Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Democratic Chutzpah Part Deux

First, this repost from September 30:

The House vote on the $700 billion bailout has seen the usual chutzpah by Democrats, such as this admission by a prominent leftist to wanting economic disaster just to score political points. There is also the windfall the idiots named Pelosi, Frank, and Dodd are trying to reap here.

Amid all the talk about economic crisis, some sobering data comes to light about just how well off the country is - in the process illustrating just how over-the-top the rhetoric about the mortgage crisis is.

POSTSCRIPT - The repost is necessary to lead into this examination of the Democratic Congress' manipulation of the market (note in particular the role of Senator Chuck Schumer) in fostering the present economic trouble.

Also worth noting is that amid economic panic, there is improvement beginning to arrive.

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