Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama The Fraud, Continued

Barack Obama got high praise for his role in question-and-answer banter during recent testimony by General David Patraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker to the US Senate. The praise came because of his apparant skill at questioning - and a lot of people didn't notice that Obama's questions were a linguistic con, or that Ryan Crocker somewhat belatedly saw through it - and lost in all of this was that Obama remains wrong on Iraq. And of course Obama's antisemitism remains unexplored by the MSM, even though it indicates refusal to side with America's truest ally, Israel.

UPDATE #1: Obama is not only an antisemite, he's a bigot toward whites, too.

UPDATE #2: He's also curiously close-mouthed about real evil - when he isn't hectoring about talking to the Ayatollahs.

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