Monday, September 28, 2015

Bacha Bazi and the Afghan Drawdown

A look at recent incidents where US soldiers stopped Arab child rape in Afghanistan.

"....we were working primarily with the Afghan National Army - an organization dominated by northeners and non-Pashtuns and, by Afghan standards, a more professional outfit than the local police units that became more critical to the success of the US drawdown beginning in 2011. Though the Afghan Army had its problems, including corruption and surely sexual assault as well, lost in the discussion this week is a fine but important distinction: The crisis of systematic child rape primarily involves Pashtuns who have joined the police or government-backed militias in the eastern and southern parts of the country during the period when Americans have been focused on their own departure.
"....the grim news is suppressed by midlevel commanders working to put a positive spin on the progress of the drawdown."

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