Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Defeat Of The Plutocratic Party

The victory of Donald Trump shocked everyone who wasn't connected to the real world - notably the Dominant Media Culture and the Plutocratic - oops, Democratic - Party.

"From the WikiLeaks John Podesta trove we learned that the proverbial mainstream media was not just biased, but had openly colluded with a campaign in a fashion that even....supposed conspiratists....could not dream up."

Even Obama's cheerleading could not mask the bleak reality of doubling the debt in eight years to $20 trillion, chronic near-zero interest rates, record labor nonparticipation rates, and anemic GDP growth. It was extreme, not moderate, to junk the nation's healthcare system and ram through Obamacare, whose premises were based on partisanship, untruth, and pipe dreams."

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