who Pay The Most

The myth of tax cuts for the rich persists despite reality.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Islamic Head Coverings And Violence

Islam makes people - especially women - wear suffocating head covers - burkas and hijabs - as a form of social control. Quebec is pushing Bill 62, which bans such oppressive head coverings when giving or receiving government services. Predictably, liberals call it racist - proving anew they don't know the meaning of the word and also don't know jack that we're NOT "one human family."

The Democrats' Russia Scandal

The Russia scandal isn't about Donald Trump - it's about Hillary Clinton giving Russia access to nuclear material and about Barack Obama openly enabling it with media connivance. Related to this is Hillary Clinton's collusion with the FBI to smear Trump.

Islamic Bullies Get Comeuppance In Raqqa

The defeat of Daesh/ISIS at Raqqa showcases how bullies fail when their victims and others fight back/

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Phoniness Of Megyn Kelly

Broadcaster Megyn Kelly was once a rising force on television but now has seen her career all but disintegrate - and it's happening because of her manipulative approach to life. She fights for the fraud that is "feminism."

The Dishonesty Of Liz Warren Rages On

US Senator Elizabeth Warren lied about being an Indian in order to get favoritism in college and elsewhere. Now she claims she was assaulted by a law teacher in the 1970s - except she spoke at his funeral in 1997 and the man was incapable of anything at the time she claimed to have been assaulted.

France Gets The Worst Of All Worlds

A trial for a multiple murder five years ago by an Islamic savage in two towns in France - Montauban and Toulouse - illustrates the worst of all worlds in France - antisemitism, Islamo-Arab Imperialism, and family violence.

The Self-Defeat Of "Asymmetric Polarization"

The Democratic Party is insisting on becoming more and more deranged and of course no longer talk about "the crisis of 'asymmetric polarization'" - the notion of one party radicalizing when the other does not - because they don't want to admit to instigating polarization.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Debunking Some Myths About Slavery

A piece notes mythology about slavery and how it was handled in the 18th century and also today.

The Flake Of Trump Hatred

Jeff Flake gave a stupid speech saying he won't seek reelection and used it to attack Trump - because Trump showed him up. Flake has missed what is actually happening in the world.

More On NASCAR's Spending Cap

Jeff Gluck visited F1's USGP and among the items he covers is a talk with Gene Haas, involved in both NASCAR and F1, where he notes a spending cap in NASCAR can work.

Why Men Are Horny For Women

"Higher education" does little to educate, especially when it attacks "misogyny." To correct elitist snobbery about why men love women, a list is presented.

The Continuing War Of Elites Against Populists

US division is easy to figure out. "If Trump never existed, he would have to be invented." It also shows in MSNBC's ugly attack on General John Kelly.

What The NFL Ate For Week Eight

The NFL has gone through Week Seven and now wants to feast on Week Eight.   Our picks below........

The Atlanta Falcons were outclassed in every sense by the Patriots on an inexplicable Color Rush Sunday.   The Patriots' reputation for improving their weaknesses as the season goes on continued with a return to fundamentals and with an ever-improving defense while Steve Sarkisian of the Falcons is coming under fire for playcalling.

Dolphins over Ravens The Sports Business Journal's recent reportage suggests TV networks have lost interest in the NFL's Thursday Night concept, interesting as Thursday Night games have finally begun to erupt in competitive power.  For this Thursday Night the Dolphins travel to Baltimore.  They surprised the NY Jets with a dramatic comeback win, and in Matt Moore they have a quarterback who isn't long-term starter material but is better than the inept Jay Cutler.   The Dolphins now face a Ravens team that is faltering - four losses in their last five games, just 310 yards from Joe Flacco in the last two games.

Vikings over Browns, Twickenham, UK -  Here is all you need to know about the Browns - DeShone Kizer blew off curfew to bar-hop before the Titans game and coach Hue Jackson was surprised to learn this.   Following two INTs against the Titans Kizer's career already looks like yet another Browns failure. 

Something else you need to know - this new Twickenham Stadium was built with some financing from the NFL - indicating the NFL is serious about forming a team in England despite little evidence of fan support and also with Sports Business Journal reportage suggesting the networks don't particularly like the England games, either.

Bengals over Colts -  Neither team looks to impress going into this game - the Colts already have five losses (and are 0-3 on the road) and Jacoby Brissett has played decently but that's it; Indy's only wins so far have come against two winless teams.  The Bengals come in with just one home win and eight INTs by Andy Dalton - reflective of the downfall of the AFC North.

Saints over Bears -   The NFC South now looks to be becoming the Saints' playground again, though at 1-1 their home record isn't exactly home cooking.  Both are midpack on defense but the Saints have the positive turnover differential at plus-5; the caveat here though is they've coughed up five turnovers in their last two games.   The Bears come in having won three of their last five and Mitchell Trubisky is 2-1 as starter despite an alarmingly poor 50% completion. 

The last time the Falcons faced the NY Jets was on Monday Night in 2013 and it turned into one of the wildest games of that season

NY Jets over Falcons -  The Falcons' only win over an AFC East team in their last seven such games was Week 13 of 2013, a 34-31 overtime win over the Bills.   They thus take a 1-6 record against AFC East teams to MetLife Stadium and a Jets team that isn't the Same Old Jets - these Jets have proven to be fighters even with a streaky 3-4 record, two losses then three straight wins and now losses in their last two games.   The Falcons in contrast are proving not to be fighters - Julio Jones curled up against the Patriots secondary until garbage time and there was even some sniping claiming the Patriots artificially pumped in fog (?!?!).   

Buccaneers over Panthers -  The Bucs come off a bitterly fought loss at Buffalo in which they put up 27 points on the defense fourth in fewest points allowed.   The Bucs' recent problem has been gagging up five turnovers their last two games; in contrast the Bills have turned the ball over just three times all season.   The Panthers meanwhile have clawed to a 4-3 start but have gagged up eleven turnovers led by Cam Newton's ten INTs.   The Bucs need this win to get back into what is still a logjam of an NFC South race.

The Raiders-Chiefs shootout will go down as one of the most astonishing games anyone has ever seen.

Raiders over Bills -   The O/U for this game is 45; we think the Over will prevail; both teams have shown genuine fight.   Buffalo is 3-0 at home vs. Oakland's 1-2 road record.  The wildcard is Oakland's spectacular and bizarre comeback win over the Chiefs, who'd beaten them seven of the previous eight meetings including five straight; wins like that tend to spark a rally.   The last four meetings between the two have been competitive affairs highlighted by 2011's spectacular comeback win by the Bills.   The return of Derek Carr has been key to the Raiders.

Marshawn Lynch won't be available for this game against the team that drafted him, and it's an indication of his irrelevance to the Raiders that Oakland pulled off the comeback after he was ejected. 

The irony is the ejection harkened back to old-school Al Davis muggery and the old school of the Raiders and Chiefs rivalry.

Patriots over Chargers  -  A curious stat in this rivalry is eighteen of forty career meetings have been won by the road team.   It is worth mentioning because the Chargers are not the same old Chargers that lost twenty-three games in 2015-16.  The Chargers have won three straight and forced seven turnovers in that span, and they haven't faced the Patriots since 2014.   The Patriots, though, continue to adapt to the season and win accordingly with Johnson Bademosi becoming the latest out-of-nowhere star to emerge in the New England defensive backfield. 

Carson Wentz exploded against the Redskins

Eagles over 49ers -  The Eagles take on a winless Niners team that showed fight most of the season before getting obliterated by the Cowboys.   The Niners are bottom-seven in scoring and points allowed, minus-Two in turnover differential (the Eagles in contrast are plus-Four), and now have put rookie CJ Beathard into the breech; his rawness is obvious at just 55% completion.   San Francisco's rebuild will drone on for awhile here.

Texans over Seahawks -   The Seahawks pulled off a stunner in a rare road win at the NY Giants - even more stunning is they have won back-to-back road games, their history the last two decades being that of a dominant home team (their last home lass was 2015 vs the Rams) and a weak road team - but now host a Texans team rejuvenated as no one expected by rookie sensation Deshaun Watson.   The Texans are third in scoring as they face Seattle's top-ranked defense, but the Seahawks even with the back-to-back road wins still have issues of breakdown in discipline after Doug Baldwin's bitchfest against the Seahawks' O-line coach and then with Russell Wilson, plus of their two AFC South opponents so far they beat the collapsing Colts and got shot down by a surging Titans team.   We don't think this Texans team will be the pushover the Colts were.

Cowboys over Redskins -  It's Cowboys vs Redskins again.  Of Washington's sixty-eight career losses to the Cowboys twenty-eight of them have come the last twenty seasons, and they're presently 0-2 against Dak Prescott.   The margin of those two games, though, leaves no room for complacency for the Cowboys as neither team is all that hot on defense (both in the bottom twelve in points allowed) while the Skins are noticeably behind the Boys in scoring (eleventh to Dallas' sixth).   

Steelers over Lions - Against quality opponents the Lions simply don't elevate their game and the last time they beat the Steelers was the controversial Thanksgiving Day affair of 1998.   At present the 3-3 Lions are eighth in scoring and 28th in points allowed despite a helluva rally at New Orleans last time out.   The Steelers have won their last two and put up over 400 yards in both. 

Tiki Barber puts Trevor Siemian's struggle on playcalling

Chiefs over Broncos - The Chiefs have lost back-to-back affairs but get a Broncos team that has now lost three of its last four games despite still being ninth in points allowed.   More and more it appears Trevor Langan of the TV series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit would be a better quarterback than Trevor Siemian and his seven INTs, part of twelve turnovers gagged up by the Broncos (and presently minus-Eight in turnover differential).  The Chiefs are plus-Seven in turnover differential, haven't gagged up the ball since Week One, and are still second in scoring led by Alex Smith's fifteen touchdowns and completion percentage at 72%.

We thus await Week Eight.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

What Trump Actually Said

A firestorm erupted when Frederica Wilson, a Democratic congresswoman, claimed Donald Trump belittled the family of a slain soldier by dismissively saying, "He knew the risks."   Checking around, this appears to be what Trump actually said -

"They know the risks. They know what they sign up for, and yet they still volunteer to put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid."

The shoddy reputation of media coverage of Trump has steadily escalated for well over a year and Trump Derangement has become ever more vicious. And in Frederica Wilson we may have reached a new low of derangement.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Still In Denial Of State Sanction Of Islamic Terrorism

Iraq took over Al Qaida and launched international terrorist attacks through it. This is fact. So is Iran's sponsorship of Al Qaida, yet the Obama Administration insisted on lying to deny it.

How Feminism Enabled Harvey Weinstein

Sexual predators tend to be Democrats - shown in the percentage of liberal causes supported by known rapists such as Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton. Feminism helped enable that mindset and the larger baby boomer culture did so to an even greater extent. Now it is exploding, as it enabled sexual exploitation in the name of "liberation," and now attacks those who see the contradiction.

Of course sexual exploitation in Hollywood has spanned the place's entire history and illustrates the nonexistence of sincerity or credibility of Hollywood lectures to where even victims expose themselves as enablers, notably the irresponsible Ashley Judd and also the sanctimonious Meryl Streep - defender of child rapist Roman Polanski as well as one who worshipped Weinstein

Trump And Islamic Imperialism

Trump changed rules of engagement against the Islamic enemy - and it is paying off.

The Sham Of Diversity At Work

Diversity proves it doesn't work in hard sciences.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Look At News Media Leftism

Video publisher James O'Keefe has been presenting video stories on the fraudulence of the NY Times. His latest - an interview with a senior staff editor - is revelatory about the Times and the larger news media.

The Myth Of Sameness

A conceit in Identity Politics is "we're all the same." No, we aren't.

The Myth Of Owing Obama

Nine months in the Mainstream Media's idiocy about Donald Trump continues as it acts as if he owes something to his predecessor.

The Self-Entitlement Of Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has been carrying himself as a narcisstic brat and his suit against the NFL shows again his contempt for truth.

Judges Break The Law Again

Donald Trump's travel ban for Islamo-Arab Imperial states has been attacked twice by federal judges - and their rationale is all wrong.

Fossil Fuels‎ Are Here to Stay

First a repost from June 30, 2015:
Fossil Fuels‎ Are Here to Stay because they work, better than alternatives.

Next we show how market forces and fossil fuels create modern infrastructures and how this helps defeat the worst of natural disasters.

A Sober Perspective On Hollywood Fame

The myth is spread that more people will come out against sexual harassment in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's exposure as a serial rapist. History, however, indicates that won't happen because of the incentivization of cowardice there.

Trump Fights Obamacare Fire With Fire

Barack Obama has been hoist with his own Obamacare petard as Trump attacks the core failure of Obamacare.

Monday, October 16, 2017

NFL Elects Rod Serling Before Week Seven

Tennessee ended a drought of eleven games against the Colts - and ended it emphatically - one of numerous games that made Week Six the most eye-popping NFL week in awhile

It was The Twilight Zone not just at Talladega the second weekend of October; Rod Serling was visiting NFL stadiums galore in Week Six.   Every year at least one week piles up bizarre finishes, eye-popping upsets, and other such weirdness.    Such was the case in Week Six as we look forward to Week Seven -

The call that will explode a lot of minds was The Whatfumble, the ruling that Austin Sefarian-Jenkins' bobble as he hit the pylon against the Patriots constituted a fumble and resultant touchback.   The league's definition of possession has long needed to be changed to give the receiver benefit of the doubt and this controversy shows anew why.

Chiefs over Raiders -   The Raiders are now in trouble as Derek Carr has been banged up and much-touted signee Marshawn Lynch is only 3.4 yards per carry for the Raiders offense.   Kansas City comes in smarting from yet another loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers while the Raiders have now lost four straight.

Panthers over Bears -  The Bears got a needed win against the mediocre Ravens while the Panthers are smarting from Cam Newton's multiple INTs against the Eagles.   The Bears, though, had to bust open the trick play book to help them against the Ravens and we doubt that will continue this week.

Titans over Browns -  Marcus Mariota's comeback from a hamstring issue happened with a comeback win over the Colts.  For the Browns the benching of DeShone Kizer screams that the Browns' season is already dead; this matchup, though, has been favorable to the Browns from 2001 onward.  

Saints over Packers - Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone the last time the Packers' non-conference rotation swung through the AFC North, and it's happened again.   He'd pulled off the rarest of rarities in his career - he'd beaten Cincinnati and Dallas from down two-plus scores, putting him at six career such wins in thirty-eight chances - and it would seem karma struck again with his recent broken collarbone, to where he may be out for the season, this as a rejuvenated Saints squad comes to The House That Curly Lambeau Built off a 52-point eruption against the Lions.  

NY Jets over Dolphins -  The Falcons raced to a multi-touchdown lead over an AFC East opponent - and the result was something of a repeat of the worst defeat in Falcons history.   In fact the Falcons are 1-6 in their last seven meetings with AFC East teams.   This may not help the Dolphins as they host a Jets team that already beat them this year and is livid over the touchback call in their game against the Patriots, this with the AFC East still a four-team logjam.  

Rams over Cardinals, London - The Cardinals traded for Adrian Peterson and Peterson immediately elevated their running game.   They face a Rams team off a win at Jacksonville that has proven well ahead of last season's subpar outfit.   The most improved quarterback in the league may be Jared Goff, while one is still suspicious of an aging Carson Palmer.

Bills over Buccaneers - Jameis Winston was knocked out of the game at Arizona with a shoulder problem; it appears not to be long-lasting, but even with a healthy Winston the Bucs face a Bills defense that has picked off opponent quarterbacks eight times so far.   Buffalo's offensive struggles, though, haven't yet been solved - a paltry 5.4 net yards per pass and 3.4 yards per carry as they challenge a Bucs team 12th in scoring and averaging 8.25 yards per pass and 3.9 yards per carry.

Vikings over Ravens - The Vikings got a big boost of a win over the hated Packers and now get the radically inconsistent Ravens next off their bitter loss to the Bears.  Joe Flacco's deterioration as a quarterback has continued with eight INTs and a miserable 5.4 yards per pass attempt.   In contrast Case Keenum has begun to build something in Minnesota, boasting five touchdowns and just one pick in four starts.

Steelers over Bengals - Cincinnati has never done well against the Steelers in the Marvin Lewis era (just 8-23 in that span).  Andy Dalton has accounted for just three such wins and while the Bengals have shown improvement since changing coordinators nothing has worked in the past fifteen seasons, this even as the Steelers look like the same overrated gang they've been for years.

Colts over Jaguars - Rumor Control Central claimed the Giants would trade Eli Manning to Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville; we doubt that will happen now.   The Jaguars still have Blake Bortles but Bortles hasn't shown the improvement perceived of him at the start of the season, and the Colts are only one game out in an AFC South like the AFC East sitting as a four-way logjam.

Cowboys over 49ers -  The 49ers are fighting, that's clear especially with bitter losses to the Rams, Cardinals, Colts, and Redskins, but at 0-6 they need a win to spark some kind of consistency, and they get a Cowboys team that's in something of a must-win environment itself at just 2-3.

Chargers over Broncos - Suddenly the AFC West may be changing.   The Chiefs losing to the Steelers continued a trend (2-7 vs the Steelers since Dick Vermeil retired) while the Broncos got upended by the formerly-winless NY Giants and now look decidedly vulnerable with a defense that teams may no longer be scared of (the vaunted No Fly Zone has allowed nine touchdown passes) and a less-than-inspiring offense with eight touchdowns and six INTs by Trevor Siemian.   San Diego meanwhile has won its last two games after four losses, three of them bitterly close affairs, and the confluence of trends bodes well for the Chargers.

NY Giants over Seahawks  -  The Seahawks have lost seven road games with one tie in the last two seasons and come out of their bye going to face a rejuvenated Giants squad.   With injury knocking out all the diva receivers, the Giants have hit something unexpected - yet familiar with their 2007 season when loudmouthed Jeremy Shockey was unavailable for their stretch run and the team got better as a result.   With players who seem to be paying attention to Eli, the Giants suddenly look like a different team, while the Seahawks still look like the bubbling cauldron that can win at home but not on the road.

Patriots over Falcons - The comeback win in the Superbowl will be replayed all week before this game and it is doubly bitter for the Falcons after blowing a 17-0 gap to the Dolphins.   New England's defense has come under fire all season and even with victories where they didn't allow 20 points scored seemingly no one believes in the Patriots defense. The problem is the Patriots defense is anything but the paper tigers they're being portrayed as, and after the demolition of Denver's vaunted defense the criticism lacks a certain sting.   The Patriots offense is strong but the lack of production from Dwayne Allen remains disconcerting and Brandin Cooks has produced but the Patriots haven't yet gotten out of the Edelman Offense they want to run and Cooks is not that kind of receiver.   The return of Gronkowski is welcome for New England and there is need for Jacob Hollister and Philip Dorsett to be integrated more into the offense.  

Eagles over Redskins -  A battle for the lead in the NFC East, the Skins come to Lincoln Financial Field two games out of the lead and after a bruising win over the 49ers.    Carson Wentz so far has hit thirteen touchdowns and LeGarrette Blount is at 5.6 yards per carry; curiously veteran TE Brent Celek has been all but phased out of the offense with just two catches.   Defensively the Eagles are ninth in points allowed.   The Skins come in midpack on both sides of the ball but have cleaned up the turnover problem that plagued them in Week One and Kirk Cousins' 106.4 passer rating (to Wentz's 99.6) comes wrapped in nine scores to just two INTs.   We expect a closer affair than Week One's mini-blowout.

So we await lucky Seven.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Chaos Is Kez And Kligerman At Talladega

The 2017 Diehard 500 weekend at Talladega lived up to its reputation for attrition and exciting racing, yet no doubt no one will be happy from this one thanks to even more crashes than usual.   When it was over Parker Kligerman lived up to the track's former reputation for darkhorse champs and Brad Keselowski kept building his Talladega win total.

The Freds 250 was bizarre in that everyone ran single file for the first two segments then suddenly figured out how to push-draft and thus began hammering for the lead.  Parker Kligerman stormed into the fray, having won here in 2012 - his only other Truck Series win.  The continuing idiocy of NASCAR's yellow line rule showed in Kligerman's late pass and the fact it was even debated as to whether there was any justification for a penalty.   Kligerman fought off a last-lap challenge before Noah Gragson swerved into the top five and the result was the race-ending melee.   The win was especially enjoyable given the Charlie Henderson #75 is one of the smaller teams, finally able to give the finger to the larger outfits.   It was also enjoyable seeing Grant Enfinger in the Curb-backed #98 slugging it out.

The Diehard 500 showcased the downside to segment racing and the overall Chase concept - teams were more concerned with outstrategizing each other - and the scheduled segment yellows - as opposed to going for the lead.    Brad Keselowski was able to steal Segment One and then stole the race win.

Cody Coughlin's crash.

Over 75% of the field crashed out of the Alabama 500 - yet no crash was inevitable; they were all caused by certain foolish moves by drivers; Chase Elliott won the Ernie Irvan Dimbulb Of The Race award and raised more questions about whether he's really capable of winning.  

The race also showed anew the weakness of NASCAR's suppression of push-drafting at the Cup level, as passing the leader was almost impossible and the need for the push-draft was glaring all race. 

Interesting as well is this weekend came after Tommy Joe Martins' interesting treatise on team economics in the context of NASCAR's TV deal.   The issue of costs would be less burdensome by smarter team spending and application by the sanctioning body of TV deal money.  

But the standout issue is how hard passing was - all the result of NASCAR's crackdown on push-drafting.   It was far less an issue in the Trucks as the drivers finally started getting serious about it, and it showed why racing needs push-drafting, by far the strongest power to pass conceivable in motorsports. 

With so many darkhorses in contention note is worth being given to Aric Almirola's fifth place, this despite struggling all race to where the #43 seemed not up to pulling up to anyone or pushing anyone; the melees were the proverbial Red Sea parting.   His third top-five in a plate race this season is a needed balm for the Petty team preparing for 2018; it is worth noting presumptive 2018 driver Darrell Wallace ran stout in his one plate start in the #43 in July.

So ends the Talladega weekend and the sport's latest surge into Talladega's Twilight Zone. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstein, Rapist

Media mogul and - natch - Democratic Party high-roller Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as a rapist. His many Hollywood friends did not speak out about it until he was outed by - of all people - the New York Times. So it begs the question of what they knew. It also begs the question of how much people sold out themselves to cover up for him. It's also a telling comment about lack of accountability in Hollywood (notably with windbags like George Clooney) and with leftism and the Democratic Party in general (Weinstein paid Bill Clinton's legal fees, and his fate is shared with Hillary's). But then the Democratic Party's moral relativism - and Michelle Goldberg shows this moral relativism in a repellent NY Times piece lying about Republicans - remains spelled Kennedy.

Ronan Farrow is one of the few - perhaps only - heroes in this Whitey Bulger-esque fiasco, especially as we now find out how Weinstein wrote enabling of his sexual predation into his employment contract.

And BTW leftwinger Ben Affleck - aka Ben Asskiss - is being exposed as well while being completely overlooked is director - and child-molester - Bryan Singer. Also being exposed - again - is the fraudulence of NBC News.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The Gun Control Fraud

Gun control is a fraud issue long discredited by history and yet grandstanding (notably by alleged comedian Jimmy Kimmel) continues for it. Gun control needs to die.

Remembering Robert Yates

We remember Robert Yates, master engine builder and team owner -

1969 Grand National recap with American 500

1971 Yankee 400, MRN call

One of nine children to Reverend John Clyde Yates, Robert raced dragsters out of the Charlotte, NC area as a youth in the 1950s, graduated from Wilson Technical College with a degree in mechanical engineering.  He began working with Holman-Moody Racing and by the latter 1960s he was part of a two-time championship organization.  

In 1971 Bobby Allison joined the team, bringing much-needed Coca-Cola sponsorship with him.   The Holman-Moody team erupted that year with Yates horsepower.

A brawl between owners John Holman and Ralph Moody tore apart their team at the end of 1971.   For 1972 Bobby Allison was asked by Junior Johnson, his race team now under ownership of Charlotte Motor Speedway president Richard Howard, to bring his Coca-Cola sponsorship to the new Chevrolet team, and former Holman-Moody engine builder Yates was hired as well.   The result was one of the most spectacular performances in NASCAR history as Allison erupted to ten wins and over 4,300 laps led.

The highlight of Allison and Yates' 1972 season was the Southern 500 and a spirited fight with David Pearson

Cale Yarborough took over the Junior Johnson Chevy in 1973 and won back-to-back Southern 500s, part of seventeen wins for Cale in the 1973-75 period

Yates was Junior's engine builder until 1976.   In August of that year he was hired by a team in its fourth season of existence - DiGard Racing.   After DiGard opened a new shop in Charlotte- having spent its first four seasons based in Daytona Beach near the speedway - the team with Darrell Waltrip as driver and a lucrative sponsorship from Gatorade - success began to arrive.   The 1977 Winston 500 was one of the first explosive triumphs for the DiGard team.  

Waltrip won twice with DiGard before the team hired Robert Yates, but from Yates' hiring as engine builder Waltrip erupted to twenty-four wins and a bitterly close 1979 championship bid.   The most celebrated win of that season was his Rebel 500 shootout win.

Waltrip got into a bitter contract fight with DiGard and left after 1980, and after a winless 1981 with Ricky Rudd the team signed Bobby Allison, who exploded to win the Daytona 500 in his first start in the Gatorade 88.   Allison had a marvelous 1982 season with eight wins, including Pocono's wildly fought Mountain Dew 500.  

Six more wins and the title followed in 1983 - but it was the beginning of the end for DiGard.   "If there is such a thing as excess money, we had it," Yates once said.   The team won twice in 1984 and just once in 1985.

Robert Yates engines did win two more races in 1984, with the slapped-together Curb Motorsports team, which was supposed to be amalgamated into Rahmoc Racing, a deal that fell apart at the last hour.   Yates supplied the engines for the Curb Motorsports team but on the morning of the 1984 Firecracker DiGard tried to seize the engine the team had in a fight over payments; Richard Petty paid Yates for the engine and wound up edging Cale Yarborough for the win, his 200th.

Yates left DiGard in 1986 and was hired by Harry Ranier's #28 team for 1987; Lorin Ranier lobbied for rookie driver Davey Allison, a driver Yates initially didn't want.   Allison was nonetheless signed and erupted to four victories in his first two seasons.   Late in 1988 Yates purchased the Ranier team and became a full-fledged team owner, and his first win was the 1989 Winston 500.

Despite success the Yates team went through several crew chiefs, including Yates' old Holman-Moody teammate Jake Elder, seen here in the 1990 Summer 500 at Pocono

By 1991 Yates and Allison had won eight times together, but it wasn't until Larry McReynolds quit Kenny Bernstein's team and was hired by Yates that the combination began storming to another level, shown in 1991's eye-popping Michigan 400 shootout.   Their 1992 became their most famous and most heartbreaking, but it only got worse - Davey was killed in 1993,a tragedy that nearly ended the team; everyone pulled themselves together and by September that year Yates and Ford succeeded in picking up former Chevrolet driver Ernie Irvan.

Irvan erupted to win five times in 1993-94 with Yates' #28, but a near-fatal crash at Michigan derailed their season and Irvan would not return for over a year.

Dale Jarrett subbed for Irvan in 1995 and rather than let him go, Yates formed a second car for Jarrett, and with it Jarrett seized control of the team, winning some twenty-five times and the 1999 title.    Irvan left after the 1997 season and one final win - ironically at Michigan.   The Yates team then wasted two seasons with Kenny Irwin in their #28 before signing Ricky Rudd for a three-season span and three wins.

But the sport's economics would no longer work for the team as the decade from 2000 onward went, and declining competitiveness made crashes hurt worse, such as Elliott Sadler's Talladega flip.   The sad part is Sadler broke through with two wins in 2004.

By the end of 2008 the end of Robert Yates Racing was looming, one of several teams either erased or forced into marriage with other organizations.   Doug Yates, Robert's son, merged the engine shop into Roush Racing's organization and Robert had retired.  

So has ended the story of perhaps the most gifted engine builder racing has seen, and the legacy is one Yates and racing can be proud of.