Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Permanent Campaign Smears Ryan

There's a new target for the Left to attack - Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. The assault stems from a plan he's leading to deal with the economy, and it's gotten positive feedback from the Congressional Budget Office.

As the link notes, the attack on the plan is irresponsible (and typical of Democrats) because no credible alternative is offered and the Democrats pretend the problems the plan addresses don't exist. Rep. Ryan's plan is worth more than what it's getting.

UPDATE: - The assault is continuing with the usual talking points about "cuts" in Medicare. It is typical of the Democrats, a party lacking any credible policy of their own - and explains the assault, for as the link's author puts it, the Democrats' focus on the plan is bait-and-switch.

UPDATE #2: - An interesting comparison is made between Ryan's plan and the assumptions being made by OMB Director Peter Orszag; also of note is Ryan's response to Orszag.

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