Friday, January 18, 2008

Daytona Post-Test Miscellenia

Some miscelleneous thoughts after Winston Cup testing at Daytona -

** Much ink is being spilled over Toyota's stout test, with considerable attention devoted to higher RPMs allowed with NASCAR's new engine package. 9,000 RPMs are widely reported, to where NASCAR may mandate a slower gear for Speedweeks. Why they're allowing above 7,500 RPMs is a mystery, since there wasn't much trouble with the racing at 7,500 RPMs in previous seasons.

** There has also been scuttlebutt about reverting to 13-gallon fuel cells after tires proved troublesome in round one of the test. In Talladega's COT debut the drivers spent too much time pounding out laps single-file instead of racing, and concern remains that they'll do it again come Daytona. Going back to the 13-gallon fuel cell is a surprisingly effective quick-fix deterrent to such stroking, as with the smaller cells drivers found they had to get to the lead so they could pit under green in better position and not lose the draft.

** Dodge had a very mixed test session, showing up finally in the drafting sessions of the second test, notably with Kasey Kahne and Bobby Labonte.

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