Sunday, March 03, 2013

Obama Flirts With Sort-Of Armageddon

Barack Obama has been praying for Armageddon from the sequester's overrated budget cuts, he becomes a fool should the fear fizzle. And given how miniscule the budget cuts are under the sequester - a sequester that was Obama's idea to start with as he sought a deal to raise the debt ceiling - he's destined to become a fool.

Except he has been a fool throughout his life. And like all fools he is a bully, and his bullying personality is getting worse as he fights harder to bully and control what has been a sickeningly pliant Mainstream Media.  

And while he's bullying the media and anyone else he can find, he remains a coward against America's enemies.

He may have won the election, but he did so by losing the argument on facts - and his manipulative skill with social media won't change facts.

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