Friday, July 08, 2016

Hillary Skates

Hillary Milhous Clinton is exposed as a liar and a criminal, but the FBI won't prosecute

"Last week, the FBI made its recommendation to the Justice Department not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information while secretary of state. Attorney General Loretta Lynch quickly accepted it, announcing that she was officially closing the case with no charges filed.

"In theory, of course, Lynch could have rejected the bureau’s recommendation. The FBI investigates alleged criminality and recommends to department prosecutors how they might proceed in a given case. The prosecutors aren't bound by the bureau's recommendations. But here, with FBI director James Comey saying that no reasonable prosecutor could bring a case against Clinton, it was hard to imagine that a Justice Department under Loretta Lynch would disagree with Comey and seek an indictment.

We are left, then, with the jury of the American people, or at least those who plan to vote on Election Day. They have the power to deny Clinton what she so long has wanted: the presidency. The email fiasco shows—as if more evidence were needed—why voters should refuse her the land's highest office."

This is the same FBI that enrolled Whitey Bulger enablers H. Paul Rico, Zip Connolly, and Vino Morris.

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