Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Daytona Testing Underway

A few thoughts about Daytona testing -

** Tires appear to be an issue, with several blistered right fronts reported. Some are blaming it on the hardness of the tire, though usually it's a push issue. The grossly worn pavement at Daytona may also be a factor.

** Interesting to see Joe Gibbs Racing send one of their chassis specialists to directly help out the other Toyotas. With Dodge struggling it remains absurd that the manufacturer that entered NASCAR circles in 1996 via the Trucks with a One Team approach let it disintegrate as soon as its Winston Cup program hit the track.

** If Toyota can parlay good testing times into season-long muscle, the sport may actually see something new instead of just another Hendrick-Roush romp.

** Travis Kvapil has posted some good speeds in Doug Yates' car, but it's a bit much to expect him to race well, as he hasn't to any consistent level before.

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