Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama: The Meltdown Continues

Barack Obama gave a speech in Philly in the wake of his church's exposure as a racial jihadist rally. His speech was about racial healing but made the same mistake of refusing to hold non-whites responsible for racial animosity that has been made for generations (and is nicely illustrated in the display of racial self-pity and buck-passing seen here).. It also illustrated Obama's evasiveness about his church, and for good reason - his church didn't just talk the talk of antiamerican race-mongering, it aided and abetted a Puerto Rican terrorist and his gang.

And for good measure you can throw in Obama contradicting himself about his pastor's bigotry, to go with his general brainless babble, and did anyone else notice him throwing a lot of people other than himself under the bus in his speech?

Obama-bin Laden, indeed.

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