Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kennedy At the Center of Hillary's Scandal Management

The State Departmen's denial is a proven lie.

"Less than 24 hours after the FBI released documents confirming discussions of a bargain between the FBI and State Department over reclassification of at least one classified Hillary Clinton email, the spokesman for the State Department categorically denied that any such discussions ever happened.
“There was no quid pro quo even suggested or any kind of bargain laid on the table, said John Kirby, in an interview Tuesday on Fox & Friends. There was no bargain even suggested by these two individuals.
"This is false.
"Here is how the proposed quid pro quo was described in the FBI summary of its interview with an individual who worked in the FBI's International Operations Division [IOD]. 'Not yet knowing the email's content, [REDACTED] told Kennedy he would look into the matter if Kennedy would provide authority concerning the FBI's request to increase its personnel in Iraq.'"

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