Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trumpocolypse, Or Proof That Love Enables Hate

Liberals reacted with utter stupidity after Donald Trumps' election win

After all of the dark speculation in the media over whether Donald Trump and his supporters would gracefully accept losing to Hillary Clinton, the reaction of her supporters to the sudden reversal of fortune inflicted by voters has been something to behold. To summarize: The world is literally ending.
We exaggerate only slightly. Twitter was flooded with apocalyptic angst on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. (The planet is now doomed by climate change, and so on.) Then there were, of course, the protests across the country. At one point, protesters in Minneapolis made a big show of disrupting the city's light-rail service—because surely nothing quite discomfits rural blue-collar Trump voters like seeing the disruption of urban public transit boondoggles. And come on, guys—it's 2016. We stodgy patriotic conservatives still object to flag burning; seeing it on the news, though, is pretty passé these days.

The stupidity of colleges is further examined. And the rioting that has erupted by leftists after the election prove one thing - Love doesn't Trump Hate, Love Enables Hate.

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