Thursday, March 10, 2016

Doctors Without Freedom

Bernie Sanders lies about Cuba's repressive medical-export racket.

"Right after half-heartedly condemning Castro's Cuba for being authoritarian and undemocratic at Wednesday night's debate, Bernie Sanders made a pivot that was predictable to anyone who has ever eavesdropped in a coffee shop in Sanders's adopted state of Vermont: He rhapsodized on the wonders of Cuban health care. Cuba has made some good advances in health care, Sanders said. He then added, admiringly, that they are sending doctors all over the world.
On the latter point, Sanders is right. Cuban doctors have indeed done brave work in horrifying circumstances, such as Ebola-terrorized West Africa.
But it's precisely because Cuba is undemocratic that this is the case. Indeed, doctors from free countries, such as our own, often travel to troubled areas to provide medical care. The difference is, they are not sent by their governments: They go of their own free will."

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