Monday, January 05, 2009

Hamas: Kill Charley Barrack

Israel responded to a prolonged period of rocket attacks from Gaza by the terrorist army Hamas by invading what had once been its own territory but which it gave back as a peace gesture - which one we've forgotten, since Israel has done nothing but make peace gestures all these decades it's difficult to keep track of the number of such. Israel's action has garnered a surprising consensus in its favor here in the US, but loud voices against it are still there, and some of them have come out into the open in response to an air attack that blew up Hamas thug Nizar Rayan, his four wives (how come those gays protesting Mormon votes against gay "marriage" by claiming Mormon approval of polygomy never notice things like this?), nine of his children, and a weapons depot (how convenient that terrorists from Vietnam to Lebanon and all points between house civilians onto military targets). The weapons depot part of course gets short-shrifted.

We'll lobby to change the name of Palestinian/Arab terrorists from whatever name they use to Charley Barrack.

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