Friday, December 19, 2008

The Minnesota "Recount"

From November 18:

By now it should be known that Minnesota's Senate race is undergoing a "recount" to determine if former comedian Al Franken - by all accounts a detestible excuse for a person - becomes a US Senator. The recount is happening because of vote-rigging in favor of Franken, and this examination of the phony recount notes the role of leftist financier George Soros, who is to the Left what billionaires are to drug dealers - accomplices in murder.

UPDATE: The recount shows Franken-Stein's gap at 303, but Franken claims to be leading by 22 votes, a claim unbelievable on its face.

UPDATE #2: It would appear the election is being stolen for Franken.

UPDATE #3: Is Franken-stein trailing by just two votes?

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