Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama: The Man On The Way Up

On WEEI-850 AM radio in Boston, the "Whiner Line" phone message segment is the most popular segment, where colorful callers leave deliberately abusive and obnoxious messages for comedic effect. One of the Whiner Line's regulars, however, has long been a source of vitriol by other callers and by the show's hosts. He goes by the moniker The Man On The Way Up, and his shtick involves a whining voice loosely patterned after Curly Howard of The Three Stooges; The Man On The Way Up boasts about his ego and how he is the primary reason for the Whiner Line's success; while the quality of his comedic bits is uneven, it is his raging self-love as well as the shots he takes at other callers and the show's hosts that gall a lot of people, to where genuinely angry retorts are left against The Man On The Way Up by other callers.

The Man On The Way Up is the increasingly strongest analogy one can offer to Barack Obama. His Landstuhl absurdity has been spun by his acolytes and it only made him more insensitive to American servicemen - and makes the McCain shot to the effect that Obama would rather lose a war than not score propaganda points all the more cutting and accurate. Indeed, the spin offered by Obama seen in the Washington Post makes him look even more idiotic and insincere, as scoring political points was clearly driving him throughout the whole issue.

It was a case of ego beginning to overflow. The windy self-congradulation Obama has serially offered in his speeches was ratcheted up a notch to where Democrats are trying to add "context" to what is clearly self-love unhinged. Obama thinks of himself as The Man On The Way Up - and clearly he is, without the deranged snickering "Yeah" sign-off or the certain level of charm the WEEI version has.

The election is between a flawed but generally capable leader and The Man On The Way Up.

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