Monday, May 09, 2016

Hillary Milhous Patton

This piece showcases Hillary Milhous Clinton's strange "enthusiasm" for military action and it warrants a few nitpicks.

The piece notes Clinton being told by General Buster Hagenback that attacking Iraq would be like "kicking over a bee's nest."   The problem is this reflects the institutional myopia of the Army, best shown by the resistance provided by the Army against Defense Department pushback of its garrison force mentality - once it was finally dragged kicking and screaming out of its basecamps and into actual aggressive action in Iraq, the bees' next was defeated.

Overall, though, Hillary has proven a clumsy excuse of a leader. This clumsiness and foolishness shows in her passivity and Libya shows how she suborns "interventionism" toward someone else's whim, not to US interests.

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