Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ineptitude Worldwide

The CIA has been engaged in the active sabotage of the War Against Islamo-Arab imperialism for at least three years, and their preferred method is leaking . The harm this anti-US disinformation campaign has caused needs more exposure.

The ineptitude of the CIA is mirrored by the continuing failure of the UN, this time in Cyprus. And the intellectual ineptitude of denunciations of "torture" by the US against Islamo-Arab terrorists gets a much-needed comeuppance.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Stupidity Of Danica Mania

During NASCAR's awards banquet weekend in New York, Bobby Rahal defended Danica Patrick, this despite a near-total void of criticism of her. "Patrick won three poles and had two top fives.....Her fourth-place finish at the Indianapolis 500......vaulted her to the cover of Sports Illustrated."

The story neglects to mention that she never finished in the top five again in the 2005 IRL season and fell out of the top ten in points from Indy on, this despite having one of the strongest cars in the field week after week.

And here we see the nonsense of Bobby Rahal's assertion that "Women face every negative that there is out there." It is difficult to square this assertion with reality, where press coverage of female racers is consistently fawning and criticism is all but nowhere to be found.

NASCAR Sportsman Series team owner Tad Geschtickter chimes in by saying, "She (Patrick) can't be a novelty, she can't be a gimmick." Trouble is she can be a gimmick - she was irrelevent to the IRL season once the field figured her out, and Rahal misses the point when he says, "there will be the complete expectation that she is going to win," because in 2005 she was able to sneak up on the field; now she can't.

Danica Mania helped get Erin Crocker into NASCAR and she responded by wrecking in all her BGN and Truck starts in 2005. Rahal claims female racers are held to a higher standard to define success, but the utter lack of criticism of Patrick shows otherwise, and Geschtickter's defense of Erin Crocker shows the real standard held to female racers - "if you looked at them closely, I'll bet you 80 percent of them were because people were driving over their heads around her. They were saying, 'I've gotta pass her, I've gotta pass her.'"

This is fraudulence, because in her wrecks she lost control, not other cars. At Richmond she spun out in practice and again in the race. At Memphis she tried to force the issue entering a corner even though Steve Grissom had the corner, and the result was another wreck.

Far from being held to a higher standard, female racers are not held to any serious standard of success. Any kind of criticism is met with scorn and defensiveness, utterly lacking any kind of objectivity. It showed very graphically in Deborah Renshaw's excuse for a career and it shows again with Erin Crocker and Danica Patrick.

Racing is supposed to be about tough guys - guys like Tomas Scheckter, the Foyts, the Andrettis, Sam Hornish, Tony Stewart, the Pettys, the Woods, the Earnhardts, etc. Danica Patrick is making motorsports LESS appealing instead of more.

Friday, November 25, 2005

White Lies About White Phosphorus

An Italian TV network recently released an internet "documentary" titled Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre alleging the US sprayed white phosphorus on civilians, killing many, during the US offensive to clean out Islamo-Arab terrorist cells within the city. Trouble is that the piece is false, as shown here and also by a witness to Fallujah. And speaking of "witnesses," the credibility of the primary accuser in the Fallujah film has to be questioned.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

John Murtha Isn't That Stupid, Is He?

What is Pennsylvania representative John Murtha talking about? His recent call for withdrawal from Iraq is based on the assertion that "US troops have become the primary targets of the insurgency." This, though, is palpably false - US troops are on the offensive, not sitting idly by waiting to be attacked, and the main target of the insurgency has been civilians, because the insurgency CAN'T make US troops its primary target - espeically when Al Qaida's recent bombing attacks reek of desperation to turn around a situation improving for the Allies.

Murtha served in Vietnam, so why he would say something any Vietnam veteran worth his salt would see as brainless stupidity is baffling.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

More Myths & Realities In Iraq

Continuing to set the record in Iraq straight, "Mac" Owens took a look at the big picture while we also look back atwinning over ordinary Iraqis little by little.

Myths and realities aren't confined to Iraq - since Iraq is pivotal to the war on Islamo-Arab terror, looking back at myths about the war on Islamo-Arab terror is also in order.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Liberals Get Rove-d

So liberals are up in arms about Karl Rove's speech mentioning how MoveOn fought against the War On Terror. So typical - liberals always play dumb when caught out. Of course playing dumb was just part of Senator Ted Kennedy's whining during recent Congresional testimony by Donald Rumsfeld, just the latest such hysteria that consistently forgets when liberals ran the recent Yugoslav war and also wallows in the pity brought about by "multiculturalism." It's yet another reason why liberals cannot be trusted to defending ourselves.

Of course Senator Chappaquiddick wasn't the only idiot - Chuck Hagel made a fool of himself claiming the US is losing in Iraq. As usual the facts prove otherwise. And kudos to The Belmont Club for catching a telling accidental admission from war critic Carl Levin - an admission of a relationship between the US advance into Iraq and the blossoming of democracy there - a vindication of the Bush Doctrine amid continued doubt about it in political circles.

Getting back to Karl Rove, the liberals expected an indictment of Rove over the "outing" of Valerie Plame - except there never was any outing. There's been a lot of doubletalk about this bogus "outing," but the reality is the "case" was a fraud.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Is Erin Crocker - And NASCAR Diversity - A Fraud?

We've now had three races in NASCAR's BGN series for highly-touted lady racer Erin Crocker, a driver for the powerful Evernham Motorsports team. To this we can add a Craftsman Truck race at Phoenix, AZ in early November. And in those races the result has been the same -


DOVER - DNF - Crash


PHOENIX Trucks - Crash

It's just three races, but the record in those three races is disturbing enough to warrant questions about Erin Crocker's judgement and ability to drive a NASCAR racecar - in the Richmond wreck she'd already crashed in practice and in the race lost it by herself and took another car with her. At Memphis she tagged Steve Grissom and took him and herself into the wall - and tried to blame it on Grissom even though he had the corner.

Crocker ran in the ARCA Supercar Series in Evernham Dodges and had several top five finishes, but lost here is that ARCA is a series so starved of resources and money that only about six or seven cars in that series are any good.

It also raises questions about NASCAR's recent quest for "diversity." Crocker is part of Dodge's extensive driver diversity initiatve, an initiative that dovetails nicely with NASCAR President Brian France and his mildly obsessive quest for "diversity" in the sport.

Dodge's diversity efforts have been going since 2001, when they slotted Willy T. Ribbs in one of Bobby Hamilton's Dodge Trucks. Willy T. attempted to run in NASCAR in the late-1970s and mid-1980s. In 1978 he was slotted for a drive with Will Cronkite in an ex-Bud Moore Ford at Charlotte, a deal arranged by Bruton Smith. But Ribbs failed to appear at two scheduled practice sessions and was later arrested for driving the wrong way on a one-way street with a car rented by the speedway. He was canned from the ride and local short-tracker Dale Earnhardt drove Cronkite's Ford.

Ribbs tried again in 1986 with DiGard Racing, a team on its last legs at that time, and the effort went nowhere. Ribbs also tried CART Indycars with a team co-owned by Bill Cosby, and went nowhere. In the Hamilton #8 Dodge, the form chart took over again - he went nowhere and was gone by the end of the year.

More recently the Hamilton #8 has been driven by Deborah Renshaw, who raced at the Nashville Fairgrounds speedway and became a cause celebre when she was disqualified following a rancorous protest of the cars driven by her and her teammate; some very tedentious media coverage made the incident to be a sexist conspiracy by other racers against Renshaw because she'd briefly led the track's point standings.

Renshaw made it to ARCA in late 2002 and everything blew up in the savage crash at Charlotte during an ARCA practice session that killed racer Eric Martin. Martin spun to a stop on Charlotte's frontstretch and several cars split around him. He was stalled but none the worse for wear - until some fifteen seconds later Renshaw blasted full speed out of the corner and T-boned Martin through the left side door.

Again, tedentious media coverage passed the buck away from Renshaw, focusing on the "lack of spotters during practice sessions," raising questions about the visibility of the caution lights - everything but the fundamental judgement of Deborah Renshaw as a racer. NASCAR passed a new rule requiring spotters during any time a racecar is on the track at speed, never mind the fact that the wreck happened because Renshaw refused to pay attention to the caution lights or even past the nose of her racecar.

Of course this season saw Danica Mania, as Danica Patrick was slotted into one of the IRL's strongest cars, the primary Bobby Rahal-David Letterman car #16. Patrick snuck up on the other drivers and posted two stunning fourth-place finishes, including at Indy. But after that her performances dropped dramatically, especially on open-throttle drafting tracks where she was skittish in traffic and showed no consistent ability to pass anyone. Her season began with a bad wreck at Homestead in which she never cracked the throttle and instead bludgeoned into the wreck scene, and it ended with a hard wreck at Fontana.

Racing, however, seems determined to press on with "diversity" despite the fact it adds nothing to the sport, nor does it add anything to any serious endeavor.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Unhinged Dishonesty

First we had the insanity that was Harry Reid's grandstanding about hearings into Iraq war intelligence and then we had a typical New York Times disinformation campiagn in the form of a butchered letter from a pro-war GI. And we wonder where honesty went - though we know there is no honesty to be found in fawning media coverage of Broadway Joe Wilson and his bogus tales about George W. Bush, tales that are part and parcel of the disinformation campaign of a CIA acting to undermine American victory.