Monday, September 26, 2016

NFL Says Holy Jacoby

The third week of the NFL season warrants takeaways, and not just the ones off fumbles.

The most striking parts of the Patriots-Texans game was the cowardice of the Texans overall and the rawness of Jacoby Brissett, who led four scoring drives but overall showed how raw he is as a true rookie. The Texans almost from the beginning were playing scared; Brock Osweiler showed mediocre command of the offense and never delivered drives worthy of a quarterback being paid over $15 million per season; the Texans also were terrible at ball security with two ugly fumbles on returns.

The first fraud of the year comes from the Steelers, a decent but ultimately mediocre squad crushed by an ascending Eagles team whose rookie quarterback isn't making mistakes.

The Bills got a shocker of a win as they humiliated Carson Palmer, himself less than what he's accomplished of late

Despite superb effort by ex-Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor, the Browns are still the Browns as they botched it against a weak Miami Dolphins team. 

The Chargers appear already to be finished after blowing another one, this after the other teams in the AFC West all won. 

The Browns aren't the only pathetic resident of the NFL as the NY Jets became the NY Jets again with six picks, one of them a pick six.

There was the usual plethora of scoring as the Seahawks rolled over the Niners and the Redskins exposed the NY Giants, among other games.

Zeke Elliott's game was part of the Cowboys' surge past the always-nondescript Bears.

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