Tuesday, October 08, 2013

NFL Picks Six

And all of a sudden we have some desperation games, some surging powers, and of course the utter collapses of several organizations, not to mention of several "star" players.   So we look toward this coming week, Week Six and the potential of many a pick six -

home team in CAPS


BEARS over NY Giants -  Believe it or not a rumor has begun circulating that the Giants have Eli Manning as trade bait, albeit for two first rounders.   I'm skeptical of this rumor though I can't say never given the collapse of the Giants.   The Bears aren't that good but should walk all over a team in complete disarray.

Bengals over BILLS - Buffalo obviously saw enough of Jeff Tuel to bypass him altogether and start practice squader Thad Lewis against Cincinnati, this after losing out in the Josh Freeman sweepstakes.   Not getting Freeman, who has basically packed it in as a serious quarterback, is no loss, but it's not a good sign for the Bills, a team that had shown promise with EJ Manuel.

RAVENS over Packers - The Ravens are another team that has fallen pretty hard even though they're 3-2; their program showed improvement last week yet still doesn't look right.   The Packers aren't great shakes, either, and their last trip to an AFC North stadium ended badly.

BROWNS over Lions - Yes, the Lions are an upgrade over Buffalo, but the Browns shook off what could have been a season-finishing disaster and are 3-2, this after all the experts pronounced their season dead after two games.   The Browns have something going on here that's working.

VIKINGS over Panthers - The story that Carolina is already shopping to replace Ron Rivera and a dismal effort against the always-inept Cardinals is a very bad sign for Carolina's season.

Rams over TEXANS - This season is becoming a complete failure for the Texans and Matt Schaub is showing he can't salvage it.   It will help a slumping Rams outfit.

CHIEFS over Raiders - Kansas City is surging like no one ever expected.    The Raiders showed moxie last week but it's not enough now.

NY JETS over Steelers - The Steelers are another team in complete disarray; their is no reason to feel confident in them against a Jets team coming off an inspiring comeback win.

Eagles over BUCCANEERS - Philly finally righted the ship and get another downtrodden team.

BRONCOS over Jaguars - People are aghast that a team could be as hopeless as the Jaguars now are. 

SEAHAWKS over Titans - It's Seattle's home dome and they haven't lost there since late 2011 (vs. San Francisco).   The Titans blew a winnable game against Kansas City thanks to poor late play from Ryan Fitzpatrick; they should battle and the Titans are good enough to contend for the playoffs, but it's too big a hill in Seattle.

PATRIOTS over Saints - Everything is stacked against the Patriots - they're coming off a bad loss to Cincinnati where the offensive line was pretty much manhandled; they're 0-3 lifetime against Drew Brees; the Saints offense is surging again.   Yet the Patriots faced a team much like the Saints in the Falcons and pulled off the win, plus where Cincy was a team that they might have taken lightly, the Saints are anything but that.   It's not quite a must-win for the Patriots but close.

49ERS over Cardinals - The Niners have begun getting in gear again.   The Cardinals are stuck with the inept Carson Palmer.

Redskins over COWBOYS - It is baffling that so many media types are scrambling to excuse Tony Romo's game-costing INT against the Broncos; the fact is Tony Romo is a stupid quarterback - period.   The Skins have been bad this year but they have what it takes to - again - beat the 'boys.

CHARGERS over Colts - That may be tough to say after San Diego's embarrassing loss to the Raiders, but the Chargers have the talent to win and face a semi-must-win against the Colts, themselves inspired after upending the Seahawks last week.  

And so we have Picks Six.

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