Sunday, September 22, 2013

NFL Week Three Bottom Lines

Week Three of the NFL season has proceded and here are the bottom lines league-wide -



PATRIOTS - The rookie receivers are starting to get it together, and the injured veterans are coming back sooner instead of later.

DOLPHINS - They are showing they have to be taken seriously.

NY JETS - Geno Smith is beginning to make a case for himself.

BILLS - EJ Manuel had a rookie finish to a winnable game.

STEELERS - They're stuck in mediocrity.

RAVENS - They're not that much better, but they're better.

BENGALS - Even when they play like the Same Old Bungles, they're not.

BROWNS - Don't be fooled by them beating an 0-3 team - there are legitimate competitive pieces here.

COLTS - Andrew Luck finally won a game without heart attacks.

TITANS - Jake Locker can play; the Titans will contend.

TEXANS - They have shown again they can't take the next step.

JAGUARS - The transition era will continue to hurt.

BRONCOS - They're as good as advertised, yet they haven't been tested yet.

CHARGERS - They're better than 1-2 and will contend.

CHIEFS - The Chiefs are for real by reclaiming two proven formulae - a former 49ers quarterback and a former Eagles coach.

RAIDERS - They haven't shown they're getting better, but Terrelle Pryor gives reason for better than what they've done since the end of 2002.



COWBOYS - Don't buy the hype.

NY GIANTS - Second-half collapses are the staple of Tom Coughlin's Giants; his tenure may be imploding now.

REDSKINS - Griffin III's poor play has gotten the attention, but the Skins have deeper issues of a flawed-looking roster and a complete lack of answers from Shanahan.

EAGLES - The first half against the Redskins masked a hard truth - Chip Kelly's program needs time to truly become a force.

PACKERS - Green Bay's inability to stage a comeback win  was showcased in hilarious fashion in the loss to the Bengals.

VIKINGS - They're 0-3 but they've played more than well enough to have won at least once.  

BEARS - Marc Trestman may have achieved the impossible in making Jay Cutler look good.

LIONS - Detroit can contend.

PANTHERS - They got the win they needed and their schedule takes a decided turn for the better after their Bye.

FALCONS - They're not as strong as advertised.

SAINTS - After two shaky performances they did what good teams do.

BUCCANEERS - Why is Josh Freeman still starting?

SEAHAWKS - They've been scary good this year, but they're not necessarily better than last year.

49ERS - Colin Kaepernick has fallen apart and a criticism I've heard is he's not adapting that well to pass-first quarterbacking.

RAMS - Suddenly we need to ask - has Jeff Fisher plateaued as a coach?

CARDINALS - They're the Same Old Cardinals again.  

So it goes until Week Four.

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