Thursday, January 05, 2017

Obama's Fifteen Middle East Mistakes

Why has Obama's Middle east policy been such a failure? Fifteen ways summarized below -

Treating Israel as an enemy.

Not facing he should have kept troops in Iraq and thus kept Iraq stable and invulnerable to Islamo-Arab aggression

Not facing that ISIS - former Al Qaida et al forces commanded by the remnants of Saddam Hussein's army - was a real threat.

Waffling between overthrowing Qaddafi and staying out of it, made worse by refusing to prepare for possible terrorist attack in Libya and when it happened lying about it to play Cover Your Ass.

Allowing Islamo-Arab imperialists to take Egypt.

Waffling in Syria

Siding with the Ayatollahs instead of Arab Spring dissidence in Iran and allowing Iranain nuclear weapon programs to live.

Allowing Soviet Russia to rearm the Middle East and make it its own sphere.

Dealing ineptly with Erdogen in Turkey.

Passing the buck for Middle East strife by blaming it on the US.

Not calling Islamo-Arab imperialism for what it is.

Led from the ass rather than lead, period.

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