Thursday, January 12, 2017

Obama's Iran Uranium Shipment

Top Lawmakers Left in Dark About Planned Iran Uranium Shipment<

"The Obama administration left top lawmakers, including leaders on the congressional committees charged with overseeing American foreign policy, in the dark about a secret deal to send Iran more than one hundred metric tons of natural uranium, according to statements provided to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

The United States and world powers have agreed to send Iran 116 metric tons of natural uranium in exchange for Iran exporting heavy water, another nuclear-related substance that it has stockpiled in violation of the landmark nuclear agreement. The uranium shipment, which experts said could be enough for over 10 nuclear bombs, only came to light after it was publicly reported earlier this week. Previous reports had revealed other details of heavy water exchanges, including a U.S. payment of roughly $10 million.

Top lawmakers on both sides of the aisle told TWS the administration had not briefed them on the decision to send uranium to Iran.

Directly aiding and abetting an enemy state will make people clam up.

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