Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why Do Bad Things Happen To "Good" Pundits?

That's the recommended title of this look at a media pundit's sense of betrayal by John "Clinton" Edwards, and it's an appropriate recommendation. That Edwards was a gigantic fraud even by Democratic Party standards should have been obvious to anyone with any level of objectivity. In the first excerpt cited within this piece, I counted the use of "I" and "my" four times, which may not count as a record but does reflect the narcissism of Walter Shapiro, the author of the jilted love letter piece on Edwards cited here.

Cited in Shapiro's piece is "an emotionally raw evening in Washington two weeks after the September 2001 attacks." What any Democrat could talk about in such a context is puzzling given the party's abdication of responsibility to defeat the Islamo-Arab inperialism at the heart of the attacks, an abdication one could see coming two generations away thanks to the party's abdication of responsibility for defeating any of America's enemies.

John Edwards pulls a Clinton and some in the media are surprised. Huh?

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