Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No To Trans Phonies

The war against North Carolina's sensible bathroom law - a part of the Left's war against human decency - stems from a perv named G.G. who is a woman yet pretends to be a man. A federal appellate court foolishly sided with this perv and now we have a ridiculous societal controversy on our hands because pervs are demanding entitlement for being pervs. It has produced pseudo-legal stupidity shown in Obama's attempt to enforce a fabricated "law" and it all defies decency. but then it originated in phony theorizing in the 1970s, and is an offshoot of the "Equal" Rights Amendment.

See also this video clip illustrating the stupidity of transgenderism.

"....the advocates of transgender access to bathrooms and showers....are in fact seeking to discriminate on the basis of - in favor of - gender identity."  

The fundamental phoniness of transgender "rights" gets exposed by Harvard Law School's Jeanne Suk in The New Yorker

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