Monday, January 30, 2017

Multiple Views On Trump's Refugee Crackdown

National Review and Commentary Magazine author compelling opposite views on Donald Trump's new temporary (120 days) policy on refugees. See also this list of five reasons opposing the immigrant-refugee ban, five refutations of leftwing criticisms of the ban, this analysis showing it is not a "Muslim ban" as well as the issue of smoking out Islamo-Arab terrorists within the ban, and this look at why the order's issuance was such a fiasco.

Also worth noting is the absurdity of grandstanding that has permeated left-wing opposition, notably from Chuck Schumer. Also worth noting is the stupidity of calling the ban "un-American." An interesting analogy is also drawn with Winston Churchill while David French examines five facts about the issue that have been mythologized.

One area that is helped by the order is the wave of public schools clogged with illegal refugees. And the objective truth remains not all refugees are worth taking in.

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