Monday, September 19, 2016

NFL Week Two Quick Takes

The NFL hit Week Two and the surprises of the season have already started.

The first Thursday Night game of the year was the most competitive Thursday Night game in years - it got weirder as offensive coordinator Greg Roman was fired, reportedly by ownership - a bad move as meddlesome ownership never succeeds.

No surprise hit harder than Jimmy Garappolo's shoulder injury after torching the Dolphins

Jacoby Brissett had to come in cold and it showed - what also showed is there is legitimate quarterbacking talent here

The Titans erased a 12-point gap to stun a high-flying Lions squad in their home opener

The questions must be asked more and more about Andrew Luck and whether he plateaued as a quarterback in his rookie season, while Trevor Siemien is establishing himself with the Broncos and Aqib Talib exploded

Another young quarterback is starting to get something good going as R. Dakota Prescott grabbed his first career win

The Vikings won their second straight over the Packers despite a serious injury to Adrian Peterson, an injury that may not be as onerous as it appeared. It also showcased the continuing weakness of Aaron Rodgers in his inability to lead a comeback down by two or more touchdowns - and Rodgers' bad habit of trying to extend plays too much got called out by Packers O-lineman T.J. Lang -
"Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to blame someone else. We definitely have to be better up front, but it felt like there were a couple of plays there where it starts to get five (to) six (to)seven seconds, and it can be a little frustrating at times."  

Those who will criticize Lang need to keep in mind Rodgers' career-long weakness when having to lead a comeback, having won just four games in his career when trailing by more than one score.  

The news for the San Diego Chargers was not their 38-14 massacre of the Jaguars - the news from CBS' pregame show is Chargers ownership has given up on the city and is prepping to play in LA in 2017, presumably Carson, CA - which raises anew why the NFL allows such nonsense and why these teams don't get the hint from the Dolphins and spend the money to refurbish their existing arenas.

Only the Browns, up 20-0 to a Ravens team that has - quietly - stormed to 2-0

Remember when Blaine Gabbert was a failure with the Jaguars? Despite getting crushed at the end by a Panthers team still stewing over blowing a winnable game at Denver, the Niners have shown more fight than we thought they might have and it's clear Colin Kaepernick's bitch act is just the flailing of a guy who can't play

With the Seahawks suddenly struggling the Cardinals are taking early control of the NFC West

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