Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Obama Insists On Abdicating Responsibility

Barack Obama's pattern has been to ignore the real world and then lie about it. He refuses to act against international enemies even when he feigns acting against them - aka his lines in the sand crossed with impunity by Syria and his continuing appeasement of Iran even as Iran's breaking of its nuclear agreement exposes him as a liar - and does so with such sanctimony that it explains a lot about why Hillary Clinton was rejected.

He spoke at his recent presser about how he couldn't do anything "short of putting large numbers of US troops on the ground uninvited...."  False.   ".....without any international law mandate...." International law doesn't exist.  "....without sufficient support from Congress....." Since when did that stop you from outlawing oil drilling, etc.?  And when he whines about having troops in Afghanistan and Iraq people forget he reintroduced them to both precisely because his underreaction via withdrawal of the troops that were already there vetted Islamo-Arab aggression.

This smug abdication of responsibility continued by denying responsibility about Soviet computer hacking, a lackadaisical attitude even the NY Times went after.

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