Thursday, April 30, 2009

Credit Where It Isn't Due

The Man On The Way Up breezed through a poor excuse of a news conference and it showed that he wants credit for "successes" that aren't successful such as for the economy even though improvement isn't happening because of him.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama Gets Gored By Cheney

Richard Cheney is considered incurably evil by the Dominant Media Culture, of which The Man On The Way Up is a member. The intellectual ineptitude of the DMC and MOTWU is shown by The Man On The Way Up's reaction to Cheney's criticisms of their document dump on interrogation techniques against international savages - excuse me, Islamo-Arab terrorists.

In Iraq, When The Cat's Away........

The Man On The Way Up's basic philosophy about Iraq is that the US is somehow the cause of instability there, never mind that the place was stabilized years ago by our presence. So as The Man On The Way Up cuts and runs us from Iraq, the mice are beginning to play again.

Victory sabotaged by Democrats - didn't we see this movie nearly 40 years ago?