Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NFL Week 9 From Out Of Space

It's Week Nine from out of space for the NFL, with six more teams on byes.   A look at how we think the rest of the league will do -

Bengals over Dolphins - Miami is good; Cincinnati is better - better than I suspect anyone expected.

Chiefs over Bills - Speaking of better than anyone expected, the Chiefs manage to be unbeaten yet quiet about it.   The win streak continues despite the gumption the Bills have shown.

Panthers over Falcons - The Panthers have their program seemingly turned around; the Falcons are now officially in freefall.

Vikings over Cowboys - Even in losing by 13 points the Vikings showed some fight against Green Bay and get a Cowboys squad becoming more dysfunctional with the owner stepping on the coach and both refusing to call out Dez Bryant for sabotaging the team on the sidelines.

Saints over NY Jets - So far the Patriots have been the only team to give the Saints true trouble.   The Jets are 4-4 and unable to string together any run.

Chargers over Redskins - It's obvious Mike Shanahan is blowing it again as a coach as the Skins just aren't that good.   I do have to defend Brandon Meriweather there; he's taking media shots for his hits to opposing players, and no doubt some deserve heavy fines; the fact he got a two-game suspension reduced to one should say something - that the league's overreaction to player-injury demagoguery needs to stop. If opposing players have a problem with him, they need to solve it, not the league.

Titans over Rams - St, Louis blew a totally winnable game against the Seahawks squad all but begging to get beaten.   Now the Rams face a Titans squad that's better than the three-game losing streak shows with Jake Locker back after getting a needed bye to further his healing.  

Eagles over Raiders - The Eagles need to get something going and get a good opportunity here.

Seahawks over Buccaneers - Winless and in chaos - the Bucs have no shot.

Browns over Ravens - Neither team is playing particularly well, but the Ravens have bigger issues that aren't being solved.

Patriots over Steelers - The Patriots are 6-2 and winning amid greater injury affect on the team than we've seen since the Carroll period.   The Steelers are 2-5 and looking like they're going nowhere.  

Colts over Texans - Indianapolis is surging with Luck; the Texans don't have any.

Packers over Bears - Bears look to be hitting a wall now.  

So it goes as we enter Week 9.

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