Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Hillary Coverup Unravels

Hillary Milhous Clinton's coverup unravels

"Around every election, basic cable stations dust off their copies of All the President’s Men and start airing it. For better or for worse, Watergate is still central to modern politics and especially modern journalism. It's encouraging, of course, that we still want to believe no American, including the president, is above the law, and that all we need to stop corruption is for enterprising journalists to expose it. However, this year might well be the death knell of the Watergate mythos. In 2016, we learned that exposing prosecutable corruption at the highest levels is no impediment to a presidential campaign, nor is it a particular problem for the current president.

"Earlier this year, Kristian Saucier, a sailor found guilty of taking six photos of the interior of a nuclear submarine on his phone, was sentenced to a year in prison, along with six months' home confinement, 100 hours of community service, and a ban on owning guns. Such photos are considered confidential information, the lowest level of classification. When The Weekly Standard reached out to the Hillary Clinton campaign to ask if they could explain why Saucier was convicted, but Clinton was not prosecuted for mishandling 110 emails on her private server marked as classified at the time they were sent and 22 emails that contained top secret information—the highest level of classification—they did not respond. Nor have any other media elicited a response, assuming any have sought one. National security violations, it seems, are for the little people.

As another writer puts it -

"The investigation has been going on for almost two years, during which Clinton obstructed, stalled, and obfuscated at every turn. Hillary hid emails everywhere she could......This all started when Hillary lied about the dead Americans in Benghazi. To get out of those lies, Hillary ordered the deletion of thousands of emails that were under a congressional subpoena, leading to the discovery that she had recklessly risked national security by using her own personal, unsecured server. The lies and coverups have all been to keep the public in the dark long enough to win the election."

And in true hypocritical fashion, Hillary Milhous Clinton -

"......and her presidential campaign have discovered the virtues of transparency.   And all of a sudden FBI Director James Comey, formerly Eliot Ness in the eyes of Democrats and the press, is J. Edgar Hoover.........(the kind of transparency that would require Clinton to turn over all her emails - and thus expose just how dishonest and corrupt she is) might be hard to contain.  And with eight days until (the election) the Democrats need someone else to blame for all their previous lack of political transparency."

....lack of transparency illustrated here and here.

Also useful is this examination.

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