Monday, August 11, 2008

John Edwards Pulls A Clinton

That John Edwards is a despicable creature should have been known from the moment he became a serious political player with his belligerent and reckless wielding of power as a lawyer - of course despicable and lawyer are almost synonymous. Now he has been exposed as even worse than that with his sordid affair with a woman he hired to his political campaign. Amid all the talk about the affair - and the MSM's dishonesty in coverage - has been lost the striking parallel John Edwards has with Bill Clinton.

The gist of the sordidness of both Clinton and Edwards is that they paid for sex with government/campaign jobs. Clinton bought sex from whoever he could by giving out government jobs, and this is what John Edwards did with the woman he impregnated. And both brought this corruption up every ladder of political power they climbed until they were finally ruined by it all.

It remains to be seen if Edwards' corruption hurts the Democratic Party. Given the traitorous slime that resides throughout the party one hopes it does.

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