Saturday, June 16, 2012

Michigan 400 Gets New Tire

Goodyear brings new tire to Michigan 400.

My Take: - Tires became an issue at the newly-repaved Michigan track with blistering issues for both Goodyear and also Hoosier on the ARCA side.

It brings to mind the August 1999 Yankee 400 at Michigan - Goodyear brought a tire based on a Fontana design for Winston West competition to battle Hoosier there. The tire Goodyear brought to Michigan that month proved racier than normal - if I remember correctly it had more stagger built in - and the Yankee 400 had a very spirited fight for the lead between Dale Earnhardt and Bobby Labonte late in the going.

If Goodyear can get a tire that the racers can lean on and race with, they'd go a long way toward improving the racing.

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