Monday, August 25, 2008

End Energy Socialism

For all the genuine differences that exist between the Republicans and Democrats, there are still a needlessly high number of policy similarities between the two, notably on energy policy. This piece on those similarities nicely illustrates the fundamental flaw in energy policy - its refusal to allow competition and its stifling of realworld solutions. Increased drilling for oil manifestly is part of the solution yet is treated as part of the problem; biofuels are treated as part of the solution when they are part of the problem.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Powell Gets Man On The Way Up Treatment

How does The Man On The Way Up treat people, even potential cabinet level advisors? He throws them under the bus.

Man On The Way Up In Annenberg

Check out this examination of Barack Obama's role in a disasterous Chicago education reform effort. It contains examination of the coverups that are requisite of corrupt practices. The Man On The Way Up is on his way up again - to more trouble.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TMOTWU Takes On The Blue Meanies

After his Saddleback embarassment, The Man On The Way Up lashes out at how "mean" the Republicans are. Of course all the Republicans have done is point out the truth about The Man On The Way Up and the utter illiteracy and incoherence of his entire view of the world.

The Taxes On The Way Up

That's the gist of The Man On The Way Up's economic "plan", a plan based (like all Democratic plans) on punishing the successful to reward the failed and the hackerama.

Barack TMOTWU Gets Schooled

You have to laugh at the sheer chutzpah of Obama's promises to a school he had named after himself. That he did something dictators from Stalin on down have always done (that darned cult of personality) is funny (and disturbing) enough; that he screwed this Kenyan school royally is even funnier.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Erosion Of The Man On The Way Up

It would seem that John McCain won in a rout in the mini-debate held with Barack Obama at Saddleback. Certainly there was no evidence from his serial evasions that The Obama On The Way Up won; on the contrary, the shrillness of left-wing responses indicated understanding that their man was eroding, and rather quickly, further shown by Obama's choices for advisors as stated by him.

The Man On The Way Up - not this one.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why Do Bad Things Happen To "Good" Pundits?

That's the recommended title of this look at a media pundit's sense of betrayal by John "Clinton" Edwards, and it's an appropriate recommendation. That Edwards was a gigantic fraud even by Democratic Party standards should have been obvious to anyone with any level of objectivity. In the first excerpt cited within this piece, I counted the use of "I" and "my" four times, which may not count as a record but does reflect the narcissism of Walter Shapiro, the author of the jilted love letter piece on Edwards cited here.

Cited in Shapiro's piece is "an emotionally raw evening in Washington two weeks after the September 2001 attacks." What any Democrat could talk about in such a context is puzzling given the party's abdication of responsibility to defeat the Islamo-Arab inperialism at the heart of the attacks, an abdication one could see coming two generations away thanks to the party's abdication of responsibility for defeating any of America's enemies.

John Edwards pulls a Clinton and some in the media are surprised. Huh?

Monday, August 11, 2008

John Edwards Pulls A Clinton

That John Edwards is a despicable creature should have been known from the moment he became a serious political player with his belligerent and reckless wielding of power as a lawyer - of course despicable and lawyer are almost synonymous. Now he has been exposed as even worse than that with his sordid affair with a woman he hired to his political campaign. Amid all the talk about the affair - and the MSM's dishonesty in coverage - has been lost the striking parallel John Edwards has with Bill Clinton.

The gist of the sordidness of both Clinton and Edwards is that they paid for sex with government/campaign jobs. Clinton bought sex from whoever he could by giving out government jobs, and this is what John Edwards did with the woman he impregnated. And both brought this corruption up every ladder of political power they climbed until they were finally ruined by it all.

It remains to be seen if Edwards' corruption hurts the Democratic Party. Given the traitorous slime that resides throughout the party one hopes it does.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blockhead Barack's Tire War

Barack Obama's ignorance of the real world hits a new low with his absurd argument that people should inflate their tires instead of increase domestic drilling for oil. His knowledge of mechanics is as low as as his knowledge of everything else.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Iraq and Al-Qaida: Deny Deny Deny Part Deux

It is an article of faith to the Left that Iraq did not work with Al Qaida - this despite all evidence to the contrary and the absurdity of the premise to start with. It isn't stopping the Left. The latest denial comes from Ron Suskind and his new book claiming the White House had the CIA forge a document showing that Al Qaida leader Mohammad Atta trained in Iraq. Problem is Suskind's argument is laughably inaccurate. It includes some shots at Richard Cheney that reveal the Left's continuing ignorance of a lot of issues, notably Watergate.

What has to happen for the Left to admit Bush was right all along remains a mystery.