Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cory Booker Likes To Make Things Up

The Democrats cannot refute people like Jeff Sessions on facts so they resort to more lying

When Cory Booker makes history today as the first sitting senator to testify against a fellow senator nominated to a White House cabinet position, it would be wise to keep in mind his record of weaving fictional tales to serve his political goals.

Throughout his career, the New Jersey Democrat has displayed an extraordinary talent for urban story-telling, manifest in a Jimmy Breslin-like Newark drug pusher character named T-Bone, who Booker would often refer to in his speeches and campaign events. T-Bone was a compelling figure who represented the dangers of the mean, decaying urban streets Booker managed as mayor of Newark while at the same time standing for the hope and humanity only a transcendent leader like Booker could bring to New Jersey and the country at large. 
T-Bone was too good to be true. And, as Eliana Johnson uncovered at National Review in 2013, he was completely fictional.

Sessions followed up by making his critics - notably Senator Al Franken - look foolish, but no one made a fool of themselves more than Booker. And he thinks he's running for President.

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