Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cologne's Rape Jihad

This was initially published on January 11:

The mass rapes in Cologne in recent weeks is the result of the refusal to hold Muslims who refuse to become legitimate citizens accountable. Muslim immigration has become demographic imperialism (and Muslim rapes are not limited to Germany) and Angela Merkel and Cologne's feminist mayor have insisted on denying it - and they're not the only ones as the truth is buried under the mythology of "diversity."

UPDATE, April 20:
A look at British Muslims shows anti-Semitism, Balkanization, misogynism, and general bloodthirstiness - basically a widespread approval of violence and lack of accountability. Their anti-Semitism is illustrated in the anti-Semitism inherent in the Boycott-Divest movement - a movement at work with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

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