Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brian France's Nose Grows

Brian France spoke to reporters before the Charlotte 300 Nationwide race and talked about several issues.   But a telling point came when he defended the heavy fine to Denny Hamlin when he criticized the Generation Six racecar; in response Hamlin wrote on his Twitter account, "Someone's nose is growing." 

France discussed the Winston Cup schedule in light of Bruton Smith's deranged rant saying he may move Charlotte's National 500 to Vegas, this before another rant about his tax fights with Cabarrus County, NC.   France didn't offer any particular insight in his comments, just the usual points about the mixture of events.  

The schedule is good as it is; the only real changes needed are to go back to 500 mile race distances at places like Pocono and Michigan and to push start times to earlier for better convenience for trackside audiences - the argument about later start times and TV ratings doesn't work.  I'd also like Texas World Speedway to be able to host some races.

But the line about not crossing a line about "our product" is the kind of self-deception that has permeated Brian France's tenure in NASCAR - the fact is the product ISN'T as good as it needs to be.  France talks about continuing developmental work on the Generation Six, but given how much work went into it before, one can't feel confidence that NASCAR can make this thing work.  Though just four months into the season, the Gen-6 has already proven a flop, though its next two plate races offer some reason for optimism. 

Someone's nose keeps growing in NASCAR.  

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