Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tony Stewart In Big Trouble

Tony Stewart is in huge trouble after this crash and follow-up encounter at a New York dirt track the night before the Watkins Glen demolition derby.   Having followed Stewart since his USAC days, I've always sensed a psychotic streak in him and his wrecks, explosions of anger, and occasional fits of buck-passing in postrace interviews always gave me the sense of someone who didn't like accountability.  

What matters the most is remembering Kevin Ward, the sprint car racer killed in this ugly brouhaha.   His family has now come out against Stewart, this amid absurd alibis offered on multiple forums.   NASCAR beat writer Tom Sorenson acknowledges the open secret of Stewart's temper, where I would go further - Stewart is psychotic.

MRN racecaster Dave Moody authors this defense of Stewart where he proclaims, "nothing in his background......rises to the level of intentionally striking a fellow racer" who is on foot with his racecar. "Tony Stewart is no killer."  Perhaps this is what Stewart defenders are truly afraid of - that one of NASCAR's greatest racers really is no better than OJ Simpson.   The idea that Stewart would stoop that low clearly is too much for many to believe.   But the reality of the incident and Stewart's overall background leaves it impossible to credibly absolve him, and the absurdity of the attempts in numerous quarters to somehow palm off blame onto Kevin Ward is truly repellant.  

Perhaps people need to change their opinion and face that one of NASCAR's greatest racers really isn't any better than OJ Simpson.

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