Thursday, February 26, 2009

What People Will Do For $787 Billion

The Man On The Way Up's $787 billion stimulus package gets an interesting look here, showing what that money would buy. The problem, though, is in the best answer in the post's response page - "It will pay ten million bureaucrats to push paper around." Investing money to bureaucrats instead of into the economy is bad business.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Passes For Direct Action

This is what passes for direct action these days - the takeover of a college snackbar by suck-ups for "Palestinian" thugs. The video add-on including a PLO-scarfer whining "He touched me!" is an extra treat.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama And The Old First Iraq War Trick

Apparantly Maxwell Smart has influence on The Man On The Way Up's administration. Bruce Reidel, a former CIA officer and now a Brookings Institution scholar, has been appointed to oversee a review of US policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and his grand strategy is to secure peace between Israel and the fiction known as Palestinians. It's a ridiculous idea (being ridiculous is in keeping with the stupidity of the CIA) and brings to mind Saddam Hussein's attempt to legitimize his 1990 invasion of Kuwait by trying to tie it into Israel. It's the old it's-Israel's-fault-so-make-them-get-peace-with-Palestinians trick. Yep, Maxwell Smart would have seen this one coming.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama The Antisemite

If you didn't think The Man On The Way Up is an antisemite, think again as he sponsors a UN conference that will condemn Israel as a racist state. It's 1975 all over again - blaming the victim of Islamo-Arab imperialism instead of Islamo-Arab imperialism.

What Housing Crunch?

It seems the housing crunch we've heard so much about for nearly a year is recovering, shown in California (notably in Sacramento), in Florida, and in Flint, MI.

FOLLOW-UP: Here is a look at the Phoenix area as The Man On The Way Up prepares a bailout plan on foreclosures - it illustrates the folly of the mortgage spending spree that aimed to give idiot home buyers mortgages they couldn't pay back.

FOLLOW-UP #2: Market forces continue to work wonders in California.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gasp! They're Ripping The Man On The Way Up

Say it ain't so!

It's so, and while The Man On The Way Up may somehow con his way to a second term, it will be like Billary's tenure - with nothing positive accomplished and his grandiose plans in ruins.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Not More Wage Controls

The economic illiteracy of The Man On The Way Up and his allies was illustrated by their campaign for wage controls against "greedy CEOs."

More Evidence Of Iraq As Enemy Quagmire

Remember Imad Mugniyah? Likely you don't. He was military commander of Hezbollah who launched the 1983 attacks that killed over 300 US and French soldiers in Beirut and numerous other such strikes. He was iced in 2008, and a contibuting factor to getting him was the capture of one of his senior officers in 2007 in Iraq.

Obama Stimulus Parties

The Man On The Way Up urged people to host "stimulus package house parties." The result is shown here in the uniform realization among Obamaniacs that The Man On The Way Up lied to them.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

More Unstimulating Stimulus

The big fed stimulus package now has a tentative deal. Three Republicans (in name only) were hoodwinked into backing it. A lengthy look at the whole sham can be found here.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cheney Tweaks The Dems

Richard Cheney tweaks the Dems as they taste their own medicine.

Putting Bureaucrats First

First a repost from February 2:

The Man On The Way Up promised bipartisanship. He lied, and one area is his direction of "third party" attacks on Republicans opposing his sham stimulus; the funniest angle of attack is that "Republicans want to spend money on schools in Iraq but not in the US," and a PAC reminsiscent of America First is pushing this line. That US schools outspend the Defense Department, of course, never gets considered.

UPDATE: So what does The Man On The Way Up do? He lied about bipartisanship, now he lies about "catastrophe" if his phony stimulus bill fails. It's a bill that puts bureaucrats first and foremost, which is what Democratic economics ultimately has always been about.

The Gitmobama Follies

The Man On The Way Up's policy of releasing Guantanamo terrorists is producing exactly what sane people saw miles away. And The Man On The Way Up's idiocy doesn't end there, as Hillary Milhous Clinton gets into the State Department fray.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Committee Of Idiotic Analysis Claims Credit

Check this Bill Roggio piece on the CIA gloating over air attacks it has directed against Al Qaida in Pakistan. Given the CIA's history of stupidity between analysis discredited by its own left-leaning doctrines and its ineptitude in executing orders - not for nothing has it been mocked as The Committee for Idiotic Amusement over the decades - one needs a lot of salt when reading the Agency patting itself on the back like this.

Gracelessness And Generals

We got a look at how pompous and self-important the Obamas are with this Michelle Obama micro-trainwreck speech supporting the public school hackerama, which illustrated the heavy-handed way The Man On The Way Up and The Woman On The Way Up conduct themselves. And the gracelessness doesn't end there, as the leftwing media is still trying to stir up bogus trouble with this bogus "revolt of the generals" story. Would that people who know better would indeed be forcing The Man On The Way Up to grow up, especially with MOTWU's economic stupidity causing a gagging effect on Wall Street and in international trade.

The "Recruiting More Terrorists" Myth Continues

It's the salient myth of those against defeating Islamo-Arab imperialism - "we create more terrorists than we kill" and its variant, that when America (or Israel) defend itself, "we've given the terrorists a perfect recruiting tool." Yet nowhere in history is there one example of anything like this happening - nowhere is there any example of the enemy gaining recruits or strength because the US fights back; on the contrary, the pattern has always been that the enemy only gains strength when it sees we won't fight back.

Yet The Man On The Way Up buys this nonsense. The piece asks what planet Obama is from - it certainly wasn't from the planet this sci-fi icon came from - he would have told off Obama and taken charge of the situation.

The Treason Of Terrorists And Their Enablers

The father of Daniel Pearl notes the treason of terrorists and their enablers such as Jimmy Carter and the UCLA.