Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Downside And Dishonesty of WikiLeaks

Assange lied about US military personnel in 2010

During an interview with Sean Hannity that aired Tuesday night, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asserted: We have the trust of our sources, we have the trust of our readers, having never got it wrong.

This is an important point, Hannity interjected. Not one evidence [sic] where you've been proven wrong.
Not even one sustained allegation, Assange replied. We have a perfect record in relation to authenticating the material that we publish. That's a very valuable reputation to have.

But in 2010, Assange and WikiLeaks released a video that wrongly portayed U.S. soldiers in Iraq as murderers. As Bill Roggio wrote at THE WEEKLY STANDARD at the time: Wikileaks, the website devoted to publishing classified documents on the Internet, made a splash today with a video claiming to show that the U.S. military 'murdered' a Reuters cameraman and other Iraqi 'civilians' in Baghdad on July 12, 2007. But a careful watching of the video shows that the U.S. helicopter gun crews that attacked a group of armed men in the then Mahdi Army stronghold of New Baghdad was anything but 'Collateral Murder,' as Wikileaks describes the incident.

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