Saturday, February 13, 2016

Did Peyton Manning Destroy HGH Evidence?

Peyton Manning Welcomes HGH Investigation, But Not Before His Team Completed Its Own:

Allegations of acquiring HGH were made by the now-defunct Al Jazeera America network and Peyton Manning had a team of his own go to the institute in question. And the story - with the possibility Peyton tried to have evidence destroyed - has gotten more bizarre.

See also Monday Morning Quarterback's piece.  

UPDATE: February 5:  The Washington Post has published an examination of what Peyton Manning's defense team did - and it seems clear now Manning lied about HGH and was caught trying to suppress evidence and intimidate a witness

UPDATE: February 13: That Peyton Manning sent people to destroy evidence and intimidate a witness has been in keeping with his character, as court documents recently released show he committed sexual harrassment in 1996 and possibly also a more egregious assault in 1994 at Tennessee and worked to bully the woman involved - and the sexual "promiscuity" didn't end at Tennessee, for the Indianapolis locals have verified that Manning was a whore during his time with the Colts.

Adding to the disgrace is a story that ESPN has informed its people not to discuss the Shaun King story on Manning sexual assault allegations.

UPDATE: May 26: Peyton has chosen not to file a lawsuit against Al Jazeera because it would make public private records of him and his wife - and one cannot help but wonder if that means he knows Al Jazeera has him dead to rights on HGH.

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