Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Is 'Auto-Enrollment' Even Worse Than Obamacare's Individual Mandate?

It is an amazing fact that the individual mandate to buy health insurance largely originated with policy wonks and politicians on the conservative side of the aisle.

This ill-conceived and unconstitutional (despite the opinions of five justices) idea eventually became perhaps the most despised part of Obamacare. Yet even as the individual mandate is about to be killed off (Congress is poised to reduce its penalty to $0, thereby effectively repealing it), some center-right policy wonks and politicians are trying to give life to a new idea that might be even worse—auto-enrollment.
Here's how it would work: If an American citizen were made eligible for a tax credit for health insurance, but chose not to use it, the government could then auto-enroll that citizen in a health insurance policy of the government's choosing. It would use the tax credit to pay for it. This is a terrible idea on its face, but here are five specific reasons why it is so......


Open season for cronyism

Absurdly expensive

Government spending pretending to be tax cuts

Raising premiums

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