Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Intersectionality Wars

Liberalism's ideology where Love Enables Hate

"I get a lot of laughs watching people on the left trying to climb the pyramid of grievances.

Because modern liberalism has largely abandoned economics in favor of a giant interlocking system of grievance-based identity politics, the left has created an incentive system where different groups are forced to fight one another as they struggle to ascend to the top of the pyramid.

So, for instance, you have fights between WoCs (Women of Color) and garden-variety white feminists over the checking of privilege. You have transgender women (which is to say, men who say they're women) fighting against old-guard feminists who see this as yet one more assault from the patriarchy. You have the African-American community not-super-invested in the gay marriage movement.

I don't know about you, but I'm waiting with baited breath for the final, Census Bureau-adjusted exit polls from the 2016 election to be released, because if the data show that Hillary Clinton lost in part because a noticeable chunk of minority men voted against her, then it's going to be awesome."

The US is the only multiethnic society to have succeeded as such, because it has upheld three principles. And in 2017 identity politics finally are fading.

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