Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brian France Blabs Again

Brian France gave another of his state-of-the-sport soliloquies during Winston All Star weekend.   

And he shows anew his lack of qualification for his job as NASCAR head.

France was defensive about the poor quality of racing in 2012 with drivers too afraid of losing points to try and win races.  His explanations once again make no sense because the lack of lead changes in the sport proves anew the low quality of the racing.   He cited Jeff Gordon as though Jeff has undergone a resurgence on the track; though he's led over 300 laps in 11 races he's struggled to finish and looked downright poor despite the pole at Talladega.   France was curt in dismissing driver complaints  and whined about "we've got a hard job."   It won't work no matter how much he whines - what the racing itself says matters most and the racing itself has been poor, with Daytona and Talladega the biggest disappointments because of France's idiotic hatred of tandem drafting and resultant rules changes that did nothing about tandems but did take away a lot of ability to race.  

France also claimed Danica Patrick has been good for the sport - even though the backlash against her from the fanbase caused Jenna Fryer to pen one of the dumbest defenses of a driver authored in years -  which only raised further questions about Ms. Fryer's competence at covering the sport.  

He then waxed poetic about NASCAR's R&D center and how "we're zeroing in on the aero issue" with a small shave to the car's side skirts to take away some downforce.   One has heard before how NASCAR has been zeroing in on aero and the result has universally been negative.   It just shows that the more Brian France stays in NASCAR the more he shows how out of touch with reality he remains.   2012 is looking like one of those lost years in NASCAR and Brian France remains a major reason for it.

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