Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Hypocrats And Soviet Russia

The Democratic Party has worked up a lather that Soviet Russia helped rig the election of Donald trump - this after ripping Trump for pointing to Democrat-instituted vote fraud in Michigan and elsewhere, vote fraud unearthed by the Democrats' own recount. Soviet interference was known by Barack Obama in July but he ignored it - just as he ignored Soviet Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, Iranian/Syrian aggression, Islamo-Arab-instigated mass murder in the US and other cities, and so on -
Obama didn't do anything when each of these events happened - and now wants to punish....Trump, by basically delegitimizing the President-elect over Russian hacks.

Of course the Hypocrats - the newest name of the Democratic Party and of leftists in general - are in a lather all over for this. But of course they are - it is the hypocrisy that defines the Democratic Party.

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